westach boost egt combo gauge

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Westach boost egt combo gauge

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If you can't find a combo you want, they will make you one up. Westach is Westberg Mfg. Amber turns. VelvetRide shackles. Location: Near Area I'm happy with the performance of my Westach gauges, just wish they looked a little bit nicer. Join Date: Oct Location: Northern New York. By the way, in the kit they recommend full 12V to the light, which is real lame.

Now to the road test Join Date: Jun Location: NC Iowa. Location: Alberta. Posts: 5, Joe G. Join Date: Dec Location: Eureka, CA. Posts: 1, I prefer the aviation look of the Westach gauges. That was sometime in early ' Still working fine and easy to read. I wired my other three gauges trans temp, fuel pressure, and aux tank fuel level to the dash lights so they can be dimmed.

I wired the combo gauge to the ignition on circuit so I don't have to keep the lights on to cool down the turbo. Find all posts by Joe G. Island Rocker. Location: Victoria,B. I seem to remember an earlier post where the combo guage was switched ; so it seemed that only one needle in combo worked at a time. Emergency Only! Pay it Forward! Parts for Free! All times are GMT The time now is AM. Contact Us - DieselRam. All material found on this site is property of DieselRam.

Ad Management plugin by RedTyger. User Name. Remember Me? Mark Forums Read. I dont realy know what al it takes ta have a fp gauge installed. Sponsored links. Kenny N4YYX. Join Date: Dec Location: Uriah, Al. Re: westach fuel pressure gauge from geno's. I have bought a couple of these gauges from Geno's. All that's not included is the wire and the mounting pod. No problems, work great. Thanks for your reply every other fp gauge was like around bucks I saw the westach and was just a little weary of the old saying ya get what ya pay for.

Join Date: Sep Location: Austin. Where are you going to install the sender? I have the westech electrical guage and I used the rubber hose from Geno's and attached it to the test port on the VP Where are you going to install the guage? I put mine in the cubby hole under the ABS switch on the side of the radio.

Geno's has that mounting plate that I think they give you when you buy a guage. I supplied the wires and put them in a wire loom. I am a little new when it comes to this FP gaguge since it is electrical I will need a sender? Where are possible mount places for the sender? Is a mechanical gauge the way to go? Thanks again for your replies. The westech guage from geno's comes with the sender.

On your there isn't at least to my knowledge a port anyplace readily available except for the test port on the VP I don't know which relocation kit you are getting, but you can buy a tapped banjo bolt to replace an existing bolt. I believe some of the relo kits come with a tapped banjo. As far as mechanical vs electrical, the mechanicals are more accurate.

I didn't realize that when I bought mine. When mine goes out I will replace it with a mechanical one. Do a search on FP guages. The setup that seems to work the best is hooking a needle valve into your test port and running a line braided steel to the guage.

Turn the needle valve on just enough to get a pressure. This keeps the vibrations from hammering your guage. Good luck and Gig'em from the class of Location: Danville, Ky. Posts: 4. I bought the same combo from them, they will give you free a small mounting plate that the actual gauge fits into and the it replaces the small covey-hole that is below the air bag switch The 12v power for the gauge backlight can be hooked to the small light in the top of the trash bin.

The sending unit mounts with 1 screw under the hood beside the battery and buy the 19" hose that hooks it to the schrader vavle on the IP inlet test port. Run small cable between gauge and sending unit and 12v supply and ground as per the wiring instructions and it's ready to go.

Total time my first time about 1. Also used the relocation kit it was smooth also Hope this helps Good Luck Doc. Join Date: May Location: Edmonton, AB. Had trouble with the first setup as either the guage or the sender was shot, but second try is still working great.

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