the bible on gambling

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The bible on gambling playtech software price

The bible on gambling

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The word "arbitrator" used in the NASB and other translations for Jesus' response in Luke come from a Greek word whose meaning is very similar to the word "destiny" in the Hebrew. Both words have in common the same concept of portioning out or dividing that gambling businesses partake in when they take the wealth of one person and give it to someone else.

Jesus warned the man who screamed for his help to be wary of covetousness greed since God never intended a person's life revolve around the accumulation of physical things Luke He then gave what is known as the parable of the foolish rich man who built bigger barns verses 16 - The book of Jeremiah also warns us not to be "greedy for gain" Jeremiah , In short, the Bible says that gambling, especially with our hard earned money, is something we should not pursue or indulge in.

Ask a Question! Question: Does the Bible permit gambling such as lottery tickets? Is it a sin to visit a casino or play any game for money? What obscene gestures are in Scripture? Who was the richest king of Israel? How will silver fulfill prophecy? How will gold fulfill end time prophecy? Is it a sin to be wealthy? Can the rich receive salvation? How are luck and astrology related?

When we gamble our resources, we jeopardize both our current resources for daily needs and also our closeness with Christ. Even if gambling is lawful for Christians, the behavior is not expedient or helpful. In all fleshly addictions, the addict quickly becomes under the power of the substance or behavior. If Christians can agree that God supplies all of our necessities of life, why then do we desire to risk a portion of our bounty for more?

God is not teaching us to refrain from attempting or striving to better ourselves. However, our lustful flesh often deems monetary wealth and earthy possessions as the primary means of bettering ourselves. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.

We are to be good stewards with the blessings bestowed on us from God. The want and lust of worldly things and wealth cannot exist in the life of a Christian who sincerely loves and desires a close relationship with Jesus Christ.

The striving of greater wealth at the risk of losing current wealth signifies an emphasis on an ability to purchase blessings and true joy. Christians should be much in prayer before engaging in any endeavor which jeopardizes their current financial state. Probably the most notable usage of this practice is mentioned in Acts when the remaining disciples were to decide upon the replacement of Judas following his rather dramatic departure from the group.

Thus, any choice would have been appropriate since each candidate was qualified. The scapegoat was to be presented alive and released into the wilderness. In true gambling, there is no possibility of manipulation after the choice is made by the bettor. He enjoys serving his church as a deacon and Sunday School teacher.

He and his wife Brandi reside in Tennessee with their canine son Alistair. Share this. Is Gambling a Sin? Chad Napier Crosswalk.

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