burn playstation 2 games dvd decrypter

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Burn playstation 2 games dvd decrypter harrahs casino indiana

Burn playstation 2 games dvd decrypter

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Thank you so much for your help. There is an alcohol tutorial in my sig for ps2 games although dvd decryptor is easer as said before there is a tutorial for dvd decryptor also if you need it…. Are they both the same or one is better than the other? Thanks for all the infos! Before you even get in to what media your PS2 prefers, do you have a mod chip? Oh Darn so I need a mod chip where can I find this chip? OR, go to your shopping center or ask around where you can find someone to mod your PS2.

Markets are always a good place to go. Be aware, once your PS2 is opened up, all warranty is voided… So just think about that before going ahead with it. Have you tried playing a backed up movie to see if it likes DVD media? Message that comes up…Please enter PS2 disk or something like that.

I even tried Alcohol , and had the same problem. Select the first RAR file, right click and extract it. Step 3. Once your game is extracted, you should have an. ISO file. Now open up your dvd decrypter program. Step 4. Your screen should look like the one below now. Step 5. Now the game should be burning to the DVD.

Step 6. Now use your favorite PS2 modchip device and it will work on your PS2. The PS2 laser is very picky as to what it can and cannot read. Posted on June 27, , in News , playstation 2 , Tutorials and tagged. Bookmark the permalink. Hey, thanks for all the help,I have given up alr, i tried sony before, nvr try TDK and memorex though but doubt they will work.

Thanks man. You say to set the write speed to half the max rated speed of the blank DVD-R but can it be lower? In other words would a game come out in a better quality no skipping if it was burned at say 1x than 8x as you say for a 16x? I have 16X cds, and I burn them at 4x or 6x if my computer can support burning that low. Never ever do 1x. You are asking for problems. I saw a person in a forum who is always burn their PS2 backup with a 1x speed.

And he never had a problem with that. Too many threads at once. I am speaking from my own experience. I burnt a game at 1x once, and my game was lagging to hell. I then burnt to 6x, and the game works out fine. I have been doing this since , so I have read all types of information all over the Internet. What I know for sure is burning too fast and too slow will screw you over, end of story. If you want to believe what someone else wrote in a forum, then thats OK.

I am only telling you what I have suffered, and I always burn at 6x. Everything worked instead of the burning……….. When I select the file to burn……I said the file format is not supported…….. Can anyone help me solving this problem? Thanks A lot….. I really glad I found your blog. I read this article and immediately tried it myself. Okay, straight to the problem:. And, the result is, my PS2 is asking for a Playstation 2 format disc. For my PS2, I dunno if I had modchip in it, but it likely is, because I could play pirated games smoothly.

Looking for these two are annoying enough? Or are there some specification for the burner? I really excited to find out what is wrong in this. Thanks a bunch in advance. Maybe I do have a modchip in my PS2. What about you? What program do you use to burn? Pirated DVD movies will work fine. Is that a game or movie? After watching a few videos, you will become so pro very quickly, I wish I had something like this when I first started. Watch the introduction to PS2 modding, and then go from there.

Thanks for your reply. I will seek the path you were walking. What do you mean by backed up DVDs? You mean DVD movies? I only tested backed up DVD games, and so far, failed. It really is a pain looking for them. The vendor was not telling me anything about this.

But it can play pirated DVD games. And if it really has a modchip, I dunno what modchip my PS2 has. Your backed up PS2 games you had before that play fine. What color is the bottom of the disc? The backed up games that I bought at 50 cents each are yellow, some are white, and like not colored. The DVD movies are the same, yellow. Do you have a modchip or not? And the results are:. No lagging or anything. Then here comes yet another question: 1.

And his PS2 has the screen. So, if it is indeed a modchip problem, what is the solution? Change the modchip? And last, I just tested to burn the ulaunchelf and use it on my PS2. Will hook you up when I do that. After all, thanks for your kind replies, Versatile!

Very peculiar. Ideally, we want to somehow get you FMCB installed on your memory card. Then life becomes much simpler. I forget if you have to press circle and triangle while PS2 is booting up? Best to ask the gurus at the psx-scene. Get the ulaunchelf v4. So I guess my PS2 do has a modchip after all, eh?

Yes, you do have a modchip. However, you can use ulaunchelf to then boot homebrew programs from a memory card or a usb thumb drive. Hope is not lost man, you still got potential here. I already installed FMCB on my memory card!

I really glad I could do that. Neither can I play some pirated DVD games. So, I look for another method. But, the game lags at some point, to be exact when the game renders the environment of the game. That is not good for ripping games for PS2 to read. You need a a way to play the games on the PS2. Ideally, use swap magic. Dudes,when i have burned my ps2 game i had those problems: 1 The game is loading very long 2 And the maps for example:building,roads,trees…etc are not loading properly.

Please help me. What are some different ways to softmod a PS2? Please help. Oh, I forgot to mention that the ps2 is the bulkier one. The first one to come out. I have fat ps2 and slim ps2. The fat PS2 cannot play backed up games by itself. It needs a softmod. The easiest softmod is FMCB, but the problem is, you need to know someone who has PS2 tools so they can make the softmod for you.

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One way to tell is to look at the description on your DVD reader. The easiest way to open the software is as follows. It will burn the file to the dvd and presto you are done. I recommend you set the write speed to 1X to prevent write DVD problems. Also note that, sometimes it may not burn correctly and you may need to try again if this happens. Depending on the size of the data, it may take anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours.

You can use Ashampoo. It works with any files and platforms and it's extremely simple to use. Take the disc out. Throw it away. Go buy the game. Games work great when you actually pay for them. Trending News. Ex-classmates accuse rising GOP star of harassment.

Teigen answers accusation of 'using' miscarriage. Jodie Foster explains her love of NFL star. This drug gets you high and is legal The PS2 was released back in and is the best-selling console of all time. Since then, many attempts at hacking the console to run homebrew software have come out, with many of them relying on hardware-based exploits such as the use of a memory card, a HDD expansion bay, or opening up the console to modify it. CTurt previously tried to hack the PS2 by exploiting the demo disc that shipped with some PAL region PS2 consoles during its first few years of release.

The demo disc contains Yabasic, a simple Basic interpreter, that could be exploited to make the PS2 run homebrew software without having to open it up or use specific hardware. While the exploit was successful, the process of implementing it was impractical and it was only limited to the PAL version of the console. CTurt goes into detail about this latest hack in a blog post on GitHub. CTurt concludes that the exploit could be further developed to find more generic entry points that make it easily compatible with a larger variety of PS2s with different firmware versions.


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