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In only two of the components Casino and Ballroom have the gardens been completely researched and restored. For the other two components, part of the Church garden has been restored but not the arboretum to the rear of the Church in Dino Barbieri Square, and no work has yet been done on the Yacht Club landscaping although documentation survives. There is a commitment to address these issues and undertake necessary restoration work on the gardens.

In terms of buildings, the authenticity of the Yacht Club has been weakened by the heavy modification to the design, particularly by additional buildings which need to be removed, by inserted internal partitions and by the removal of some of its decorative elements.

And the authenticity of the Ballroom has been impacted upon by the new entrance, which needs to be removed and the original one recreated. There are now commitments to undertake necessary restoration and reinstatement projects to reverse these changes and strengthen the authenticity of both these components. The property is protected at national, state and local level. In protection was also given to the surrounding perimeter which covers most of the buffer zone, but excludes some portions to the east and southwest.

At the local level, the individual buildings have local protection. The Master Plan of Belo Horizonte, , defines the planning zones for the city. The buffer zone and the wider setting beyond it are in various restrictive zones. In order to protect the context for the designed ensemble as the core of a garden city neighbourhood, strengthened protection and specific restrictions need to be put in place for the buffer zone that reflect its cultural value as an essential context for the designed ensemble.

A Management Plan sets out a matrix of responsibilities. This plan needs to be augmented to provide strategic guidelines that can over-arch management and decision making as formal commitments to progress in key areas, and to provide a clear enough understanding of the challenges of protecting not just the key buildings in their landscape setting but also the essential characteristics of the traditional neighbourhoods that complement the ensemble and together form a complex historic urban landscape.

The Plan also needs to provide a more targeted set of monitoring indicators that relate to the defined attributes of Outstanding Universal Value. In order to bring together the main stakeholders of the property and its buffer zone, the government has created a Committee in which all three levels of government participate.

It has the mandate to set the guidelines for the execution of the Management Plan and to promote the execution of actions by the different levels of government and municipal authorities with jurisdiction over the ensemble. Within the Municipality, there is a management group that deals with day-to-day management. This brings together those responsible for the buildings and those with responsibilities for the boardwalk and lake — currently within different departments.

About us www. Help preserve sites now! Join the , Members. Search Advanced. By Properties. Cultural Criteria: i ii iii iv v vi Natural Criteria: vii viii ix x. Category Cultural Natural Mixed. All With videos With photo gallery. Country Region Year Name of the property.

Without With. Pampulha Modern Ensemble Het Pampulha Modern Ensemble was het middelpunt van een visionair stadstuinproject dat in werd gemaakt in Belo Horizonte, de hoofdstad van de Braziliaanse deelstaat Minas Gerais. Integrity The boundaries of the Ensemble reflect the original design of the cultural centre around the new lake and include the four main buildings and most of their surrounding landscapes, both designed and natural.

Authenticity If the fusion of architecture with other arts is to be fully understood, there is a need for the restoration of the Burle Marx landscapes which are a crucial aspect of the ensemble. Protection and management and requirements The property is protected at national, state and local level. This paper approaches questions related to the Pampulha Art Museum MAP , located in Belo Horizonte, MG, and the projects conceived to restore it as it completes its 60th year since its founding and as its main building gains further visibility as a result of its insertion into the Pampulha Modern Ensemble, recognized as a World Heritage Site in As these readings overlap, they highlight how the problems related to the recognition of the building as a casino and not as museum affect its preservation.

In this sense, examples of this interaction between pre-existences and artistic production are discussed, collaborating for the preservation of a heritage site, and not the other way around. Content Menu. Add Home. Click here. You Home. This is your personal member page. Share your knowledge, ask questions and get in contact with like-minded people.


Located to the north of the city, the complex, created only to become a tourist destination and surrounded by a neighborhood of single-family houses, had an unusual program: casino designed in one night , yacht club, dance hall, hotel and church devoted to St Francis of Assisi. Created when Niemeyer was only 33 years old, it is the project that essays in the most conclusive manner all the freedom that reinforced concrete allowed.

Though the club and the casino still contain Corbusian references, it is in the church and in the dance hall — designed with engineer Joaquim Cardozo — where Niemeyer exercised his formal exuberance. While the building possesses an almost conventional T-shaped floor plan, its vaulted roof gives it a predictable formal tone. The main aisle is a single arch, whereas the sacristy and the altar are covered with a sequence of four arches with different rhythms. This cost the chapel a warning from the city diocese, which did not consecrate the temple until decades after completion.

The dance hall, for its part, also has a sinuous roof, a canopy that makes allusion to its use. In its older area the eclectic and neoclassical buildings are mixed with the modern ones, some of them works of the architect Oscar Niemeyer, like the residential tower that has his name in Liberdade Square. This area districts of Savassi, Lourdes, Boa Viagem is where most of the hotels are concetrated, and I agree it's the best area for a tourist to stay.

The Pampulha district is located a bit further, it was added to the city in the 's, and despite having the most famous tourist attraction of the city, that is the lake and its Niemeyer buildings, it's mostly a residential zone. The lake isn't small, and the four buildings inscribed in this WHS are not very close to each other. If you are in a good physical condition or have a lot of free time you can visit all four by foot, because walking on the shores of the lake is quite pleasant.

I didn't have both, so I just visited two buildings, the church and the ballroom. The yacht club is located between them, but I didn't think it was open to tourist visitation and I still don't know so I decided to skip it.

The cassino, now a museum, has the most isolated location of the four, so I had to skip it too. The church of Saint Francis, recently restored, is magnificent. Portinari is a very important artist to the brazilian modernism, he's the most famous of the three and also the one who made more works of art for the church - the panels of painted tiles, both outside and inside, and inside the 14 paintings of Via Crucis and the painted mural behind the altar.

The whole thing was so innovative and shocking for the time when it was built , that people rejected the church, and started using it only in the 's. The internal mural of Portinari was specially impressive for me: bold, with a Saint Francis undressing himself, distorted human figures like Picasso ones, and a dog. On the other hand, the ballroom Casa do Baile was very disapointing. Currently the gardens are being restored, so it was a bit of bad luck, with the views of the lake in the beautiful curved marquee turned unpleasant with mounds of sand and people working.

Like the church, it is a small building, with basically a round space, used now for arts expositions, and the open air area with the marquee. I think I spent five or ten minutes there. I had the feeling of a place with great potential but totally underused. The complex already has a museum, so I don't understand another art space.

Ian Cade said, in his review, that the place had a stand of a brewery, but unfortunately it was gone, I don't know if just for a while, because of the restoration, or if it's gone forever. Overall, I had mixed impressions. I also don't like everything being turned into museums, specially in such recent buildings. I hope masses still can be celebrated at the restored church, but at least marriages I know will be allowed. I really hope this site makes it onto the world heritage list.

Pamphula is an affluent planned suburb in northern Belo Horizonte, set around a man made lake. The usual array of Brazilian modernist architects, artists and designers were involved with the main buildings coming from Oscar Niemeyer. There are some really quite impressive buildings circling the lake, a forum discussion a few years ago first drew my attention to the Yacht Club.

I was instantly drawn to this beautiful piece of modern design. In the intervening years I have grown to realise that this mid century modernism is actually my real architectural sweet spot, and it has enhanced many of my trips, and even my life in London. On a glorious Saturday morning we joined many of the locals in making the lake shore the basis of our leisure activities.

First stop was the recently restored Casa Juliano Kubitzek , built for the then regional governor, future president and long time patron of Oscar Niemeyer. It turns out this was an excellent place to start, not just because it is a beautiful house, but also because it's home to a small museum that explains and contextualises the whole area and the relationship Kubitzek had with a generation of modernist artists.

This small church could comfortably be a World Heritage Site in in its own right, architecturally innovative the first use of concrete parabolas but even more important are the astounding ceramic decorations inside. I had seen images of them before and not been that interested, however the reality ranks as one of the finest churches I have ever been in. There was just something so emotive about this exceptional artwork, it left us reeling, not unlike when we left the Scrovegni chapel.

After this we carried on our anti clockwise loop. A little further on we sadly discovered the yacht club, which had originally piqued my interest, was hidden behind a high wall. But a little further on the Casa do Baile proved to be really enjoyable. A taxi took us to the former casino on the opposite side of the lake, which was the most important building in the original establishment of Pampulha, it is now an art gallery and it was impressive.

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The buildings were designed by architect Oscar Niemeyer, in collaboration with innovative artists.

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Casino pampulha The most famous elemento of Pampulha ensemble is Casino pampulha Francisco Church, a tiny temple by the lake shore, which is considered one of Niemeyer's early masterpieces and inspiration for many other buildings in the same style worldwide. Donate Now Donate now and help preserve World Heritage sites. The main aisle is a single arch, whereas the sacristy and the altar are covered with a sequence twin lions casino mx four arches with different rhythms. Ian Cade casino pampulha, in his review, that the place had a stand of a brewery, but unfortunately it was gone, I don't know if just for a while, because of the restoration, or if it's gone forever. The use of the parabolic vault made it possible for a single element to be sufficient for the construction of the roof and walls.
Life and death 2 pc game The hotel, fifth building of the complex, was never built Although the Contagem Municipality participates in the Recuperation of the Pampulha Basin programme, which deals with environmental issues, its participation needs to be extended to cultural aspects as well. Conceived during the term of the Mayor of Belo Horizonte at the time, Juscelino Kubitschek JKcasino pampulha Pampulha complex was finished after nine months of construction works. The trapezoidal roof is in turn seen as a direct reference to the project of the Swiss architect for the Erazuriz residence in Chile Mercure Bh Lifecenter. In protection was also given to the surrounding perimeter which covers most of the buffer zone, but excludes some portions to the east and southwest. In establishing a synthesis between local regional practices fish and game region 2 universal trends, as well as fostering dynamic links between architecture, landscape design and the plastic arts, Pampulha inaugurated a new casino pampulha in modern architecture which subsequently was used to assert new national identities in recently independent Latin American countries.


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Pampulha Modern Ensemble: Current aerial view. Pampulha Modern Ensemble: Example of integration between works of art and buildings. Pampulha Modern Ensemble: Details of finishing materials: inoxidable steel columns and marble walls. Pampulha Modern Ensemble: Building seen from the lagoon. Pampulha Modern Ensemble - map of the inscribed property. Besides the 17 works of Le Corbusier registered by UNESCO we found this built in the early forties on the banks of an artificial lake in Belo Horizonte, reference modern Brazilian architecture urban complex.

The buildings were designed by architect Oscar Niemeyer, in collaboration with innovative artists. The Ensemble comprises bold forms that exploit the plastic potential of concrete, while fusing architecture, landscape design, sculpture and painting into a harmonious whole. It reflects the influence of local traditions, the Brazilian climate and natural surroundings on the principles of modern architecture. The church of San Francisco is the centerpiece of the whole.

Although an atheist and communist, Niemeyer was fascinated by churches and Pampulha, completed in , it was one of his favorites. Read more Read less. View more images View less images. Metalocus recommends. More information. Our selection. Cartoonists honor Oscar Niemeyer. Mural Niemeyer by Eduardo Kobra. Rio Chaise Longue by Oscar Niemeyer. Oscar Niemeyer dead at , life and architecture. Subscribe to our newsletter. We use cookies to make your reading a better experience.

By accepting or closing this banner you agree to the use of cookies. I accept. Until the s, all the governors of the state of Minas Gerais lived in th Can a car climb an incline with the engine off? In the chic Mangabeiras nei Come and discover our locally inspired hotels. From the moment you step inside, you will be immersed in the destination.

Your journey starts here. Are you a foodie? Do you enjoy learning about the local history and culture? Are you passionate about nature? Explore the local stories that catch your interest and let them inspire your next trip! In the city of Belo Horizonte stand the first buildings that Oscar Niemeyer ever designed.

In a single night, Niemeyer drew the plans for a casino. This casino quickly became the favourite spot of the upper class, in need of distractions. Not quite. Eleven years later, the building was transformed into a contemporary art museum.