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Fantasy kommander 2 hacked games raw 2 the game

Fantasy kommander 2 hacked games

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I didn't know what kind of game this would be at first. I really do appreciate how I was able to understand it more. It helps that it starts off fairly easily. It is great to be able to move your soldiers around so well. Mobility always works. I say that a lot. The sounds were quite good. You had a clear understanding of what was going on.

I'm glad you made a game like this. While not that popular, at least it has a high rating. The soldiers are designed quite well too. This game is great it has smooth gameplay and enjoy it very much. As a strategy game, this is perfect.

I believe almost everything Sun Tzu and Clausewitz wrote about warfare has been used in this game: Morale, siege, movements, surprise attack While playing this, I noted a few things you guys might find useful: -The Initiative stat is only available to your general. It determines who gets to play the turn. You can have the initiative or lose it for 2 turns max. Get as much initiative and upgrades for the troops as you can, cause Garkhun might just appear as "orchish general" on the battlefield, but he got hps and hits like Superman.

And his guys aint angels either. Took me four or five tries just to win that battle lol. I recommend letting him come to you, isolate him from his troops, then hit him as hard as you can while his heavy infantry besieges the Knight's castle. The potential for a good rts is there but all the clicking and scrolling gets a little old. It would be nice if there were some hotkeys but I didn't find any.

Also, I'll agree with the others about the randomness thing. I don't care how random things can be, my catapult should a little better than 1 damage to a regular light infantry in the open. Fantasy Kommander Share Collapse.

Hacked By: selectLOL. Game Information In this second chapter the Eukarion war moves to northeast, inside the powerful Marquissate of Fortebhor. Will you be able to discover what's going on between the ancient woods of the Empire? Take your weapons and urge your army! Adamantia needs YOU. NOTE: I see a lot of you want to play as the elf with her "nice bottom". The developer "Age of Games" has made the other 2 races playable on their domain only. That way they get something for letting others post their games.

Well we respect that, so if you want to play as her you will have to go to their site! At least they let us post their game so be understanding! Thank you! Cheats: More Fairyflys and Mushrooms added. Cheats: Hackbar: Press [1] Win Level. This is definitely an improved hack for this game. You should re-hack Fantasy Kommander 1 and Kaos Kommander. I'll take this to the forums. Thanks for your suggestion! I requested the re-hack of this game.

Dave's was just not enough, sorry about that.

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Players play a Kommander at the beginning of their military career, thrown into a titanic battle that is devastating the entire continent of Eukarion. Successive events, dialogues, and plot twists are carried on through the messages that Emperor Karl and the Great Council of Mages send to the young general who will have to find out, fighting hard battles, the final objective of the Abyss.

Players won't be alone in facing this incredible war adventure. Three great Heroes of Humans, Elves, and Dwarves , will follow and assist them in their trials, challenges, victories and defeats. The game has been FULLY voiced in English and it's been conceived to give emphasis to the characters , friends and foes, that players will face on their adventure.

We put a lot of care in the development of the setting , creating a huge fantasy version of Medieval Europe. Empires, kingdoms, history and everything else on the map that you can see down here are the result of studies and researches aiming at a coherent fusion between reality and fantasy, following the great tradition of European epic and fantasy literature.

If you want to know more about the way the lead designer of FK:EW designed the history of the Eukarion Continent, have a look at this entry in our Dev Diary. The background reason is that in Adamantian Language the right way to write commander is Kommander.

To be honest, it's simply because the lead designer is stupid and he like K's. Fantasy Kommander is not a simple Wargame. It has a whole world inside of it, with several races struggling for supremacy. Here we want to show you some of them, with their characteristics, strengths , weakness and more. The Human Army Humans are the dominant race in the Empire and they are perhaps the most difficult race to understand.

They can be brave warriors or despicable cowards, great leaders in search of justice or bloodthirsty tyrants corrupt to the core.. For these reasons it is not easy to read in the hearts of men and it is not always wise to trust them. From a military point of view Adamantia organized humans in 6 different types of armies, that are: Archers Light Infantry Infantry Men at Arms Lancers Feudal Knights Human troops are generally versatile.

With the exception of Men at Arms we can say that infantry including archers are better as defensive troops and mounted units lancers and feudal knights are better as offensive troops. Human Archers Human Archers are mostly recruited from the hunters of Adamantia. These men, despite their light equipment, are brave and fearsome fighters. This is not the best human army but it's very useful to hit the enemies from distance.

Equipment No armor, Light Bow. Strong points Ranged Attack which allows you to damage the enemy without suffering counterattacks. In defense supports an army that is attacked. Weak points Low Endurance. It's better not to use it in melee fights. It can be used for rapid attacks and retreats, or to encircle the enemy in order to reach very fast the objectives. Equipment No armour, Leather Helmet, Spear.

Strong points Mobility and Low cost. It's better not to use it in frontal attacks. Used at the right time in the right place this army can be decisive to conquer or defend an objective and can face any kind of enemy. It's formed by heavily armed dismounted knights. Men at Arms army are formidable on the battlefield and represent the best imperial force in sieges, either in offense or in defense.

Strong points Powerful with high Endurance and Morale. Ideal for attacking and defending villages, cities, fortresses. Weak points High Cost. It's a medium well trained cavalry that can be decisive in the open field. Strong points Offensive Army. Powerful in attacks in the open field. Good Mobility. It's not very effective in forest. It's better to not use this army in sieges both in attack or defense.

Formed by skilled noble warriors of the Adamantia Empire this army may be the key to the victory in most of the battles. Devastating in attacks in the open field. Weak points Very High Cost. If possible it's better to not use this army in sieges both in attack or defense. They are men of peace and with miraculous healing powers who avoid battles, but they also know how to strike and defend themselves from the armies of kaos. They can hit the enemies from a distance with magic Weak points Vulnerable and with a very low level of powers of endurance.

A part of the fugitives decided to live in peace with the other races in the heart of the Eukarion continent, while another part founded the Empire of the Supreme Elves. They have no interest in the political, economic or military events on the Eukarion continent. They study the essence of the magical forces of the Universe and try to live in balance with them. Supreme Elves: they are fearsome warriors-magicians and consider all the other races inferior.

Their empire is ruled by a hierarchy of noble lineages convinced that they have to conquer by force all the lands of Eukarion, one way or another Hedmal Elves: these elves are the freest and most adventurous of their race. They take their name from the first forest, where they settled and they participated actively in the creation of the first empire of Adamantia. From a military point of view Adamantia organized Elves in 6 six different types of armies, that are: Elven Infantry Elven Furies Elven Guardians Elven Archers Elven Cavalry Ladies of the Woods Elves have great bonuses when they fight in forests and big penalties in mountains.

Elven Infantry Elven Infantry is a good unit in both attack and defense. Well equipped and trained this unit can be a nightmare for their enemies in the forests. This is an offensive unit and it's very good to launch it in attacks in the woods. Equipment No armor, Magic Broadsword.

Disciplined and armed with the finest weapons of Adamantia, the Elven Guardians is one of the best infantry types in the Empire. This is the elite unit of the elves. They are selected among the best elven warriors and receive a special training to learn to shoot arrows with the elven inner power of magic.

The armor, bows and arrows of these incredible warriors are made of Mythril. Equipment Mythril Armor, Bow and Arrows. Weak points High penalty in Mountains. Low Endurance. It 's better not to use it in melee fights. High cost. Extremely fast, this cavalry is the only one that can be used easily in the forest. High penalty in Mountains. They are the priestesses of the temple of the sun and help the imperial army only in the wars against the sheer abyss.

With their magic they can heal the wounded, fight the evil or invoke the blessing of nature. Weak points Really Low Endurance. Age of Games is a project created by two independent game development companies, P. Studios and Foofa Studios. Both companies have a great passion for videogames and developed several RPG and strategy games together. We have a strong independent nature and we hope to be able to create great games outside of the logics of casual gaming and mass market.

Twitter Facebook Google. Redeem your copy. Sincerely, thanks. Interview on "wargamer. Screenshots and Video. The ogres are celebrating a ritual north of the ancient forest of the spirits. Marcus and the Adamantia Human Army must stop it any cost. Human Archers are shooting at demoralized goblin slingers. A group of Dwarves is seriously entrenched around one of their city. Eladen, the elfish enchantress, advances to conquer an adamantia castle that was captured by goblins and that is the main objective of this battle.

The elves deploy the army before the battle starts. Since the zombies exerts automatically their ZOC Zone of Control Marcus, noble knight of Adamantia, manoeuvres to reach a better place on the battlefield. Elven Archers attacks a unit of skeleton warriors. Elven Guardians attacks a unit of skeleton warriors that, as written in the battle prediction window, has the defensive support of an adjacent unit of skeleton archers.

Men at arms must choice if attack a unit of Goblins Wolfriders or maintain their position in the castle In this second chapter the Eukarion war moves to northeast, inside the powerful Marquissate of Fortebhor. Will you be able to discover what's going on between the ancient woods of the Empire? Take your weapons and urge your army!

Adamantia needs YOU. Play free online games , every day new games at AgeofGames. Visit Age of Games every day to discover new outstanding games, earn xp points, climb the leaderboard, meet new friends and chat in one of the best gaming communities. Select English Italiano. Forgot username? Forgot password? Remember Me. Create an account. Fantasy Kommander 2. Tweet Share on Tumblr. Any suggestions for strategy?

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Police Dummies. plays. Cheats: Hackbar: Press [1] - Refill Health - [2] - Toggle Health - [ Haunted Suburb Tower Defense. plays. Cheats: Hackbar: Press [1] Money - [2] Cleanse Shatter Bot. plays. Big Time Butter Baron. plays. Game Description. Fantasy Kommander is a strategic turn based RPG. If you think you are a great general, if you want to fight on broad battlefields ruled by heavy. Fantasy Kommander 2. Hack Information: Gain money and exp after each level. PLAY NOW. Walkthrough. Video Walkthrough. Similar Games.