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Steal the car 2 game

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In the end, two juveniles were taken into custody with the passenger of the stolen car being released to their parents, and the driver being taken to the Kalamazoo County Juvenile Home. Police say the stolen car was the only vehicle involved in the crash and the two juveniles only suffered minor injuries.

WOOD — The state has told an energy company to start clearing out sediment deposits downstream from a Kalamazoo-area dam by March 1. The project led to sediment washing down the Kalamazoo River, which local fishermen and environmentalists say has negatively impacted fish and other wildlife populations. The Albion College and WMed Joint Admissions Program will allow students to enroll in an 8-year medical education program right out of high school.

Know something newsworthy? It's a simulation game as opposed to a racing game, but there are areas of the game which allow you to test drive the cars you've built. Like with most 'Simulator' titled games, there's plenty of DLC up for grabs to keep the game up to date with fresh new content so you don't get bored.

If creating your own car is more your thing, Car Mechanic Simulator also has a lot of modding support, so if you happen to be savvy with digital tools you can design your own model and import it into the game for you and other players to work on.

With four different seasons and a plethora of different types of races to compete in, Horizon 4 lets you have near full control over the way your car looks and handles. That's the great thing about Forza Horizon - It's approach is drastically different to the arcade-style we've long been used to, It's not game where you progress from an old beater car to the likes of a Porsche , It's all down to your own personal preference and is definitely worthy of being one of the best car modification games of recent history.

Don't just take our word for it though, Forza Horizon 4 scored a Metacritic score of 92 and user score of 7. Rocket League is a fantasy arcade game which combines two popular passions, cars and football. The game pits players in a rounded football stadium with the aim of scoring the most amount of goals to become the victor.

It can be played as either a solo player or in teams of up to four and is suitable for both casual or competitive players. Whilst not a racing game, Rocket League allows you to customise elements of your car that traditional racers would. You can still choose your colour, livery and choice of wheels, but on top of this, you can also pick from hundreds of different car aerials, rocket trails and toppers.

In order to maintain game balance, you can't modify the performance level of your car, however as the game doesn't rely on the same figures as a normal car game it's easy to look past. It's one of the most popular racing games for PC, but the level of customisation is very limited.

You can pretty much only choose the colour of your car, but the game does have a tuning system which will allow you to set up your cars exactly how you like them. Popular among smaller live streamers for its cult following , Asseto Corsa is a highly underrated racing game simply for having a lack of exposure compared to fierce competition with the games console-based rivals. What's unique about iRacing is the virtual reality support and the intricate level of detail the developers use in designing the tracks and cars in the game, the video below really shows how passionate the developers are to accuracy and creating as real a driving experience as possible.

The Forza series is one of the crown jewels of the Xbox franchise, it's exclusive to Xbox and by association, Windows 10 and has been one of the longest standing racing game series next to Gran Turismo and Need for Speed. Providing you have the right screen and an Xbox One X to support it, the latest Forza games can be ran in 4K resolution at 60 frames per second without even using the full power of the Xbox's GPU.

As far as car customisation games go, PS4 doesn't have quite as many games as other platforms to enjoy. While high profile exclusives like Gran Turismo are well deserved of their place, it's the arcade style racing games that allow you to tinker with your car the most. The Crew 2 offers exactly that, giving players a selection of popular cars to choose from and modify with new body parts and such. The environment is completely open world and lets players use a variety of different vehicles, ranging from motorbikes, boats planes and cars.

If you're into racing games but don't quite have the time to sit in front of a console, mobile gaming allows you to indulge while you're on the move. One of the most popular mobile car customisation games is the latest instalment of the Asphalt series. The most recent Asphalt has upgraded graphics and a nifty design and allows a high level of car customisation making it perfect for any car enthusiast who also loves gaming, it is easy to play and offers an online multiplayer feature as well.

One of the best car customisation games for mobile has to be Hill Climb Racing. It was first released in and is the only game in our list that uses 2D graphics for its game-play.

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Welcome to Crash of Cars, a REAL-TIME MULTIPLAYER game where your goal is to collect as many crowns as possible before getting destroyed. Steal dozens of cars ranging from simple sedans to street ready motorcycles and tear through the streets as you prove yourself to the sprawling NOTE: This game might not work if you have an adblocker installed. Cars Thief 2: Tank Edition. Want to play Cars Thief? Cars Thief is one of our favorite car games. Car Games Basketball Games Games for Girls Racing Games Shooting Games 2 Player Games Stickman You can steal police cars, motorcycles, and unmarked vans.