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2 cycle egt cht

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As for the piston top it looked great after Sep but I have not pulled the head since the last runs in Oct. Busy making a living. As for the AFR vs EGT I am looking for something to watch on the fly to help predict imminent disaster and thus warn to abort the run and make a change rather than seizing. Jarl, You are in a very good place to be, better to start with a stock motor than a mussed-up one. I don't have any information about this, I recall having conversations with some tuners who were experimenting with microphone pickups on the dyno to detect detonation and or bearing failure before it let go.

You might try searching it out. Happy Holidays, John. All our 2stroke sleds out here in mountain land have the pyro no more than 1" out from the port. A lot easier to keep tabs on than a needle or didgets. Jessechop Guest. The further you get away from the port the cooler the temperatures. The AFR sensor won't last long enough to get a reading. Running a two stroke wide open is an easier tuning challenge then a roadracing setup.

The easy way is to lean it out until it melts then back off a little. All sensors are relatively slow to react. You can melt it before the reading stabilizes. You are approaching the melting point of the piston past that. I also run a head temperature sensor. The EGT shows rapid changes. The head temperature shows a more stable reading. At some point the EGT will hit maximum and then drop as you continue to lean it out.

If you end up rare in that condition you will melt it before you figure it out. Plug readings and piston inspection are mandatory. The piston and head have to be spotless. Any carbon creates a hot spot. At the end of the run kill the engine. If you run it back to the pits the plug reading is worthless. Well, it used to be Los Angeles. Just remember. It isn't life or death.

It's bigger than life or death! I'm not a 2stroke specialist but on a sled, 6" out would be in the chamber. Sleds spend most of their life at "wide open throttle" with huge altitude changes here in the Rocky's.

Quote from: kiwi belly tank on December 14, , AM. Failure of one spark plug or magneto can also affect CHT, because the air-fuel mixture takes longer to burn when it is ignited by only one spark plug instead of two. EGT is affected by mixture. Leaner mixtures cause EGT to decrease simply because less fuel produces less energy. Richer mixtures also cause EGT to decrease because excess unoxidized fuel absorbs heat energy when it vaporizes. Important: The absolute value of EGT is not important.

EGT is also affected by ignition performance. You can see this EGT rise every time you do a pre-flight mag check. When adjusting power settings and mixture, CHT is the most important reference measurement, because CHT is the best proxy we have in the cockpit for internal cylinder pressure ICP which represents stress on the engine.

As long as CHT is does not exceed the desired target, whatever mixture you have set is fine. You obviously need an engine monitor to measure the CHT of all six cylinders or twelve if you fly a twin. If all you have is the factory CHT gauge, then all you know is the CHT of one cylinder and only very approximately at that — you have no idea how hot the other five are running. This is one reason why I consider an engine monitor to be required equipment in any airplane I fly — and you should, too.

Having an engine monitor that displays and records CHT and EGT for each cylinder is also absolutely invaluable for detecting and diagnosing a wide variety of engine problems. CHT and EGT may also be used to detect abnormal combustion events, including detonation and pre-ignition. These will be the subject of another article. Stay tuned! Busch — All Rights Reserved. Skip to content.

CHT vs. EGT measures heat energy wasted during the exhaust stroke, when the cylinder is under relatively low stress. Limiting CHTs is essential to ensure cylinder longevity.