aria casino las vegas poker

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Aria casino las vegas poker

Going downtown to Binion's is like visiting Mecca for poker players. For several decades, Binion's hosted the biggest cash games in the world. Because of its location in the heart of dingy downtown Las Vegas, Binion's doesn't attract as many casual players as it could if it were situated on the Strip. However, you still get a mix of elderly locals that smell like Ben Gay, drunken tourists in Hawaiian shirts, and hardcore poker geeks paying homage to one of the most renowned card rooms in the history of poker.

The bad news is that downtown still smells like a wet dog that rolled around in a puddle of urine. The good news is that Binion's remodeled their poker room with comfortable seating and the walls are adorned with photographs celebrating the history of poker. There are only ten tables and they spread low-limit hold'em and low-stakes NL. If you go to Vegas a lot but only hang out on the Strip, then you should pay your respects to Binion's and play in their Midnight tournament , which attracts some of the most flavorful characters you'll ever come face-to-face with.

If you've never been to Vegas, you have to take at least one trip downtown to see where it all began. The Aria is part of the City Center monstrosity. It almost looks too fancy for my tastes, but the poker room is the current locale for the biggest action in the Western Hemisphere. The Aria created a special private room specifically for Phil Ivey. If you're an action junkie , then Aria is the place to be because they also offer up PLO.

The Aria is still relatively new which means the staff is extra nice. Out of all the poker rooms on the Strip , the Aria is probably the best run. The only downside is the fact that the room is somewhat small with only 24 tables, which means you'll have to wait a while during peak hours to get a seat. The poker room at Caesar's Palace is located off the casino floor which is good because it separates you from the circus-like atmosphere of the Strip.

The poker room is divided into a couple of sections including a high roller area and a spacious room specifically utilized for tournaments and private events. Caesar's Palace is smack in the heart of Las Vegas Blvd. The poker room has 25 tables and attracts both locals and tourists, so there's always a proper balance of good and bad players.

The only drawback is that the poker room is hidden away behind the sports book, so you cannot actually sweat any games while playing cards. When I used to live in Vegas, I loved playing at the Wynn because the poker room was very close to the parking garage. Locals never had to walk very far from their car to the poker room and vice versa. The Wynn is one of the swankiest casinos in all of Vegas and the poker room reflects that elegance.

Don't be fooled by the opulent setting because the room is filled with very bad poker players. The Wynn is a luxury hotel so most of the clientele is upscale with lots of disposable income to gamble with, which makes them the perfect marks at the poker table. The Wynn has approximately 25 tables and it can get claustrophobic during peak hours. However, the bad players make up for the cramped spacing.

The Wynn also has amazing hot chocolate , which is an added bonus during the winter months or whenever the air conditioning is cranked up on full blast. The Bellagio used to be the epicenter of poker during the height of the boom almost a decade ago. When the poker room was remodeled in , the new design featured Bobby's Room , a private room encased in glass where Bobby Baldwin hosted the Big Game. Bobby and his friends engaged in some of the biggest nosebleed games in the world.

One of the coolest things about playing at the Bellagio was that even if you were playing low-stakes , you could still peek into the room and watch the biggest names in poker battle it out. These days, the Big Game doesn't run as frequently as the high-stakes cash games moved down the street to the Aria.

If you're looking for a low-limit table on the weekends, you might have to wait a while. Las Vegas is nicknamed " Sin City " for a reason. Whether you're in town for a bachelor party, convention, or a poker tournament, at some point one of your friends will blurt out, " Let's go to a strip club! Top 5 Strip Clubs in Las Vegas. I get asked about poker rooms all the time.

What constitutes a good poker room? I'm looking for terrible players with deep pockets, comfortable seats, good and quick dealers, and a knowledgeable floor staff to adjudicate disputes in a swift, fair manner. Top 5 Poker Rooms in Las Vegas. Buffets and Las Vegas go hand-in-hand. Buffets represent the best and worst aspects of our self-indulgent culture of overconsumption. If you like to people watch, then a trip to the buffet is like a National Geographic special — spending time in the wildlife watching lions in the Serengeti feast on gazelles.

Top 5 Las Vegas Buffets. You're in downtown Las Vegas and either got really drunk and a taxi dropped you off there, or you opted to let your friend book a cheap vacation and ended up at one of the many seedy no-tell motels on East Fremont. Only cash games will be allowed, not tournaments. No spectators will be allowed in the poker room, the spokesman said.

Food is also banned for the time being. Contact Jim Barnes at jbarnes reviewjournal. Exterior of Aria on Monday, Nov. By signing up you agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Unsubscribe at any time.

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Owned by MGM Resorts International, the Aria opened in and has since become quite popular with tourists and locals alike. A number of poker pros also favor this opulent, state-of-the-art poker room, including Phil Hellmuth , who can frequently be seen wearing an Aria cap, and Phil Ivey, who has a dedicated high stakes room named after him.

The Aria poker room also offers a wide variety of cash games, tournaments, text message seat notification, table side food, free beverages including Fiji water , top shelf liquor, high-definition flat screen televisions, comfortable chairs, nearby restrooms, and chair massage service. The Aria poker room is among the most luxurious in all of Las Vegas, with extremely comfortable chairs, ruby red felt on the tables, and excellent table lighting. However, a common complaint is that the tables are a bit crowded for ten players, and there is an obvious lack of cup holders despite an abundance of side tables.

Another common criticism is that the room can get a bit noisy. For everyone else—even registered hotel guests—parking fees apply. Note: Want to upgrade your poker skills? Get free preflop charts and start playing like a pro before the flop. Download now! And on busy weekends, the room spreads higher stakes cash games. Because the ARIA poker room is not large, there can be long wait times for a seat, especially on weekends.

However, the ARIA does use the Bravo Live poker room management system, which allows them to track playing time, and allows players to check tables and wait lists from the convenience of their phones, and then call ahead to have their name added to a list. Also, like other higher-end rooms, there are no bonus drops or promotions.

The p. Book a Room. Sign In Email. Skip to main content Skip to footer. Booking not available in this language Close. See Below:. Exclusive room rates for qualifying poker players. Location East side of the casino floor, next to Main Valet Pick-up. Featured Games. Poker Tournaments. Tournament Director of the Year: Paul Campbell. Industry Person of the Year: Sean Mccormack.

Poker Tells. A Complete Guide to Poker. Player's Manual A complete guide to the game of poker. View Guide View Guide. Learn the variants, rules, tells and terminology so you are ready to stake your claim at a live table.

Close Dining Reservation Unfortunately, no seats are available.

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The audio system in the room allows for patrons outside of the room to hear their name being called, and soft music plays on all overhead speakers. Regarding room organization, the venue is divided into three distinct areas. The main poker room floor encompasses 18 tables, which line the rail and allows for walk-by traffic for game observance.

In the center of the room is Ivey's Room named after Phil Ivey , which is reserved for very high stakes poker. These earned comps can be used for tableside foodservice offered 24 hours a day , or can be printed and used for many restaurants within the property. The Aria Poker Room cocktail service offers complimentary Fiji water, frozen drinks, energy drinks, and most varieties of top shelf liquor and mixed drinks.

Tableside food delivery is also available 24 hours a day for all guests and can be paid with comps using the MGM Resorts M Life card. PokerAtlas uses cookies. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use and to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. The p. The a. Another common grievance is slow chip runners. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the food is delicious but a bit pricey.

But the added convenience of table side delivery offsets the additional charge. Some have mentioned that cocktail and food service could be quicker and friendlier, but food and beverage service is one of the areas at which the ARIA excels. Generally, player reviews congregate at the positive end of the spectrum. Have you played in this opulently famous, world-class poker room?

Please share your experiences and thoughts below. Signup today for free poker strategy, exclusive discounts, and be the first to get notified on new updates. This is Dynamik Widget Area. About the Author. She is an avid low-stakes for now poker player and huge Vegas Golden Knights fan. Join Our Newsletter Signup today for free poker strategy, exclusive discounts, and be the first to get notified on new updates.

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The room is surrounded by the Aria Poker Room is ready to stake your claim metal playing card sculpture, which. Tournament Director of the Year: Paul Campbell. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the food is. Microgaming android casino Aria Poker Room chairs, with their multicolored backs, are. Generally, player reviews congregate at the positive end of the. Have you played in this delicious but a bit pricey. PARAGRAPHAnother common grievance is slow. This is Dynamik Widget Area. Please share your experiences and casino floor, next to Main. Player's Manual A complete guide.

ARIA is serious play.​​ The cards are dealt, and the bets are in. Grab a drink at the bar and get ready for your big moment at one of our 24 tables. Reserve your room today with special rates, exclusively for poker players. The Aria Poker Room has a dedicated poker room cashier cage, an elevated top section for high limit games as well as "Ivey's Room" for very high stakes. It is common to see many televised professional players playing / Mix or higher in Ivey's Room. Aria Casino · Tournament Calendar · Monday Mar 01, · Tuesday Mar 02, · Wednesday Mar 03, · Thursday Mar 04, · Friday Mar 05,