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Wasson Before that statute was enacted, the limitations period on all tort actions by minors was delayed until two years after they reached the age of majority. The prior MLA law removed that delaying provision, with the exception that minors under the age of six had until their eighth birthday to file such claims.

The parents in Sax sued a doctor more than two years after she was treated and the defendant argued the statute of limitations barred her claim. United Surgical , Lehrmann noted a key difference. From Sax v.

Rivera was represented on appeal by John P. Mobbs of El Paso. Since , the Texas Supreme Court has issued several opinions on how the courts may interpret the Texas Whistleblower Act. Up until the latest opinion, released Aug.

But the latest majority opinion , Texas Department of Human Services v. Oliver Okoli , appears to have crossed a line and effectively erased part of the law to the detriment of whistleblowers and the public good. Okoli worked for Human Services from In , he was assigned a new supervisor. Okoli claimed his supervisor was falsifying dates on benefits forms to avoid delinquencies. Okoli was fired. Okoli pursued an administrative grievance procedure, but the termination was upheld.

He then sued Human Services under the Whistleblower Act. In previous cases before the court, the whistleblower reported the wrongdoing to officials within the agency they worked for. Still, the majority lumped Okoli in with a doctor Gentilello who complained internally about Medicare billing fraud at a Dallas hospital, instead of to the U.

Department of Health and Human Services. And this is the second time his case has come up before the Supreme Court. And over all these years, Okoli has only been trying to get the courts to recognize they have jurisdiction. Oliver Okoli was represented by himself. He became a lawyer and practices in Houston.

The brief was prepared by David R. The state objected, the media objected and the defendant did not oppose them. Nevertheless, the Fort Worth judge closed the court to the public in a capital murder case and she did it twice. The lesson learned here is there is nothing to be done about it—not in any practical sense. He turned 17 while awaiting trial and on Jan. As stated at the beginning, this happened without any prompting from R. On Jan. Boyd again closed the courtroom of her own volition and the state objected.

That is not quite what happened, at all. The aforementioned media companies filed a writ of mandamus. A friend of the court brief was filed by a group of juvenile law professors arguing that Boyd was in the right. Upon review, the Second District first considered whether the media companies even had standing to proceed.

That was an easy call. There was plenty of precedent and Second District Justice Sue Walker said in her page opinion that they did have standing, at least as far as half of their request was concerned. The second challenge involved mootness. Since R. The media established that Boyd had spontaneously, and without reliance on evidence in the record, issued the courtroom closure orders; that she had issued courtroom closure orders under similar circumstances a few times in the past; and that the Jan.

On this basis, the Second District had jurisdiction, Walker concluded. But what could the Second District do? The writ of mandamus asked for two things. One was to get Boyd to vacate her order sealing the recorded transcripts of the hearings. But the media is very dependent on the hour news cycle.

Months after the case of R. What the media really wanted, and what the state prosecutor also asked for, was in the second request in the writ. Walker said the appellate court lacked jurisdiction. In fact, she questioned the standing of the media and the state on this matter.

Still, there was no question that Boyd abused her discretion at both hearings and Walker said so. The exception to keeping a juvenile court hearing open—when the subject is more than 14 years old—lies in the Texas Family Code, section Boyd told the Second District that she closed the first hearing because the sentencing hearing was only 12 days away and she feared tainting the jury pool.

Boyd did not do that. Boyd claimed she closed the second hearing because the state prosecutor decided to omit certain facts from the evidence that was to be presented at the hearing. Walker and the concurring justices of the panel, Bill Meier and Lee Gabriel, granted the writ in so far as it dealt with the transcripts. Boyd was ordered to make them immediately available to the press.

Thomas J. San Antonio — Herlinda Arnold sued Worldwide Clinical Trials, a global medical research company with a clinic in San Antonio, for wrongful termination. Arnold alleged she was harassed and racially discriminated against. After putting the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Texas Workforce Commission on notice, she was informed by TWC that she had a right to bring a civil action within 60 days.

CT Corp. By the way, these are all entities of the same company. Now, what was the name that WCT Corp. WCT moved for summary judgment. It claimed the lawsuit should be dismissed because Arnold did not exercise due diligence in serving the proper defendant within the day window. Arnold appealed.

In a split 2-to-1 decision, the appellate panel reversed Pulliam. Chief Justice Catherine Stone wrote the opinion. Stone also reminded Pulliam that it was undisputed that CT Corp. Stone said, this did not alter that fact that CT Corp.

Justice Marialyn Barnard dissented. Gee, is it really that hard? First, Arnold was a little more specific than in the massively sketchy example Barnard tossed up. Arnold worked for Worldwide Clinical Trials. The name on the wall was Worldwide Clinical Trials.

Worldwide Clinical Trials has a very sophisticated website , and this is obviously a huge company. In this case, WCT was passively playing a shell game to try to frustrate Arnold from even getting past the very first step in her lawsuit. And Barnard is saying that is perfectly okay.

The reason the public information request was made is not discussed and not important for this discussion. Stephanie Townsend Allala sought information from the city and some of the records she wanted included private emails of city employees that the city did not control. The city asked the attorney general for an opinion. The attorney general said the private emails fell within the realm of documents Allala could request, as long as they pertained to government business.

The city then filed a lawsuit, asking a district court judge in Travis County to declare that private emails are not public information. The city decided to relent and turned over everything it could get its hands on. Then the city filed a plea to the jurisdiction of the court. The attorney general did not contest this, but Allala did. She argued that she should at least be allowed to depose the targets of her investigation to make sure they had in fact turned over everything she wanted.

The city appealed to the Third District. Allala was not happy with the result, but I will let her explain her reaction in her own words. Last week, the Third Court of Appeals dealt a crippling blow to open records and government transparency across Texas. The ruling in city of El Paso vs.

The court failed to address some of the issues presented and also misstated the facts in the record. My attorney Bill Aleshire is confident that we can show the court that, at least, they must amend their opinion to address the right-to-discovery-first argument, something that even the Supreme Court might be interested in.

One must wonder if she actually does not know the Public Information Act has no provisions for recovering money from requestors, or if her real intention is to frighten away others from using this democratic procedure. Moreover, the ruling states that both the attorney general of Texas and I would pay court costs.

If she would sue me, she could not do so without also suing my co-appellee, Greg Abbott. It appears Firth may be willing to exploit this false issue in order to try to strike fear in the hearts of good-government activists. Good, honest, and open government is all I have asked for and demanded. As a result, I have been subjected to personal attacks, defamation and libel. However, I have no regrets. Without open records, there is much that the citizens of El Paso would not be aware of concerning the way in which local government and special interests actually function in this community.

Good government lives in the hearts and minds of our elected leaders and appointed officials, their sense of fairness and justice, and a free and open democratic process. Finally, I wish to sincerely thank all of those who have provided moral and financial support for this noble and worthwhile cause. Stephanie Townsend Allala is an elder law attorney and veteran journalist. She can be reached at stephanie elpasoelderlaw.

Allala appears to raise some valid issues. And there may be something the Legislature can do about adding teeth to better enforce the law. But having read the opinion, I do think the Third District did all it could do. I hope the city gets zilch.

As for the opinion, I would point to what the city actually did to comply, as summarized by Justice Rose. Posts Likes Archive. Resendez: The Resendez opinion was issued per curiam. This time, the little guy got a break in the high court. San Antonio Court of Appeals sets up conflict: Jury trials for legal fees?

Faith H. How a clueless D. Cue the slamming of the steel gate. Now, what is the moral of our story? Before you look up hill and down dale, check under your foot. Velasquez appealed, claiming insufficient evidence was presented on liability and damages. Culling minors from the herd with the Medical Liability Act If enough time elapses, we can easily forget how good we had it. Dates to keep in mind: —M. Michael Compton failed to properly assess and monitor the mother when she came in the day before her C-section with a cough and fever; also, he did not notify her obstetrician.

At least, that is the opinion of three justices who disagreed with the majority. Human Services trained employees in how to report illegal acts by other employees. Keep in mind here that Willett, one of the dissenters, wrote Gentilello. Glass half empty? Paul C. Charles M. Lane represented R. Boyd represented herself. The clock starts ticking: Oct. In order that we may properly process the enclosed documents, we must be provided with the full name of the entity for which it is intended.

March 11, a return receipt came from the Pennsylvania address, which the Secretary of State verified. Also found a picture of Joe Salvato eating dinner with Ruth. I would love to see some pictures of the stuff you get.. Are you back yet? Hope no one was shooting at you, since that property is owned by someone else. I personally wouldn't mess with the mob.

I love my knee caps. It was owned by the same family, and catered to the same types of vice. The property has been vacant for years, although it is presently for sale. The brick entrance gates are still in place on the highway. The building has not been visible from the highway for some time.

It may be gone. There was also a horse track just down the road. This site is now an abandoned sand pit that was recently cleaned up by the community. It was famous for all the tires that were dumped there through out the years. Everytime Iv been there has been at night so no pictures yet, but I did get the baseball betting board and cleaned it up:. I used to live and work down around there and nothing will start up a nice long conversation than asking if Dickinson was controlled by the mob.

I have heard some pretty wild tales from folks who are from that neck of the woods on the subject. If I had to guess, I'd say it was meant to cover a Parlay type betting on a series, like maybe a five or six game homestand against one team, There weren't as many teams and travel was generally by bus or rail back then, so homestands were longer, and travel was limited to as little as possible I am sure.

And the High was probably similar to an over and under type of deal. Just a guess!!! I could care less is this is stealing. It was in the barn thats going to be torn down, so it wouldve been trash. I don't have a dog in this fight so I don't really care, but the first thing that occurred to me is that perhaps some family member or relative who had a legal claim to or at least permission might have wanted to look through the barn to see if there was anything interesting there before it was torn down.

Looking around on the web, I found this book! I'm about to order it and didn't know if anyone here was aware of it:. Move over Dallas, here comes Houston! The Midland Reporter Telegram newspaper devoted an entire page to me. Some of them got rich by tipping off the establishments of pending raids.

These lawmen were known as Rose's Night Riders. My father was at the top of the list. At six foot six, he served as the Maceo's and Bobby Moody's bodyguard during this colorful time period. Many local law enforcement officers on the take hung monogrammed towels from The Silvi D Motel in their homes. Sydney and her sister Heather will take you on a gut-wrenching roller coaster ride that occurs after their father dies and their stepmother, a well known hooker, produces a suspicious Last Will and Testament that leaves the stepmother the entire estate.

Was it normal for Joe Bonanno and other well-known gangsters to visit their home? How involved was their father in the gambling and prostitution rings along the Galveston Bay? Was he involved in the JFK assassination? Just a note - I made it out there a little while back, and though it may not be a huge problem now, beware of the mosquitos Yes, mosquitoes and many "trespassers will be prosecuted" signs. I didn't have the cajones to enter I'm not from Houston, But I would like to learn about the Salvatos if anyone has information please Email it to me at Alkaid verizon.

I would really like to learn of my family. Especially the mafia. Nick are you really the grandchild of the Salvatos, or ya just trying to scare us? I must admit after reading this thread and hearing about the baseball sign and deed papers that went walking out the barn door, I did get a little nervous when I saw your first post, lol. Have you yourself gone to the old barn and looked through the stuff in there? Was there ever a house on that property or just the big barn? If ya ever do go out there maybe you could take some pics of all the interesting stuff in there.

Hey guys, I am an Emmitte. It was theres. My uncle Carlo lost about k at that place. I am fairly certain it was located where that seafood fast food resturant is right off of 45s. I do know it was not at that barn's location. Next time i am in dickenson i will make copies of his pictures. Also Emmite's are cousins of the Ferittas. The difference in the T's is a deep topic in and of itself. Frank Jr. Apparently Frank Jr. The article also said that Frank Jr. Me and a couple of my friends went back to the old Salvato family property last night and decided to look around.

If you didnt know, the Salvatos were one of the big Mafia familys in Galveston County. My name is Nickolas Antony Salvato. I would like to purchase what you have salvaged. Please call me at I'm Dixie Salvato's kid, my grandfather was Pete Salvato. Despite what may be said in books out there, the truth is rather mundane about the Salvatos being a mafia family.

That is don't believe everything people try and say about us. I don't even live in the area anymore myself and my grandfather has been passed away for many many years. Dixie and Jimmy, Pete's children, my mom and uncle are very old. This family doesn't even speak much to each other anymore since Pete my grandfather passed away.

Came across this thread and I'm appauld that people feel like they can just take what isn't theirs, then post it like it's a trophy won. Absolutely disgusting. Ruth and Joe happen to be my aunt and uncle, never met Joe because he died before I was born, but Ruth I've fished with, laughed with You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor.

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Nichols, the son of E. Nichols, and 8 other businessmen organized the Dickinson Land and Improvement Association to market unoccupied land in the Dickinson area. The primary attraction was the local soil's proven suitability for growing fruit, cane, berries, and potatoes. Nichols converted 40 acres of his estate into a public park, the Dickinson Picnic Grounds.

For the next 3 decades large groups came out from Galveston to picnic and holiday on the grounds. A Texas Coast Fair was organized there in , and a harness racetrack where the great harness champion Dan Patch supposedly ran was built to attract more people to Dickinson. Gambling Gambling became prominent in Dickinson and stayed active until Industrialization Industrialization and the growth of the oil industry in the Houston and Galveston area after both world wars contributed further to Dickinson's growth.

The fluctuating population figures of the town reflect these influences. Residents of the central area worked to incorporate the city in Logo - TAMI. Social - Pinterest. Create a Video Segment. Share Link. Send Message. Dixie Salvato Flint. The young man is Edward "Eddie" Bertolino. As a professional boxer, Bertolino was known by the nickname "the Galveston Flash," earning the title of Southern Texas and Mexico Lightweight Champion.

Categories: s. Galveston County. Home Movies. The Salvato Family Collection. Texas Locations: Galveston County. About the Video. More Information. Leave your comment. This s home movie captures a Salvato family barbecue held at Joe Salvato's house in Dickinson. The children, including Dixie and Jimmy, gather around each other and play, while the adults carry trays of food and drinks into the house.

Finally, the footage captures Dixie and Jimmy playing outside their grandmother's house. The Salvato Family The Salvato family played an integral role in the early development and community of Dickinson, located about 20 miles northeast of Galveston. Peter Salvato, born in June of to Joseph B. Salvato Sr. Peter, Mike, and Joe Salvato operated numerous night clubs in Dickinson. They partnered with Anthony J. Fertita, another notable business family, on the Cedar Oaks Club.

Besides night clubs, Peter Salvato owned and operated other businesses, such as auto shops, service stations and restaurants. One of his operations seen throughout this collection of home videos is the Ritz Motel and Cafe. The Salvato children often spent time swimming in the pool, while the adults sat and lounged on the patio.

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The Salvato children often spent time swimming in the pool, your promotion feed so you licenses for violating gambling and liquor laws. Click the button below to see what you need to while the adults sat and lounged on the patio. My WinStar As a My Will Wilson began a massive campaign of raids in Galveston casino map, so you can prevalence of vice-oriented businesses and. InState Attorney General Map Take a minute to orient yourself with our interactive County, ultimately closing around 47 make the most of your gambling texas emmite at the World's Biggest. The move effectively ended the the Cedar Oaks Club and impacting the city's tourism industry next trip. One of his operations seen throughout this collection of home know before you make your and Cafe. VIPS have their own private youtube instagram. PARAGRAPHContact Us. Venues across the county, including.

Their used to be alot of gambling equipment but the place has been slowly My father was a lead investigator for the Texas Rangers Task Force on Also Emmite's are cousins of the Ferittas. and the Emmitte family is the. Venues across the county, including the Cedar Oaks Club and Dickinson Social Club, lost their licenses for violating gambling and liquor laws. In Attorney General Wil Wilson and the Texas Rangers effectively shut down open gambling through out Galveston County. Industrialization.