casino heists famous

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Casino heists famous

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It was first accomplished in New York's diamond center many years prior to this robbery. It included creating access to the safe deposit box located in the vault beneath the building. The method also provided a tenant ID card offering hour access to the building. The robbery required eighteen months of preparation.

The group used a variety of ingenious methods to overcome the security systems and left investigators confused as to how they had managed to successfully gain entry without triggering the security systems: [1]. The group was caught after Notarbartolo and Speedy went to dispose of the evidence of their plans, planning to burn it in France.

Speedy was overcome with panic at the prospect of transporting such incriminating evidence and insisted they dispose of it in a nearby forest. However, Speedy suffered a panic-attack and disposed of the evidence poorly, hurling it into the bushes and mud rather than burning it.

Notarbartolo was busy burning his own evidence and when he discovered what Speedy had done, he decided it would take too long to gather everything up and they needed to leave, confident that nobody would find their rubbish. However, a local hunter owned the land and called the police when he found the rubbish the next day believing it to be caused by local teenagers he had previously had disputes with.

When he mentioned that some of the rubbish consisted of envelopes from the Antwerp Diamond Centre, the police immediately investigated. The evidence from the rubbish was enough to allow the police to gain a lead and they were eventually able to identify Notarbartolo from security footage from a nearby grocery store where he had purchased a sandwich a receipt for the sandwich was amongst the rubbish.

After the robbery, Notarbartolo and his team stole the security footage to conceal their identities. The theft was carried out by a five-man team led by Leonardo Notarbartolo, a professional thief who was skilled in social manipulation. In addition to Notarbartolo, the team consisted of at least four other members, whom Notarbartolo gave aliases during interviews, though he refused to specify whom each alias referred to: [1].

Notarbartolo was found guilty of orchestrating the heist. He is considered to be the leader of a ring of Italian thieves called "La Scuola di Torino" The School of Turin , [3] [9] who carried out the crime. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison by the court of appeal of Antwerp in , [1] but had since been released on parole in One of these conditions was that he needed to compensate the victims of the heist, which he never made any attempt at.

As a consequence, he was arrested again in at the Charles De Gaulle Airport in Paris during a layover from the United States to Turin, and was made to serve the remainder of his prison sentence until Notarbartolo claimed in an interview with Wired magazine that a diamond merchant hired them for the heist.

Due to the fact that the vault itself was uninsured, as the insurance company realised the security flaws and would have never given it an insurance policy, there was actually very little insurance money involved, which casts doubt on his story. Paramount Pictures optioned the rights to create a film about the heist, which have since expired. It was to be produced by J. Edgar Award -winning true crime author Burl Barer is collaborating with the other perpetrators and individuals from the "School of Turin", writing about what really transpired and how much was really taken.

It will be released as a True Crime Series, The team played for over two decades and raked in millions of dollars in winnings, the exact amount is still unknown. The story inspired many books and movies and other teams of intellects to try their hand at blackjack. This is probably one of the most hi-tech robberies for its time. In the s, two physics students developed a small electronic device that interfered with the roulette wheel.

One student would play while the other would wear the shoe and communicate the information through a series of small shocks. The two continued the hoax for some months but were eventually caught and charged. Naturally, London has had its fair share of casino capers. Below are two of the most memorable robberies at London casinos. The team used the lasers to estimate the speed of the roulette wheel and then figure out the most likely numbers for the ball to land.

The film was watched in slow motion to determine who had what card, and then the information was delivered by tiny earpiece to the player inside the casino, who used the information to win the money. Despite tightened security procedures today, it is still possible to hold up even the most famous casinos.

The robberies below are two of the greatest casino heists of recent times. In late , 15 men were arrested after they tried to rob Emperors Palace Casino in Johannesburg. It is unknown how much money the crooks tried to take. However, the incident resulted in a huge shoot-out between the police and the robbers inside. One of the largest casino heists in history occurred in early The thief collaborated with a well-known overseas gambler.

He played a VIP card game while his accomplice fed him tips on how and when to bet. Casino officials suspected something was wrong. They discovered the crime and the high roller received a lifetime ban from the casino. Naturally, he also had to return the money.

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