cross country canada 2 computer game

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Cross country canada 2 computer game

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In regards to the stated shipping and handling, remember that these costs include more than just postage. Message us for an invoice if Ebay doesn't automatically adjust it. International buyers not shipping to an address within the U. Additionally, international orders typically have to go through governmental customs, which can delay the arrival process. I wasn't sure what to do, but I knew I wanted to drive north to deliver some gold in Manitoba.

I tried entering "N" to go north. Now that my truck was on and spewing virtual pollution into a virtual Canada, I was ready to get moving. I tried "drive north" instead of just "N," and the game kicked into gear. I was on the road in Winnipeg, feeling the wind in my hair and presumably cranking some sweet CanCon tunes on the road. But it wasn't long before the game threw a wrench in my plans and presented an unexpected challenge: My headlights were off, and I wasn't driving safely.

Clearly the game wasn't about to let me disobey the rules of the road, so I acquiesced and fired up my headlights. Just like Future told me to do in his hit song , I turned on the lights. Unsurprisingly, turning on my headlights wasn't going to be the last challenge that CrossCountry Canada would throw my way. Far from it. I guess I was turning up too hard, cranking up the radio as I tore through Winnipeg: I got into an accident. Unfortunately, I couldn't figure out what the hell the game wanted me to do.

It told me I had to get to a gas station to get my truck repaired, but I couldn't get to the gas station without getting my truck repaired. I was stuck in an infinite feedback loop. The game had beaten me. Frustrated, I shut down the game and got in touch with one of the game's programmers, a blues artist from Vancouver named Jimfre Bacal. He told me the game intentionally did not provide its users with the language needed to control the game, and that the developers caught a bit of flak for that.

But I suppose trying to figure out how to play the damn game is where the edutainment comes from.


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Contact Us 1. The game was unique in that Didatech worked with the state's officials directly in production, while the Texas and Californian versions were created without the states' input. The Computer Paper felt the project "makes the most of what the small firm has". Didatech sold a school version of the software to the state, which then sold it directly to schools; meanwhile Didatech would sell a separate retail version through its traditional retail channels. Didatech president Paul Melhus asserted that this type of collaboration was better suited to smaller states due to them being less bureaucratic, more flexible, and more open to innovation.

The game was released in , by Ingenuity Works. This game was released in , by Ingenuity Works. Players drive an wheeler truck picking up and delivering commodities across Canada while learning about provinces, cities, territories and more. Making wise decisions along the way will result in a successful trip. It features different large cities throughout Canada, and is an on-rails driving game.

The game is "much like Crosscountry USA 2 but with a focus on animals rather than commodities". The game is "much like Crosscountry Canada 2 but with a focus on animals rather than commodities". As titled, players in this game are restricted to the boundaries of the Canadian province of British Columbia BC. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Shows the date, all commodities you picked up, your final destination, and the next commodity you need if applicable. If you see a hitchhiker on the side of the road and want to pick him up, then stop the truck press enter and type this. Would you recommend this Guide? Yes No Hide. Send Skip Hide. Message Sent.

Intro 2. Command List 3. The Commodity List 4. FAQs 5. Credits and copyright crap 1. Introduction Cross Country Canada was a PC game released back in for elementary schools all across Canada. You could say it's a Canadian version of Oregon Trail, but instead of pioneers, you are a truck driver picking up commodities across Canada and dropping them off at one of the 80 cities in this game. EX - Shows expenses. GET [commodity name here] - Gets the commodity if you are in a city that has it.

H Health - Lets you know if your trucker needs to eat or sleep I inventory - Shows the date, all commodities you picked up, your final destination, and the next commodity you need if applicable L look - Gives a description of the surroundings LM - Local Map. N, S, E, W and all combos - moves the truck in that direction. PM - Political Map. Shows the whole map of Canada. SAVE - Saves a game. Causes accidents and the cops may come after you. U - Gets the trucker back in the truck.

WAIT - Makes an hour go by. The FAQs 1. You can spend all you want and go wherever you please.