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Pam and jim kiss casino night

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The first time we kissed even was right outside," Jim said, clearly referencing "Casino Night. At the time of Pam's Dundies kiss with Jim, fans will recall she was so drunk that she wound up getting banned from Chili's "for life. Jim was definitely aware of the kiss, but it's possible that Pam was so drunk she didn't remember it the following day, and Jim felt it would be best to keep the moment to himself.

If that's the case, Pam would genuinely think the "Casino Night" kiss was their first, so maybe Jim's pretending it is, too. It wasn't a particularly romantic, breathtaking, or world-stopping kiss. But it was a kiss, and an important part of their history that deserves to be acknowledged.

It's crucial to remember the events that set the Dundies kiss in motion: Roy left Pam at the chain restaurant earlier that night because he's a moron, and his decision to leave rightfully upset her. She was upset and already dreading the thought of Michael giving her the embarrassing "Longest Engagement" award for another year in a row, so when she received the "Whitest Sneakers" award instead she was so overcome with relief and joy that she kissed Jim.

It's possible she knew Jim had something to do with Michael switching her award and was thankful, but even if she didn't, the kiss definitely meant something. I get why no one ever brought it up, but part of me thinks it's kind of weird that everyone saw it and acted like it didn't happen, Jim included. In Pam's Dundies acceptance speech, she also says the iconic line, "I feel God in this Chili's tonight," which means that even God was witness to Jim and Pam's first kiss.

One of these is a real kiss. Of the two kisses, my favorite, and the one I so desperately wish was the first, happened in "Casino Night. It's likely that Jim told Michael his first kiss with Pam happened in "Casino Night" because for him, that's the first time Pam kissed him sober and it was the more meaningful of the two. I deeply respect the decision, but if Jim and Pam's kids grow up and watch their parents fall in love in this weird documentary about Dunder Mifflin Paper Company, I'm confident they'll challenge the assertion and argue that technically , the first kiss took place in at the eighth annual Dundie Awards.

As for why Krasinski and Fischer both named "Casino Night" as their first on-screen kisses, the only two explanations I can think of are that they genuinely forgot about "The Dundies," or that perhaps they shot "Casino Night" first. On Fischer's podcast, Office Ladies , she and former co-star Angela Kinsey revealed that the episodes in Season 1 were shot out of order, so I guess it's possible the same happened in Season 2?

Now that we've looked at the kisses from all angles it's clear that "The Dundies" kiss was Jim and Pam's first. But it in the spirit of compromise, I'll declare the "Casino Night" kiss Jim and Pam's first real kiss. Are we all happy? We're using cookies to improve your experience. Find out more. Culture Like Follow.

Pam eventually grows tired of hiding her feelings from Jim and, on the beach day, confesses to him in front of the entire office staff that he was the true reason she called off her wedding and that she misses his friendship " Beach Games ". Later that night, Jim opens up to Pam about how he feels as if he had never really come back from Stamford because of how many unresolved issues they have.

Even though they appear to reconcile, Jim's relationship with Karen and the possibility of him being promoted to a position at Corporate still keep them apart. During his interview with David Wallace in New York, Jim finds a note that Pam had secretly put inside his sales records containing his yogurt-lid medal from " Office Olympics " and realizes that he can no longer fight his feelings for her. He then decides to withdraw his name from consideration for the corporate position, breaks up with Karen and drives back to Scranton.

Meanwhile, Pam seems to accept that she and Jim weren't meant to be and that their timing was never right, but is ecstatic when Jim bursts into the conference room during her talking head and asks her out on a date " The Job ". Jim and Pam seem both quite happy, but deny the allegations that they are dating.

The camera crew then shows them footage of them kissing inside Pam's car after work, after Jim denying that they were dating, then Pam admits to the crew that they had been dating for a couple of months. Their relationship is eventually outed to the rest of the office after Toby who had a crush on Pam sends out a memo on PDA after witnessing Pam kiss Jim on the cheek in the break room " Dunder Mifflin Infinity ".

The revelation is met with joy by most of their co-workers. As a result of their new relationship, Jim and Pam are both more relaxed and incredibly happy all throughout the season, even taking pity on Dwight when his secret relationship with Angela comes to a sudden end and she begins to show an interest in Andy " Money ". Jim is particularly sympathetic to Dwight's situation due to his own history with Pam. The realization that they were finally able to overcome all the obstacles and be honest with themselves about their feelings for each other only serves to strengthen their relationship even further and they are shown to be the happiest and most stable couple in the office " Dinner Party ".

When Pam's attempt to set Michael up with her landlady goes awry, Jim jokes that she's going to have to move out and suggests that they move in together, though she dismisses the idea saying that she wouldn't move in with a man without being engaged first.

After a quick exchange in which Jim says that a proposal is on the way, he reveals to the documentary crew the engagement ring he had purchased one week into dating Pam and states that he was not kidding about wanting to marry her " Chair Model ". Over the next few days, Jim teases Pam by phrasing ordinary requests in ways that cause her to mistake them for proposals " Did I Stutter? Jim pays Phyllis to get fireworks for the party as a way of emulating the "first date" he and Pam had back in " The Client ".

During the fireworks display, Jim goes as far as getting the ring out of his pocket before Andy proposed to Angela in a very public fashion. Having felt that the moment was no longer appropriate, Jim doesn't propose, leaving Pam who already suspected that Jim would propose that night visibly disappointed " Goodbye, Toby ". In a talking head, Jim reveals that after Toby's party he and Pam talked and decided they would rather not get engaged yet since Pam would be spending the summer in New York studying graphic design at the Pratt Institute and they both didn't want to spend the first few months of their engagement apart.

Jim, however, misses Pam terribly when she's in New York and, unable to wait any longer, convinces her to meet him for lunch at a gas station halfway between Scranton and New York and proposes to her as soon as they meet. Pam promptly accepts " Weight Loss ". Pam's time in New York, albeit difficult for both of them, serves to once again show the strength of their relationship, as they are shown to be in sync with each other even when they're having a day off " Baby Shower " and also to support and trust each other very much " Crime Aid ".

Pam's love for Jim eventually proves to be greater than her dreams of being an artist when she decides to return to Scranton instead of spending another 3 months in New York to retake a class she had failed " Business Trip ". Jim and Pam eventually move in together after Jim buys his parent's house.

Even though he does so without telling Pam and, at first, she seems disappointed at the surprise, she is ecstatic at the fact that they now have a home " Frame Toby ". When Pam's parents' marriage starts to fail, Pam's father William comes to stay with them, putting a strain on their relationship that might have gone as far as to end it completely.

Pam is saddened by the fact that her father won't talk to her about his failing marriage but thinks he might open up to Jim. After they talk, William decides to divorce Helene , and Pam gets worried thinking about what Jim could possibly have said and if one day he might say the same thing to her.

Later, however, it's revealed that Jim simply told William how much he loved Pam and how he never doubted that they were perfect for each other, and William realized he had never felt that way about Helene. Pam touched to learn that Jim had loved her so deeply for so long, tells the documentary crew that they are soulmates " Stress Relief ". When she returns as a saleswoman, both are extremely happy at the prospect of being deskmates " Casual Friday ".

Having realized that a wedding is too stressful and expensive, Jim and Pam decide to go to Ohio and elope. While dancing and having fun with everybody they realize that, even though their wedding day is a celebration of their love for each other, they both want to share that moment with friends and family " Cafe Disco ". Pam and Jim find out about the pregnancy. Company Picnic.

During a volleyball game against Corporate during the company picnic, Pam twists her ankle and Jim takes her to a nearby hospital. There, after Jim gives Dwight an update on Pam's injury, he's called back into the exam room. Although there is no audio, their expressions and Jim's subsequent call to Dwight strongly suggest that the doctor revealed that Pam was pregnant " Company Picnic ".

It is confirmed that Pam is 4 months pregnant, although they have yet to tell their co-workers. The secret is revealed accidentally, however, when Michael starts spreading out rumors about his employees. Jim and Pam eventually tell the office of their pregnancy to spare Stanley from having his extra-marital affair revealed.

Pam and Jim decide to get married in Niagara Falls in order to save money, thinking that people in the office wouldn't be enthusiastic to drive all the way up there, but their plan backfires when Michael decides to give everyone two days off if they go to the wedding. In Niagara Falls, during the rehearsal dinner, Jim gives a touching speech about how, even though he had to wait so long for Pam, he always knew it would be worth it.

The moment, however, goes south when he accidentally reveals that Pam was pregnant, much to the disgust of her old-fashioned grandmother. Jim and Pam get married. On their wedding day, Pam is upset because her pregnancy had prevented her from wearing the outfit she had chosen and because her mother couldn't stop talking about her failed marriage, and nearly reaches a breaking point when her veil gets caught in a doorway and rips.

She calls Jim and they decide that, even though they want to share that day with everyone else, they also need it to be about themselves. They run away and board The Maid of the Mist , where they ask the captain to marry them.

They return to the church for the formal wedding, only to see Michael, Dwight and Jim's brothers hijack the ceremony and recreate the JK Wedding Dance video. They still enjoy it, however, having already had their own private moment on the boat. After the ceremony, Jim reveals that he bought the boat tickets as an alternate plan the day he saw the video, but that the church itself was an alternate plan since what he really wanted was to have married Pam " a long, long time ago.

Pretty much the day [he] met her ". Over the course of the season, Pam's pregnancy advances and, after a moment of panic in which she admits to being scared of childbirth, she gives birth to their first child, Cecelia Halpert. During the course of season 7, Jim and Pam are shown to be extremely happy having their own family and their relationship grows and strengthens even further than ever.

Actress Jenna Fischer 's real-life pregnancy made the writers introduce Pam's second pregnancy. When Sabre CEO Robert California places Jim and Pam on opposite sides of a list in which he names the people he thinks are winners and losers, Jim once again comforts her by deliberately allowing her to find a list he made himself where he elects Pam, Cece, and their new baby as winners, and everyone else as unimportant " The List ".

About halfway through the season, Pam gives birth to Phillip Halpert. As the shooting of the documentary comes to a close, Pam seems happy with her life in Scranton with Jim, Cece, and Philip. Jim, however, seems unhappy at the prospect of a calm and uneventful life.

Before the season began, Jim's old college friend started a sports marketing business in Philadelphia based on a concept Jim had while they were in college, Athlead.


Both of these kisses happen while Pam is engaged to Roy, and until today, I didn't realize how both of these kisses are equally controversial among fans of the beloved NBC sitcom. On Thursday, The Office 's official Twitter account posted a "fun fact" for viewers: " johnkrasinski's first on-screen kiss was with jennafischer during Casino Night But what about that kiss in Chili's?! TheOffice Fun Fact! To quote Oprah, what is the truth, NBC?

Jenna Fischer, who plays Pam, luckily swooped in and tweeted , "Or was it Dundies?? And I'm still confused! Does Jim and Pam's kiss during the Dundies not count because it was more of an excited friendly gesture? God was in that Chili's that night!

It should count! But then again, Jim's kiss with Pam in "Casino Night" remains one of the most romantic — if not the most romantic — moments throughout the entire series. Perhaps that's the level of dedication that it takes for John Krasinski to consider it his official "first" onscreen kiss?

Either way, things eventually got so heated that The Office 's Twitter account posed a new question: "When was Jim and Pam's first true on-screen kiss? View On One Page. Photo 0 of You were such a good friend when I was in love with Adam,'" he said. It's called my default setting. And it makes sense to me," Fischer added. After Pam initially turns down Jim in the parking lot, we see her in the office, discussing what has just happened with her mom over the phone.

We never hear what Pam's mother is saying — Fischer said that she wasn't actually talking to anyone while filming the scene, but she prepared for it nonetheless. The actress added that many fans had written in asking what Pam's mom had asked her when she says, "Yeah, I think I am.

The moment at the very end of "Casino Night" where Jim walks into the office and kisses Pam was strictly planned and choreographed during filming. The two actors had multiple meetings with Kwapis and "The Office" creator Greg Daniels beforehand to discuss all the details of how the scene would play out, such as to what extent Pam would kiss Jim back.

Fischer also remembered that the crew purposefully kept her and Krasinski apart for an hour before filming the kiss, in order to build tension. All the lights were dim, there was no one around, it was super eerie. Although the kiss was undoubtedly a big deal for Jim and Pam, it also marked an acting milestone for Krasinski.

Director Ken Kwapis goes inside 'Casino Night' on its 10th anniversary.

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Democracy 2 pc game Eagle-eyed fans of The Office love to find small details in the show that not everyone might have spotted. Angela Martin Paul Lieberstein It's called my default setting. Although she initially rejects him, he tearfully says, "I just needed you to know. Even though they appear to reconcile, Jim's relationship with Karen and the possibility of him being promoted to a position at Corporate still keep them apart.

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