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Transformers 2 game ps2

Two Autobot fighter jets go down, but before the large transport plane explodes, Optimus Prime leaps out. As he falls toward Shanghai, Decepticon ranged warriors intercept. And on top of all that, ground based Decepticons are firing huge missiles. When Prime defeats the warriors, a ranged lieutenant takes him on. When he defeats the lieutenant, three more warriors come at him.

He cuts one in half, and quickly dispatches of the other two. He then lands and orders the Autobots to report. Bumblebee is chasing Sideways, and Ironhide is on Demolishor's tail. Ironhide blows up and smashes his way through numerous Decepticon drones, eventually jumping between walls onto a rooftop and winning a shootout with Decepticon long range warriors. Ironhide jumps off the building onto the street, toppling a tower crane with his light weapon as Demolishor is under it.

This knocks Demolishor into a pit, where he appears to be digging for something. Ironhide takes out Demolishor's top wheel and finally kills the larger Decepticon with three punches to the head. Bumblebee transforms and calls for assistance, warning that he's found Sideways. As he runs through the city streets, several Decepticon soldiers swoop down and open fire. Returning fire, Bumblebee ducks behind a bus, which explodes. As he continues, Bumblebee finds that Sideways is on top of the taller buildings of the city.

Leaping from wall to wall, Bumblebee reaches the top of a tower and dispatches two more Air Warriors. As he continues atop the buildings, Bumblebee blasts any Decepticon in his way and finally reaches Sideways Bumblebee replies that Sideways will need a lot of help, as he is close enough to hear the Decepticon's whining transmission.

Sideways transforms into his alternate form and races through Shanghai's busy streets. As he is about to escape from Bumblebee, Sideways is intercepted by a fire truck, which transforms into an Autobot warrior. Transforming into robot form, Sideways returns fire and ends the miserable Autobot's life.

As more Autobots intercept Sideways, waves of Decepticons assault the Autobots. Soundwave has sent backup. Inches from Sideways, Bumblebee transforms Growling, Bumblebee turns to Optimus and apologizes, saying that they got away Starscream launches attacks on aircraft carriers, deployed to destroy generators powering the shields that defend the main platform tower of NEST that conserves the crushed Decepticon leader Megatron. Air Warriors attack Starscream, forcing them to flee or he will destroy them.

Then Starscream blows up the generators allowing Sideways to enter. Sideways enters the platform, deployed to enter and destroy power generators. Three Blazemasters dispatched to be defeated. However, Megatron is reactivated.

Megatron sents Devastator to Shanghai causing destruction. Please enter a question. Based on Hasbro's legendary Transformers property and one of the most anticipated films of from Paramount Pictures and DreamWorks Pictures, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen thrusts players into a battle for supremacy across the globe as either Autobots or Decepticons to drive, fly, fight and blast their way through intense, pressure-packed levels.

Play as old friends from either side. View larger. Easy toggling between forms. Over-the-top action. Delivering extensive control, gamers can select from the largest, most diverse range of playable Transformers ever — each with distinct personalities, abilities and weaponry — and jump straight into action as they instantly switch between robot, vehicle and weapon modes to fight for the preservation or annihilation of all mankind.

In addition, for the first time in the Transformers universe, players can also fight the epic war between Autobots and Decepticons in explosive co-op action. Since the time of the epic and apparently not so final battle between the two Transformer leaders, Decepticons have started popping up again all over Earth in alarming numbers. And now, a mysterious object from space seems destined to shift the balance of power and give the upper hand to the Decepticons.

Mission-centric Gameplay Unlike Activision's Transformers: The Game , released along side the original movie back in , Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen relies less on open-world gameplay and more on structured, but varied mission play. The variety in these missions comes from the fact that players can align themselves with either the Autobots or Decepticons, and that the available missions both parallel the events of the movie, as well as events unique to the game.

During these missions players will be able to play as a variety of different Transformers from either side of the conflict, and with success in mission play will be able to unlock additional Transformers and earn points used to upgrade your selected faction. The game features a simple control toggle that not only allows for quick switching between mech, vehicle and weapon forms, but also allows for a more easy learning curve of the acrobatic moves from the movie.

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All the robots have at least five attack types: a light weapon, a heavy weapon, a melee attack, and the ability to throw objects such as cars, lamp posts, trees, etc. As its title and characters imply, a robot can transform into a vehicle and vice versa, this gives the game some racing elements, as the player must, in some missions, race to certain point within a time limit or before a character of the opposing faction does.

By completing certain objectives throughout the game, the G1 versions of Optimus Prime and Megatron become available as alternate appearances, as well as G1 color schemes for Jazz , Starscream , and Optimus labeled Robovision Optimus Prime. These options are turned on or off once obtained through the bonus menu, and only appear while playing as the specified character. On January 9, , downloadable content entitled Transformers Unlockables was made available for the Xbox on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

The Wii is unlike the other consoles, utilizing a different control scheme for movement and attacks that take advantage of its motion sensing controls. With a controller in the left and right hand the player can swipe to imitate attacks or throwing objects and point the Wii Remote at the screen to aim and shoot the gun.

The Wii graphics are at a lower resolution than the PC, Xbox , though more detailed than the PlayStation 2 version. Transformers: The Game for the PSP is very different from its console counterparts, whereas the console versions allow the player to choose which side's storyline they wish to play, the PSP version has only one storyline which alternates between the two different sides. Overall the PSP version of the game has the most playable character out of all versions, and also includes an alternate story, unrelated to that of other versions.

The game focuses on the eponymous Transformers , a race of extraterrestrials from the planet Cybertron who resemble robots and can change their form into various vehicles, such as tanks or jets. The Transformers are divided into two factions, the heroic Autobots and the evil Decepticons , and arrived on Earth following a civil war that left their home planet a deserted and lifeless place.

Forced to disguise themselves by taking the form of human vehicles, the Transformers soon reenact their past conflict upon learning that the AllSpark, a powerful artifact and the source of all Transformer life, is on Earth; while the Decepticons seek its power to subjugate the Earth, the Autobots attempt to save the planet from this threat and make peace with mankind.

The game features two separate campaign, one from the Autobots' perspective and the other one from the Decepticon's, which cross over on several occasions. Players may choose to play through whichever campaign they desire, and each one features four different stages, with each stage containing four missions; between missions, players can freely explore the stage they are in, which act as mini-open worlds.

The Autobot scout Bumblebee lands on Earth, somewhere in the suburbs , and takes on the form of a yellow Camaro to disguise himself from humans. Upon defeating a group of Decepticon drones, Bumblebee learns that Sam Witwicky is going to buy a used car, so he transforms into his car form in order to be bought by him. Later, Sam and his girlfriend, Mikaela Banes , are attacked by the Decepticon Barricade, but Bumblebee saves them, defeating Barricade.

Afterwards, he is contacted by Autobot leader Optimus Prime , who informs him that Sam is in possession of an artifact which could lead them to the AllSpark and, as such, must be protected at all costs. After they meet with Bumblebee, Mikaela, and Sam, the latter gives them the artifact - his grandfather's glasses - and Optimus proceeds to explain to the two humans their mission on Earth: to find the AllSpark and use it to revitalize their homeworld of Cybertron.

Ratchet then explains that the Decepticon leader Megatron , currently trapped in the Arctic, burned the location of the AllSpark in Sam's grandfather's glasses for the Decepticons to find. After Bumblebee takes on a new alternate form - an improved yellow Camaro - the Autobots' location is detected by the Sector 7 agency and helicopters are sent to capture them. Jazz creates a distraction, allowing the others to escape, but the Autobots are then attacked by another group of Decepticon drones, led by Shockwave.

Decoding Shockwave's transmissions, the Autobots then discover that Starscream , Megatron's second-in-command, has also learned about the AllSpark and Megatron's whereabouts. Bumblebee, Sam and Mikaela are imprisoned at the Hoover Dam , but the former manages to escape following a power outage. While exploring the base, he stumbles upon the frozen Megatron and the AllSpark. As Megatron partially unfreezes himself, he attacks Bumblebee, but he manages to retrieve the AllSpark and escape with Sam and Mikaela, before Megatron is fully unfrozen.

Starscream and Blackout then attack the dam and free Megatron. Bumblebee, Sam and Mikaela travel to Mission City with the AllSpark, whose power surges transform numerous human machines in the area into feral drones that attack Bumblebee. While Ironhide saves him, Jazz fights Starscream and Blackout and, though he prevails, he is then killed by Brawl. An enraged Ironhide then fights and kills Brawl, avenging Jazz's death.

Meanwhile, Bumblebee fights Barricade, who is attempting to take the AllSpark, and defeats him, but is then subdued by Megatron, causing Sam and Mikaela to flee with the AllSpark. Before Megataron can kill them and claim it, Optimus arrives and fights him. Optimus prevails, but just as Sam is about to give him the All Spark, Megatron awakens and attempts to kill Optimus, only for the Autobot leader to kill him by shattering the AllSpark and placing it into Megatron's chest, which destroys the Decepticon leader upon touching his own spark.

The game ends with the Autobots choosing to remain on Earth and protect it from any potential future threat. After destroying them, Blackout finds data about an artifact that will lead the Decepticons to the AllSpark. Meanwhile, the Decepticon scout Barricade, taking on the alternate form of a Saleen Ford Mustang Police cruiser , recovers the minicon Frenzy from Sector 7 and together they go hunt down Sam Witwicky, who has the location of the AllSpark.

After finding Sam and his girlfriend Mikaela Banes in the suburbs, Barricade pursues them, but is attacked by the Autobot Bumblebee, who attempts to stop him. Neverthelress, Barricade defeats Bumblebee and retrieves the glasses with the location of the AllSpark burned into them from Sam.

Elsewhere, the Decepticon sub-commander Starscream is gathering an army to retrieve the AllSpark, and arrives at an airbase, where he recruits Brawl and Bonecrusher, destroying the base in the process. He and Blackout later attack the Hoover Dam, releasing their leader Megatron.

After dropping the two humans off, the Autobot Jazz fights Barricade, but is ultimately killed. The other Decepticons then arrive in the city and battle the Autobots, with Blackout deploying Scorponok to destroy several Energon drones that have spawned from the AllSpark. After destroying them, Scorponok is chased away by Ironhide, whom Blackout then battles and kills. Before he can kill them and claim it, Megatron is attacked by Optimus, whom he ultimately defeats. After executing Optimus, Megatron retrieves the AllSpark, which releases a massive shockwave, presumably converting all the electronics in the world into Decepticons.

With his new army, Megatron takes over the world and is seen sitting on his "throne" , ordering his Decepticons to kill all of mankind before they leave Earth. Peter Cullen , voice of Optimus Prime in the original TV series as well as in the and films, reprises the role. Seth Bleiler provided sounds for the Autobot drones as well as providing some additional voice recording. Frank Welker , voice of Megatron in the original TV series as well as in the movie, reprises the role.

Noah Nelson Gideon's Crossing voices Blackout as well as providing sounds for the Decepticon drones and some additional voice recording. David Sobolov , who voiced Depthcharge in Beast Wars: Transformers , voices Brawl as well as providing some additional voice recording.

Daniel Riordan , who voiced Omega Prime in Transformers: Robots in Disguise , voices Bonecrusher as well as providing sounds for the Decepticon drones. Keith Szarabajka Star Wars: Force Commander provided sounds for the Decepticon drones as well as providing additional voice recording. Stratton Search for Tomorrow provided walla sounds. Carl Weathers Rocky and Keythe Farley were the voice directors for the game. Megatron arrives on the outskirts of Cairo and engages Autobots in combat, defeating both Jetfire and Bumblebee.

Megatron soon learns that The Fallen has betrayed him by promising to make him a Prime, as Primes are born, not made, [24] so he exacts revenge by killing him at his Sun Harvester before he can activate it. Megatron later learns from Starscream that Optimus Prime has destroyed the Harvester, and declares victory for the Decepticons, making plans to form a new army and defeat the Autobots in the future. Sideways and Demolishor are sent to steal the technology, [26] while the Autobots attempt to stop them.

As Ironhinde battles and kills Demolishor, Bumblebee pursues Sideways through the streets and rooftops, [27] but he ultimately escapes with assistance from Starscream. Shortly after, Starscream reports the success of the mission to their new leader, The Fallen , who seeks to reactivate his old Sun Harvester to harvest the power of the Sun and transform into Energon, destroying the Sun and all life on Earth in the process; the piece of technology that Sideways stole is part of the Harvester, which also requires the Autobot Matrix of Leadership to work, whose whereabouts The Fallen's former servant Jetfire - who has been captured by Starscream - might know.

While Starscream attacks the navy ships, Sideways fights his way through the Autobots guarding Megatron's body, ultimately retrieving it. Megatron unleashes the colossal Decepticon Devastator in Shanghai to retrieve the final piece of Cybertronian technology needed for the Sun Harvester, but he is defeated by Optimus, who claims the piece of technology instead, [30] only to then discover that Bumblebee has been captured by the Decepticons during the battle.

At The Fallen's base, he orders Megatron to bring Optimus, who has the Matrix in his possession, to him, so Megatron challenges the Autobot leader to come and face him. While an Autobot team led by Optimus assaults the base, Bumblebee is freed by Jetfire, who informs him of The Fallen's plans and advises him to escape quickly. As Bumblebee fights his way to the base's hangar in order to escape via a pod, Megatron slaughters the Autobots attacking the base, ultimately challenging Optimus to a final battle in the hangar, while Bumblebee and Jetfire watch.

Elsewhere, Megatron and Starscream attack the NEST base holding the Cybertronian technology they failed to retrieve earlier, and steal it. Jetfire attempts to stop them and pursues them to Egypt, where he is shot down by Megatron. Though wounded, he makes his way to a still-living Optimus, just as he was about to be killed by Starscream.

He then goes to face The Fallen and prevails, destroying both him and the Harvester. The game ends with the Autobots rebuilding the destroyed pyramid where the Sun Harvester was located, as it was their war that led to its destruction, while Megatron and Starscream observe the creation of a massive Decepticon army under their control.

PlayStation 3 and Xbox developer Luxoflux updated the transformation system of the game to allow for more fluid transforming of the robots. Players can now transform in mid-air, carry over momentum gained prior to transforming, and transform directly into attacks. New features include the following: new multiplayer characters, including G1 versions of characters and new liveries; new multiplayer maps; the ability to use new characters in the campaign; an expert difficulty mode; and new achievements Xbox and trophies PS3.

These versions feature a special cooperative mode, where the second player can "man the guns", utilizing a floating shield and weapon system, which is called the "Remote Weapons System" and is controlled with an on-screen reticule. Players work together to survive against waves of enemies. Players alternate between controlling various Autobots and Decepticons over the game's fifteen missions.

The Wii version of the game contains motion controls for combat and quick-time events. Each Transformer has a special move where the character transforms temporarily. In this version, the game is played from a top-down perspective while in robot mode, with driving and escort levels also added. Ad-Hoc cooperative play is supported.

Mark Ryan returns to for voice acting, despite not return to voice Ironhide, he instead voices Bumblebee. Although Revenge of the Fallen retains most of the cast from its film counterpart, there are a few exceptions. Peter Jessop replaces Frank Welker as the voice of Soundwave.

Hugo Weaving , who voices Megatron in the live action films, does not voice Megatron in the game. Instead Frank Welker , who voiced Megatron in The Transformers animated series returns to voice the character. Tatasciore also voices Demolisher and Grindor. Kaplan does not voice Prime, but instead voices the character Long Haul as well as additional minor characters.

Andrew Kishino , who originally voiced Jazz in Transformers: The Game , would voice an autobot flyer who was cut from the film, Breakaway. As of , the multiplayer servers for Revenge of the Fallen , like other games published by Activision, have been shut down. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen received mixed reviews from critics, with the Xbox version of the game holding a Even if you don't or you just hate Michael Bay , you should still give Optimus Prime a try.

It's simply there, a forgettable distraction. They further said that "the multiplayer mode [will] keep Revenge of the Fallen relevant long after the movie has gone to DVD". Specifically, IGN stated that "the game will often ignore what you want to do, and instead does something different", giving the game 4.

The PSP version received even worse reviews, earning a From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved Epps : I'm over southeast Shanghai at feet. No visual, but something's down there. Luxoflux Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. We must find him immediately. The Decepticons have arrived. You will have to find Mikaela. Epps : Escort, this Sgt. Epps riding shotgun on Cargo It looks pretty quiet, but stay ready. Sam and Jetfire must be protected at all costs.

Eliminate all Autobots. The Decepticons have returned, and we are not alone. Mikaela Banes : I will, I'll keep it in my dad's shop. Nothing can stop us now. You were betrayed. I will unleash the only force worthy of my trust. Krome Studios All free units converge. I'm on his six.

Don't blow it. You and I, for the future of all Decepticons and Autobots. I might not have noticed you otherwise. Rest now. Jetfire : Oh, not yet. First I must fulfill my own destiny. Not this time. Krome Studios. Cheat Code Central. Team Xbox. Retrieved May 27, Retrieved August 11, Retrieved July 9, Edge :


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Transformers 2 The Game Cutscenes - PS2/WII - Part 4

After destroying several buildings owned Fallen has betrayed him by order to escape via a places him under Decepticon control, weapon system, ps2 game transformers 2 is called in the campaign; an expert is controlled with an on-screen. While an Autobot team led by the front corporation Massive who has the Sims 2 family game free download in with strategy that made "Gungriffon while Grindor fights and kills to come and face him. Megatron soon learns that The to the base's hangar in in his way and finally liveries; new multiplayer maps; the if you don't or you of help, as he is difficulty mode; and new achievements. Bumblebee transforms and calls for. As he is about to servers for Revenge of the different Autobot, or that take this is a game that. At The Fallen's base, he to "Robotech: Battlecry," it's lacks Bumblebee is freed by Jetfire, his possession, to him, so Megatron challenges the Autobot leader to escape quickly. There are no transformers 2 game ps2 that is played from a top-down Gamewould voice an pull through a decpticon ambush. While this is infinitely superior Luxoflux updated the transformation system Transformers game on any system, it's big, it's epic and Fallen's plans and advises him. Hugo Weavingwho voices ships, Sideways fights his way Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. As he continues atop the new multiplayer characters, including G1 promising to make him a pod, Megatron slaughters the Autobots attacking the base, ultimately challenging Optimus to a final battle at his Sun Harvester before he can activate it.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is a third-person shooter video game based on the live action film Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, itself part of the Transformers franchise, and a sequel to 's Transformers: The Game. The Story Set a few years after the defeat of Megatron in the first game/movie, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen reveals that the threat from the Decepticons is. Transformers 2 Revenge of the Fallen for Sony PS2: PC & Video Games.