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Click play 2 game

Small tip to beat load a few very heavy pages, and with the lag it's as easy as pie to complete. Big flaw in the game, though. Cyrus is right about Otherwise it's pretty much impossible imho. Just pure fun. Cute as a button and the music is just perfect. Simple but with tremendous replayability. Don't ask, just PLAY!! Click the top right corner square twice 2. Click the bomb 3 , it will get caught in a little trap. When the timer hits 1 click the corner square again. Click the top left corner square three times 3.

Click the bottom left corner square twice 5. Click the bomb 6. Click play 7. I had spent two days on I had noticed from the start that each piece slid back to its original position at different speeds. I however not fast with a mouse. But Pandemonis' cheat of loading the browser with heavy pages worked on the first try. I noticed something about level 16 that some people are missing.

The window. Sometimes it is daylight and sometimes there is a moon in the window. Every time I have played, it has alwyas read However, If there is a moon in the window then use If there is no moon, then is the code. For level 21, hit the pieces in this order FAST, bottom right, top right, bottom left, and then top left.

Im stuck on level 21 please help me i cant find out how to beat it i did what it said but they just bounced away again it is driving me mad and i broke one of my computers because i got so mad all the other instuctions worked but this one just wont work for me or anybody in my family. Anyone know how to beat it that would help me out. Please respond to my comment and just say my name wolfgirl and explain to me how to beat level 21 please before i destroy my other computers.

I saw your name in the high scores with zero clicks taken to complete clickplay. How do you do that?! If you do it right, the snowballs will "miss" the penguin even though you're not clicking to jump keep the mouse held down to keep the penguin far offscreen. Should save you many clicks! I found the game fun once i got the clicker under control, but unti then i didnt like it, i found it extremely aggrivating.

Leave a comment [ top of page ]. All games mentioned or hosted and images appearing on JayIsGames are Copyright their respective owner s. JayIsGames offers a free online experience with the best free online games. You can read our daily honest reviews and walkthroughs, play games, discuss about them. Since , we review every day only the best, including casual games, flash games, arcade games, indie games, download games, shooting games, escape games, RPG games, puzzle games, mobile games and much more.

Submit your game now and we might release it in homepage. Use our game submission form. Check us back often! We add new games every day and only the best games! Free online and mobile games. By JohnB November 14, Currently 4. Platform: Flash Categories: action , browser , clickplay , flash , free , game , linux , mac , minigames , ninjadoodle , pointandclick , puzzle , rating-g , tvencel , windows.

Comments Views 28, Walkthrough Guide Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional. Please enable Javascript in your browser to see and use spoilers. Click on the the stick that is at the top of the pile until there are none left. Click on the men to change their hats. Give them each hats that match what their holding.

Click the box once and it will move to the right. Click the two parts of the PLAY button that are over the box. Click the box again until it is centered over the two remaining parts of the PLAY button. Click the parts of the play button and they will fall into the box completing the button. Click and hold on each of the screws to take the plate off.

Click and hold on the rope and drag your mouse down to pull the screen up. Keep doing this until you are at the top of the mountain. Click on the car to start it, and click again to make the car jump over the spikes. If you did it right the bomb should explode right on the crate. Watch where the button drops, and have the duck dive in the water to get the button.

Look at the time on the clock, and look out the window to see if its night or day. Once you figure out the time enter it in hour time into the safe and then hit. As the plane flies overhead click the screen to make the plane drop a bomb. Bomb the three buildings and the play button will appear. Click on the cats in the right order to make the PLAY button appear. To find the right order Look at the bowls they are eating from and click them in alphabetical order.

Click on the monsters eyes to make him open all of them. Starting with all eyes closed click: The bottom left eye, The top left eye, The top right eye, and the bottom right eye. For this one you just need to click all the pieces really fast, as well as in the correct order. The order is Bottom right, top right, bottom left, top left. Drag the cloud in the sky over the sun and Humpty will take off his sunglasses.

Click on the bottles to change their labels and put them in the correct order. Note the first letter of each label. Poison, Lemon, Ale, Yolk. Click on the penguin to make him jump. Avoid 15 snowballs in a row. Here is my version of the walkthrough. I corrected some errors.

Starry Night Drag the moon down. Click on the switch to open the machine, then put the circle and the triangle in it. Click on the stick that is over the pile until there is no more. Drag the pump down and up until the ball breaks, freeing the button. Try to click it know Click where you want the ball to go, but don't make it fall off the track.

Click only 4 times. Click on the screen when the plane is over a building. Destroy all buildings. The best way to do it is to drag the ball all the way up, then let it bounce. Click on the cats in alphabetical order according to their names. Click once on the four corner eyes, but not on the middle one.

Click really fast on the blocks in this order : Drag the cloud over the sun. Click on one eye. Again and again Don't touch the snowballs. ClickPlay 1 was great, and now a sequel! I love games like this Great game! For humpty dumpty you need to click him on the eye and to see the eyes you need to cover the sun with the big cloud.

Got to level 21, but I think it can't be done with a touchpad. For humpty dumpty you have to: click him on the eye till he dops off the wall and to see the eye you have to cover the sun with the cloud. I got less than clicks! I loved ClickPlay 1! Right-clicking is pretty much essential for I think Lv21 is the hardest Level 21 has now made me rage quit, I think I'll try it again when I'm not so tired.

Walkthrough: 1. Drag down the moon. Find the egg that spins in the opposite direction to the others, and click it. Pull the handle, then put the circle and triangle in to it. Click box, click the two pieces above, click box 4 more times, click the pieces. Hold down your mouse button on each of the screws, then click the pieces to rotate them. Pretty self-explanatory, click and drag down the ropes to get to the top. Click and hold mouse button on pump, then pump up and down and catch the play button.

Start with -2 then alternate between the two until all segments are lit. Make sure you look where the Play Button falls, then try to pick it up with your beak. Lift the ball and drop it lightly, so It wil change to the Play button.

Middle, top right, top left, bottom right, middle, bottom left. Quickly: Bottom right, top right, Bottom Left, then top left. Click the bottles to change their labels so the spell: Poison, Lemon, Ale, Yolk. Great game. Love this style. So his walkthrough isn't right? A fun series. VERY glad they have a mute button though!

Other than that, really cute. I liked the Humpty Dumpty bit. Otherwise, I loved every level. Well, actually for Level 21, if you slow down and notice, you'll find that the bottom right piece actually stays in the center the longest, followed by the top right, and so on and so forth; in effect, it is not a timed thing in the sense of randomly clicking and hoping it will stay. So what would the minimum clicks be?

I can't get pass 12! Add to level 24 walkthrough: Move the penguin horizontally with the mouse to help avoid the ball. Someone wanna help me on level 12? I got level 21 on my second try. Second time I played it, I got it on my first try. It was 22 that gave me trouble. How do you beat level 19? I don't know if I'm really fast or what, but I was able to finish level 21 easily. Silver Garden Rake! I forgot how to use military time again Just to clarify, if the squares are labeled A-D horizontally, and vertically, it is bypassing B1 on the walkthrough setup.

Why does everyone think 21 is hard? I got cliks for first try and clicks for 2nd try. Fun until Wish I could beat it, but it's just too frustrating. Love the series. Really do! However, I agree that Level 21 is too fast.

Can't complete Military time is as follows I got clicks. Friend me on Xbox live TitaniumHornet. I feel so damn good after finally beating 21 without cheating. Well I did all levels with a touchpad. So I guess its do-able. Anon E. For level 21 I think it may vary. Also, thank you Anon E. Mouse your helpful hint was completely right.

I got gold medal. I beat it with clicks. I got it in clicks! I beat it with clicks and beat 21 with mousepad. This is exactly the kind of game I love! I think this is easy game. Can pass it easily with only clicks. But still i love it :. I got it on clicks. Haha fun fun! A little under clicks. Love it! What about level 23? I got to level 23 without a walkthrough Here's how to do Boombastic level 12 in 5 clicks. I did it in clicks. Its not bad for a year old. I beat it in : oh and level 11 sucks level 11 sucks bad.

I got up to level 21 with clicks lol. You can skip level 21 - just right click and choose forward :. I completed it the 2nd time in clicks! When doing 24, you can jump the penguin far offscreen and keep him there. I couldn't get 21 it was so hard that i quit the game :. Hey john cobby, i beat your with a None of this is helping, I can't beat level Level 21 on a fast computer Rage quitting. Email Address. Remember personal info?

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Traditionally, we start with Amajeto and their escape apartment with several one scene rooms. Cute GuyUngerNL and cobcris's game follows, and apart from being sweet, it's original and artistic. And fun! Pleasant Akatsuki Since the first game is by No1game, you are supposed to catch ten green men as usual.

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Squeeze your brain to work and complete various puzzle game and find the missing play button!

Click play 2 game Exit Big Screen. I got level 21 on my second try. Poison, Lemon, Ale, Yolk. For couples to be removed must have at least two free sides, otherwise they will not move. After clicking through the pieces once or twice, I noticed the pattern and clicked in the appropriate order.
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