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Mccain anger gambling

Matt Welch acknowledged that McCain had made a series of "crude reversals" in his political positions, but also extrapolated upon his previous analysis of McCain and wrote that some of the shifts were actually not, and could be explained by virtue of his generational military heritage and that "McCain's core, almost genetic, principle in governance and life is that the United States should remain the unchallenged military superpower keeping the world safe for democracy and commerce.

He has always been more of an existential politician than a consequential one, in the sense that his influence has derived not from steady, unswerving pursuit of philosophical goals or legislative achievements but from the series of unpredictable—and sometimes spectacular—fights he has chosen to pick. During , several Congressional negotiations showed that McCain now had improved relations with the Obama administration, including the president himself, as well as with Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid , and that he had become the leader of a power center in the Senate for cutting deals in an otherwise bitterly partisan environment.

Many of us become walking self-caricatures at a certain point, and politicians can be particularly vulnerable, especially those who have maneuvered their very public lives as conspicuously as McCain. They tell and retell the same stories; things get musty. They engage in a lot of self-mythologizing, and no one in Washington has been the subject and the perpetrator of more mythmaking than McCain: the maverick, the former maverick, the curmudgeon, the bridge builder, the war hero bent on transcending the call of self-interest to serve a cause greater than himself, the sore loser, old bull, last lion, loose cannon, happy warrior, elder statesman, lion in winter Journalist Adam Clymer notes of McCain that, "There is no question that he sometimes loses potential allies by his penchant for telling off other senators.

Everybody has a McCain story. If you work in the Senate for a while, you have a McCain story. He hasn't built up a lot of goodwill. They did not speak to each other for two years before reconciling. I've been sitting in here for all of these negotiations and you just parachute in here on the last day. You're out of line. I know more about this than anyone else in the room. McCain had stated: "It is apparent that I'm not the most popular member of the Senate.

Adam Clymer sees McCain's nature as possibly misfit for the Senate: "McCain is an impatient man—perhaps because he lost five years of his life as a prisoner of war in North Vietnam—in an institution that worships delay and rewards endurance. Such incidents have become less frequent over the years: [61] senators supporting his presidential campaign said that McCain had calmed down during the s, [63] and reporters have noted almost no flare-ups during the presidential campaign.

He is erratic. He is hotheaded. He loses his temper and he worries me. He is a very controlled person. And we've had some pretty difficult times together, but in the 31 years we've worked together, there is no one I have ever worked with that is more a man of his word or a person of his word than John McCain. McCain's relations with his own Senate staff have reflected less tension: doors to his office were usually kept open and staffers called him by his first name.

The characteristics that led to McCain gaining hundreds of demerits at the Naval Academy have never fully left him; by his own admission, he has an "irremediable" personality trait of being "a wiseass," and as he added: "Occasionally my sense of humor is ill-considered or ill-timed, and that can be a problem.

In , Representative McCain was reported to have joked about a woman enjoying being raped by a gorilla, when speaking at a conference of the National League of Cities and Towns in Washington, D. In his Senate campaign, at a college appearance he referred to Arizona's Leisure World retirement community as "Seizure World", remarking that in the previous election, "97 percent of the people who live there came out to vote.

I think the other 3 percent were in intensive care. Because her father is Janet Reno. It was stupid and cruel and insensitive. I've apologized. I can't take it back. In light of the senator's apology, they [the first family] decided to drop the matter. But out of respect to a great number of people for whom I hold in very high regard, I will no longer use the term that has caused such discomfort.

The Iranians? As a guest on The Daily Show a few days later in , and following a trip to Baghdad, host and longtime friend Jon Stewart asked McCain, "What do you want to start with, the bomb Iran song or the walk through the market in Baghdad? I had something picked out for you, too—a little IED to put on your desk. McCain emphasized the role in his life of the family tradition of service to one's country, as exemplified by his father and grandfather; it was the predominant theme of his memoir Faith of My Fathers.

Both his forebears had difficulty coping with the end of war; his grandfather felt listless and died several days after the formal conclusion of World War II , while his father felt despair over his reluctant retirement from the United States Navy and fell into prolonged poor health afterwards.

McCain is known for his responses to attacks upon his family. An opponent of his in the Republican House primary contacted his first wife Carol , seeking negative material on McCain. I want you to know that, campaign aside, politics aside, you ever do anything like that again, anything against a person in my family, I will personally beat the shit out of you.

The traditions McCain was brought up under have extended to his own family. Naval Academy and graduated in , [] [] after which he went to Naval Air Station Pensacola for training as a naval aviator , [] just as his father had, followed by helicopter pilot training at Naval Air Station Whiting Field , where he graduated from in January Marine Corps in , [] began recruit training later that year, [] and by early was a Lance Corporal who had served a tour of duty as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Altogether he has seven children, born across four decades, including three with Carol—all of whom, as of [update] , were reported to be on good terms with him, his wife, and each other [] —and, as of [update] , four grandchildren. Cindy McCain suffered a stroke in due to high blood pressure , but made a mostly full recovery. He used to greet them with saying "Hare Krishna! Polling conducted shortly after McCain's death showed him to have greater approval among liberals and moderates than he did among conservatives, and greater approval among those who voted for Democrat Hillary Clinton in than among those who had voted for Republican Donald Trump.

Since McCain's death, the Arizona Republican Party , which he had, for decades, been considered the standard bearer of, has moved away from McCain. The state party organization, reshaped by president Donald Trump and state party chairwoman Kelli Ward who had challenged McCain in the Republican primary during his reelection campaign and was elected state party chairwoman in , unseating a McCain ally , has openly attacked the legacy of McCain.

The two, of opposing parties, were known to sharply disagree on many issues, but maintained their friendship. In , the story of Biden's friendship with McCain was promoted by the Biden campaign. During the Democratic National Convention in August of , a video segment was shown in which McCain's widow Cindy spoke of Biden's friendship with her late husband. Steve Schmidt , senior campaign strategist and advisor to McCain's presidential campaign, [] was part of the leadership behind the anti-Trump group The Lincoln Project and endorsed Biden.

This group included individuals such as Mark Salter. In late August, the group Republican Voters Against Trump began airing an ad in Arizona which contrasted McCain's acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention with inflammatory statements made by incumbent Republican president Donald Trump, who was seeking reelection in In addition to having been friends with Biden, McCain had had a negative relationship with Trump. Even after McCain's death, Trump had continued to issue slights towards him.

Cindy McCain's endorsement of Biden, as well as the publicly bad relationship between Donald Trump and John McCain, were speculated to be contributing factors to Biden's narrow victory in the United States presidential election in Arizona , which saw Biden become the first Democratic presidential nominee since , and only the second since , to capture McCain's home state. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The New York Times. Retrieved December 19, Touchstone Books. The New York Review of Books.

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Retrieved on The Politico. Retrieved November 23, P; Hansen, G. Political Communication. Bush and U. Senators in the States: An Exploration" Proceedings. Annual meeting of the American Political Science Association. Gallup poll. April 28, Retrieved May 10, Gallup Poll.

Retrieved March 21, Retrieved February 1, The New Yorker. Retrieved December 6, McCain: The Myth of a Maverick. Palgrave Macmillan. Archived from the original on March 14, July 13, Retrieved July 14, May 7, The Arizona Republic. Retrieved May 9, July 2, Retrieved July 6, August 27, Washington Post.

CNN Digital. The worst campaigns of ". Retrieved September 11, Fox News. August 25, Retrieved September 12, The Atlantic. Retrieved May 21, Irish Central. Purdum November Retrieved July 31, Retrieved August 1, Retrieved January 6, September Retrieved May 4, Citizen McCain.

The Boston Globe. Retrieved April 28, National Review Online. April 20, Archived from the original on January 26, May 18, Archived from the original on May 16, Retrieved June 21, May 23, McCain and his agents are "gambling that he can distract you with smears rather than talk to you about substance," Obama added. It's what you do when you're out of touch, out of ideas and running out of time. McCain's course correction reflects a growing case of nerves within his high command as the electoral map has shifted significantly in Obama's favor in the past two weeks.

Former Bush political guru Karl Rove told "Fox News Sunday" that Obama now leads in states with electoral votes, three more than needed to win. Skip to content. Most Read. Recommended on Daily News.

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But Palin kept it up Sunday. A top McCain adviser signaled last week that the campaign intends to "turn the page" from economic issues — which polls show have staked Obama to a significant lead — and ramp up attacks on Obama as an inexperienced ultraliberal. McCain would want to turn the page and ignore this economy.

McCain and his agents are "gambling that he can distract you with smears rather than talk to you about substance," Obama added. It's what you do when you're out of touch, out of ideas and running out of time. McCain's course correction reflects a growing case of nerves within his high command as the electoral map has shifted significantly in Obama's favor in the past two weeks.

Former Bush political guru Karl Rove told "Fox News Sunday" that Obama now leads in states with electoral votes, three more than needed to win. He was red-faced. By this time all the action at the table had stopped. I was completely shocked. McCain had totally lost it, and in the space of about ten seconds. This being Puerto Rico, the pit boss might not have known McCain. At the craps table, who cares who he is? But this gamble paid off. Although there were published reports that McCain had gambled late into the night, which properly treated that matter as charming, this particular episode has gone unreported until now.

Maybe no journalist saw it. Or maybe this illustrates the unwritten rule of political journalism that all human-interest anecdotes must reaffirm a previously established belief. Arrogance is something McCain is not known for. Quite the opposite. Logic might dictate that an anecdote showing that, say, Obama has webbed feet would be more interesting than one showing that he is a skinny guy with big ears. Jeff Dearth is not an extreme partisan or an activist for either candidate.

He supports Obama, in part because he is truly alarmed at the thought of the arrogant hothead he saw becoming president. John McCain is the best Republican presidential candidate of my lifetime. But a performance like this would give me pause about supporting a candidate of either party.

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I will try to confirm what you say. His weekends at Annapolis were described as trainwrecks. His war hero status is open to question. As a Senator he is known to be a compulsive gambler, superstitious and has an anger management problem. As much of a metaphore as it is for what John McCain is about, from what you say, it did not happen and it should not be repeated. If I am able to confirm what you say, I will acknowledge it in other blogs that I have posted.

Meanwhile, there are no lack of reasons why I feel that John McCain would be a disaster as President. I would not want to confuse the issues by stating something that I know not to be true. BTW No need to apologize for using big words. My vocabulary is quite adaquate especially in nautical, business and medical terms. Comment by gasdocpol — July 1, pm. Is this site just for making up facts? Read the true story or just keep telling lies.

I am beginning to re-think my choice in the election. Comment by Willam Studa — July 5, pm. Comment by gasdocpol — July 5, pm. The Muslim thing IS very credible. He came from Muslim parents, had a Muslim step dad and siblings. He went to a Muslim school in Indonesia. Extremists, when will we hear more about William Ayers and Obama? I think that is every bit and then some more credible, than you calling McCain a reckless, tempersome, drunk with a gambling addiction who is unqualified.

I never voted for a Republican in my life 29 years old. But after Obama was nominated, and hearing what he says, I re-examined myself and my views. Comment by Eric Kanzenbach — September 10, pm. Are you trying to say that Barack Obama is a mole under deep cover who would turn over the USA the day he becomes President? If you are looking for conspiracies, try this one. They push the invasion ,lying as necessary.

It is well documented that McCain: 1. McCain does not do his homework on issues today any more than when he was at the bottom of his class at USNA. Has multipl,e superstitions 3. His top foreign affairs advisor Scheunemann got rich by pushing the Iraq war ande now is stirring up trouble with Russia. He falsely accused Obama for callin g palin a pig. I have voted for as many Republicans as Democrats starting with Nixon agaist Kennedy in I am not a Liberal. Comment by gasdocpol — September 10, pm.

RSS feed for comments on this post. McCain's game is craps. So is Jeff Dearth's. Jeff was at the table when McCain showed up and happily made room for him. Apparently there is some kind of rule or tradition in craps that everyone's hands are supposed to be above the table when the dice are about to be thrown. McCain--"very likely distracted by one of the many people who approached him that evening," Jeff says charitably--apparently was violating this rule. A small middle-aged woman at the table, apparently a "regular," reached out and pulled McCain's arm away.

I'll let Jeff take over the story:. The woman again tried to explain. He was red-faced. By this time all the action at the table had stopped. I was completely shocked. McCain had totally lost it, and in the space of about ten seconds. This being Puerto Rico, the pit boss might not have known McCain.

Read Kinsley's full piece here. Also this week, Brave New Films released a new video focused on McCain's temper, featuring "original interviews with former U.