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Gta sa gambling

I seem to remember it being the same odds of success regardless of the odds on the horse. Save your game before you start, and then bet the max you can on the longest-shot horse. If your horse wins, save, if not, reload your old save. In a couple of runs at this you'll have enough cash to clear the rest of the game easily. There aren't really more ways to earn lots of money as fast as possible.

The most effective is the horse race technique. The other ways are as you said to do missions or murder drugdealers. One pretty easy way is to finish all the challenges in flight school. Once that is done, a Hunter modeled after the real life Boeing Apache Helicopter will spawn at your air strip. The vigilante missions mainly involves the destruction of three slow moving cars with stupid gangsters inside whilst the helicopter is armed to the teeth with a self-targeting machine gun and two unguided missiles and it is extremely durable.

This has the added benefit of upping your skills with guns. In the harder areas more filled colour the enemies drop SMGs and AKs by the last wave - I'm usually maxed out in at least these two guns possibly machine pistols as well by the time I leave for San Fierro. I think this question needs answer that focuses on what is actually fast and efficient, not what is just fun or interesting way to get money.

To get a firetruck, just start a fire by making a car explode. However, do not shoot it to explode as this will award wanted level. Instead shoot it until it starts burning, then wait. Firetruck will arrive. This can easily be done as soon as you have any firearm.

This option is number two because, unlike Firefighter missions, requires unlocking Las Venturas and obtaining Rhino or Hunter to be pulled of easily. You can try this mission in any police vehicle, but police vehicles cannot be repaired at Pay'n'Spray which means you need to be a really good driver. I did not manage to pull it off with police motorbike or car. With Hunter or Rhino, you an keep going with this mission forever - your vehicle is basically indestructible.

The profit increases with each level up to infinity, but the difficulty does not - it stops increasing after level There is a glitch too. If you enter a fast food your targets will often die and you'll get the reward. Unlike firefighter missions, paramedic ones are tightly bound to location of single hospital. I would recommend west Los Santos or Las Venturas locations, since they have flat terrain and simple road design.

The profit is not so big with those but still significant. However it's quite easy to accidentally run over patient and fail the mission. Every city has a store which can become your money generating asset if you pass four levels of it's respective delivery missions. They all follow the same pattern - you ride a two wheeled vehicle and throw packages into drop off coronas red rings.

Quite frankly, that's not so much money compared to to missions mentioned above. Unless you're very skilled, always stop or decently slow your vehicle before throwing. Missing will cost you much more than you could ever gain by hurrying. This one is not so efficient, or fast or easy, but it's quite fun, so if you find repetitive missions boring, this one is for you. This mission will be introduced to you during the first phase of the game.

It requires specific car and can only be started after Those are quite boring because you repeatedly visit same locations. You will be a personal driver for two prostitutes, who will share their profits with you as a reward.

The gain is increased with each level. Upon completion, you get money for using prostitute's services. It requires special pimp car called Broadway found mostly around the Los Santos airport. Each will drop at least two thousand dollars. They can defend themselves, so either take them down with a quick headshot or run into them with chainsaw. Collecting Horseshoe collectibles increases your chances of winning a gamble.

If you have collected enough of them, this is quite recommended option. The best way is in a place called " Inside Track " - The horseracing establishments. If you start at the downtown hospital, head right, then turn right at the first road, on your left-hand side you'll find an outdoor "mall" or concourse.

In here, you can hide from the police helicopter, and cars cannot get at you. There's also a soda machine that you can use to heal yourself. Run around in circles here, taking out everyone and all cops; you'll get a pile of handguns, and money from all the citizens wandering around, and if you're careful, you'll never get wasted.

I'd recommended Black Jack, it's slow at first because you have to build up your gambling skills in a casino to get to the high end tables however here's what i did. Go in and find a Black Jack Table with the highest limit with only the dealer if your desired Table isn't there then reload. Black Jack is relatively easy to play and you are in a bit more control, more so with the results since what you bet is doubled after 1 win which 1 game can take a couple of minutes.

Just try to win the one million dollar prize on wheel of fortune at the four dragons casino. Hopefully you'll be lucky enough to win! Note however that despite cleaning up the streets you actually lose a point in respect for each dealer you kill. This doesn't add up to much, you can kill enemy gang members to make up for it, but just be aware. If you stand near them, they will say something like "What'cha need? They're usually armed with a pistol, so if you plan on taking them out, do so quickly.

Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Ask Question. Asked 8 years, 9 months ago. Active 2 years, 3 months ago. Viewed k times. Improve this question. Add a comment. Active Oldest Votes. Improve this answer. I always just used the casino, never even tried the horse races. Ender, I think the casino's kinda decent too since again, the odds are nowhere near realistic , but the horse races are crazy.

You can end up with millions in a half hour or so. Where's the bookmakers? ColonelPanic, that's probably better as it's own question, since I'm sure others might want to know. Taxi missions are the least profitable per time of all missions. Show 1 more comments. For users which don't know this trick: 1. Go to a horse race bet machine. Save the game. Place the highest possible amount as a bet on a horse.

If your horse wins, save. If not load the previous savegame and try again. Without cheating there's no other "very fast" ways to earn money. Other optional ways to get money are: Ambulance Job - Bringing people to the hospital. Taxi Job - Bringing people to places they chose. When the player plays the game of roulette, the outcome is a 'no win' situation and all of the money is returned to the player.

However, gambling skill will still be increased since the player has 'spent' the money. Keep repeating this method and one will end up with the same amount of money, and a maximum gambling skill in no time. Acquiring a blackjack an ace, and a card equivalent to 10 will give the player with a payout of , but if the casino also has a blackjack the player only gets Also a push can occur, when both the player and the casino have the same total and the player gets their money back.

If CJ wins the game, he wins whatever he'd wagered at the beginning of the game. If he loses or quits, he loses the money he wagered. In any instance, CJ gets a pool cue, which replaces whatever melee weapon he was previously carrying. Each player takes it in turn to guess. If their guess is correct, they stay in the game and the next player along the table takes their turn. If a player guesses incorrectly, they are removed from the game until the next round. During a round of arm wrestling, the player needs to rapidly move the right thumb stick from left to right for console versions or rapidly move the mouse around for the PC version to win; the tougher the opponent, the more rapidly the player is required to move the thumb stick or mouse.

The player has to pay an entry fee, which varies depending on the race. However, winning the race gives a potential reward, which corresponds to the entry fee multiplied by 4. Acquiring a blackjack an ace and a card equivalent to 10 will give the player with a payout of , but if the casino also has a blackjack, the player only gets Also, a push can occur when both the player and the casino have the same total and the player gets their money back.

Players can participate in solo races or in main events against other players, but payouts do not vary between the two types. Unlike most gambling games, players can win an assortment of prizes, ranging from Money and Chips to clothing items, discounts, and a mystery prize, with the "highest" prize being the vehicle from the podium. The Lucky Wheel can be used once per real-life day and has a cooldown of 24 hours meaning the player has to return at the same hour they used the wheel before for the next attempt.

This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Categories :. Universal Conquest Wiki. The races become available after the player purchases the Sunshine Autos car showroom. In-game the actual rules of blackjack apply except for splitting. The goal is to get as close to 21 as the player possibly can, without going over. The player and the dealer each start out with two cards.

After the cards are dealt the player is given the choice to either hit receive new cards , double which doubles the bet and gives the players one more card only , or stand stay with the cards in their hands. Receiving five cards without going over 21 automatically makes the player stand.

If the player has two cards that are identical for example 2 eights , the player may split, which allows the player to split the hand into two hands with 1 eight each. If the player goes over 21 then they are bust. Rules for roulette are similar to the real version. Players place chips on numbers, as well as number sets, number pairs, odds or evens and red or black.

If the ball lands on the number, number set, pair, or color they chose, the player wins a payoff on their money. Each choice pays a different multiple based on how many numbers were picked with a single number having the highest payoff at 35 to 1 36x Bet. Slot machines are another source of gambling. While pretty standard, the slot machines can give the player a wide range of payouts from a small amount to a substantial amount.

The price to play a certain machine can vary. The amount of money the player wins depends on the symbols. Playing these can also increase the gambling skill. Video poker follows conventional poker rules where the player's winning is dependent on the final combination of cards they have in hand. When the player begins a round, they are given a set of five cards, which they can choose to retain "hold" for the second deal; cards that are not held will be exchanged with other cards in the second deal.

If the final set of five cards contains any poker hands listed on the screen, the player receives a win consisting of the wager multiplied between 1 to depending on the poker hand and the amount wagered. As in roulette, one puts money on spots on a board. Once done betting, the wheel will be spun.


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Gambling skill. In GTA San Andreas, the player can increase the gambling skill of Carl Johnson by spending money at the casinos. The skill increases by 1. GTA San Andreas. All casinos are. Enter an ITB and walk over to one of the machines and press Triangle to play. A list of horses and their odds and your cash and betting options.