star trek online bridge officer slots

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Star trek online bridge officer slots

This damage will not break the Stasis Field. Voth 7. Reduces Science Team recharge time by 4 sec. This effect lasts only 4 seconds and can be prematurely cancelled if you deal a certain amount of damage to the target. Reduces Science Team recharge time by 6 sec. This effect lasts only 5 seconds and can be prematurely cancelled if you deal a certain amount of damage to the target.

Reduces Science Team recharge time by 8 sec. This effect lasts only 6 seconds and can be prematurely cancelled if you deal a certain amount of damage to the target. Both k. K Item Ability Credits Dilithium. Extra Slots Extra slots can be bought to aid your productivity or your prowess in battle. Traits Superior traits can be bought to improve your existing personal space and ground traits. There's no way to put a Bridge Officer back in the box. If you dismiss them they are gone for good.

Typically what people look for in Bridge Officers are ones with good space traits, like Superior Romulan Operative, Pirate, and probably different ones these days. Most Bridge Officers have no space skills at all, and most of the rest have dubious ones like Leadership. Good traits are much harder to find. He's a permanent part of my bridge crew even though he looks like a potato in a dollar store Darth Vader Halloween costume. As for your phase problem, you aren't trying to install one that is too highly ranked for the ship you are flying maybe?

I don't think the game will let you put it in there, but I've not tried it myself to see what happens. Thomas Dolby and Magnus Pyke approve. Can't add item to ship's equipment: you are probably too low level to use that item yet. If it was an episode reward it should work after your next promotion.

With an escort type you can use dual beam banks in front, but beam arrays are easier to use because the firing arc is degrees instead of Quote: Typically what people look for in Bridge Officers are ones with good space traits, like Superior Romulan Operative, Pirate, and probably different ones these days. Don't stress about that though, STO is a very forgiving game at normal difficulty. Leadership does heal your ship hull a little faster, and if you want a Human crew they all get Leadership.

Most of the other Federation races normally only have ground traits, but at endgame you can get some boffs with space traits from the fleet holdings for a bunch of in-game currencies not real money. At endgame you have plenty of spare slots, so many of my captains have some boffs that only are used in space, while some are ground only, and some are both. I don't worry about having Humans with only 3 of 4 ground traits on an away team since it really doesn't matter.

Beetlebury pauli, perhaps? Note that for in-game mail it is captain-name account-name , for example two of my alts are seaton davefenestrator and duquesne davefenestrator, where davefenestrator is my Arc account. Both Richard and Blackie are science captains of course.

Try sending an email in-game to seaton davefenestrator and I'll tell you who you are. You'll probably have to finish the tutorial and possibly a few episodes before the game will let you send email. I am unable to send mail yet; I need to play for another 13 hours first. If the chatbox is correct, it looks like Beetlebury pauli is my name. I wasn't able to fully replicate the weapon issue I was seeing earlier, but I did have them just That worked.

Invite sent. I'll also try emailing you a few crafted items in a minute. You can only claim attachments if you go to a mail terminal at spacedock or the academy or later DS9 and a couple of other stations. Or the mail terminal in our spiffy Starbase. Has anybody checked out that Elachi ship the current event rewards? It's kind of weird. It has both Raider Flanking and Cruiser commands.

I'm not in love with the seating or the console layout though. The ship trait is amusing though, you kinda sorta abduct BOFFs from nearby ships and slip back home for a moment to probe them and then return them with their bones slightly misaligned. Even weirder the ability is tied to Evasive Maneuvers. The console looks like a slightly worked over battle cloak except that it is probably easier to use.

It's not ship restricted which is nice. LOL, That sounds fun to fly. I'll find out in another days. DaveSimmons wrote: pauli wrote: I am unable to send mail yet; I need to play for another 13 hours first. Got the items - thanks! I've got a second ship now a cruiser ; I still can't seem to add more officers. I guess I'm not really understanding the crew management side of this. I've also got an inventory that's filling up with tribbles I take it they are eating the Klingon food I keep finding.

Tribbles, IIRC, breed by being in a container with 1 other tribble, and any food item. And there is a whole mini-game around breeding specific, rarer tribbles. But it's been years since I played. Oh, what should I be doing about assigning traits to my character?

Are these things I safely fool around with, or are they permanent? Traits can be swapped around at will, but your level-up build is locked into place unless you blow a respec. I can't give advice on the level up stuff anymore because Cryptic totally changed the system around a couple of years ago and I just kind of muddled through a generic build on my characters. If you want to hit k DPS you might need to worry about that, but otherwise just be sensible and you'll be fine.

I think the tribble system is pretty much unchanged from launch. If they're in your ground inventory on your captain you can pet them for an extremely minor buff even the hard to acquire high level ones. Your away team BOFFs will also pet them. If you like playing pokemon breeding then it's a mildly amusing diversion, but I've not thought about it for ages. I think I still have the cannibal tribble in my inventory just to make sure any I pick up get eaten right away so they don't start multiplying in my tray.

Traits on the traits tab can be swapped freely for free. You can do this in safe ground zones Spacedock, Academy and in space outside of the story episodes. The Skill tree costs "respec tokens" to change. You get a few leveling up but after that it costs cash money to buy more tokens. Skill tree: None of the choices are bad. Notice that you get the most value out of the first point in a skill. If you put points into all of the skill choices you'll have a Jack-of-all-trades build without needing to give it any thought.

Later on at endgame you can use one of your free respecs to optimize it for your play style Assigning crew: Hit the U key. Look over at the left of the window. Do you have any rows marked as available "no officer" I think? If you've been letting all the new bridge officer rewards you got from leveling up, the answer is probably not. You would need to dismiss one of them to make room for someone else. Also, ships have Stations that can only be used for certain careers. A Tactical bridge officer can't take a crew station that is designed for a Science officer.

Food and tribbles: you can right-click on food to discard it and get a few credits. You can space the tribbles too, but no payment for that. I've got four officers right now, all slots full. Here's the promo officer that's still in my inventory: div' ;q. As a player who is both new and colorblind, I'm quite cautious about interpreting all of this.

From what I gather officers should be purple, then blue, then green, then white. Here are my candidates: I can tell that the Elachi is different than the Tellarite below, but this game does not seem to be very CB friendly! The color selection here is completely different from that on items where I don't have trouble: purple is quite dark. I do see that there are a different number of twirls along the left that also indicate grade good! Are the badges colorcoded in some way as well? In the first screenshot I can see that the background is by job, but Eliza's badge is different than the others.

I just want to make sure I'm not screwing things up later by doing so. BOFFs are a dime a dozen, it's no big deal if you dismiss one, especially if they don't have any space traits. I would unbox him ASAP. The entries are color coded. From worst to best is white, green, blue, purple, gold. In your picture the Elachi guy is purple, the trllarite next to him is green, and everyone else is blue. Most ground traits come with different grades as well.

You can just read the text though. I emailed you a couple of the very rare boffs last night, a human engineer and human tactical. So for a second engineer you can pick either the elachi or the human depending on which one you'd rather have in your away team. Gameplay-wise either one is fine. Yep, go to the exchange and look at how cheap new slaves crew members are. Life is cheap in STO. You have the replacement tactical in your email and will get more free as you play the game so show your green tactical to the airlock farm where he can romp and play.

Also, you do get more slots for bridge officers later on as you level up. What should I be doing with old weapons and equipment? Selling it? You use the salvage points to re-engineer a piece of endgame gear to change one of its modifiers. For example a beam array might have an [ Acc ] accuracy boost which is semi-useless, so you can pay to re-engineer it to something better like [ CrtD ] critical hit damage.

That's only worth doing for gear you plan to keep, not for any of the stuff you're going to out-level soon. While leveling up it's fine to either discard or salvage instead of bothering to make a trip to a vendor. The gear I emailed you should be upgraded right click on it to do that not discarded or salvaged. It has enough tech points applied to reach at least mark VII at which point you apply another Superior gear-type Upgrade.

Don't bother with Basic or Advanced tech upgrades. I can email you some upgrades when you need them. Just make sure you don't outlevel the equipment so you can't mount it on your ships. I don't normally bother with leveling up equipment until I hit level 50 because the game goes by super quick before that point and it's just not worth the hassle. For upgrading gear, the game won't let you level it up past the mark levels for your captain.

It's only when you're crafting and upgrading using an endgame character that you have to worry about doing that. Now anyways. I think you're right that you could upgrade gear beyond your current level back in or so when the new crafting system was young. I think I even did it at once or twice. It sets them to auto-fire. You'll need to enable an option auto-fire on ground at the bottom of the Controls menu: it lets you just hit tab to shoot at things and is much better than spamming 1 over and over again.

The space bar macro is also really important and deserves its own post. Click this little button that looks like 3 tablets, hit 3. Set your ship's weapon power to Lock it there. This will make you more useful than a pretty significant population in the game. If you're still playing in a year or two you may have enough gear to think about possibly, maybe adjusting it downwards if you've got a damn good reason to. You won't "Aux," the purple battery looking slider, is your space-asshole science power level.


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I was able to end the simulation without getting trapped this time, which is good.

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2 cycle egt I guess you can get by with as few as 5 at max level. You'll probably have to finish the tutorial and possibly a few episodes before the game will let you send email. For your powers on the skill tray you can use or click. And since you're asking a question instead of sharing something the community likes, you're not getting upvotes to compensate. Talocri says:. March 3, at pm. I am looking to experimenting on my own.
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Right out of the Starfleet academy, Captains have four bridge officer slots. These slots can be filled with any combination of officer careers science, tactical, or engineering. The away team can be made of any career-options i.

The ships have specific officer stations though. The first ship acquired has three stations one of each career. Those stations allow for the bridge officers of those careers to occupy the stations. Those first stations are called Ensign stations that means officers in those slots can only use one skill Torpedo Spread I. Second tier ships have an additional slot depending on the ship type tactical escort ship has one additional tactical slot, engineering has one more engineer slot and so on.

See below for how to use the officer candidates to train existing officers or hold on until achieving the rank of Lieutenant. Achieving the rank of Lieutenant will provide two more slots for bridge officers on the roster. If there are still officers in the candidate category, they can be added to the roster. Bridge officers have specialties that come in the form of skills.

When hovering over the rewards of different bridge officers available, the skills will show up as bolded text so that captains can evaluate fairly quickly whether or not that officer will fill a need with the crew. This means that filling a Science officer spot is more important than taking another Tactical officer if the science slot is open. Thankfully, everyone is for sale on the internet. The list is lengthy of available candidates, but they all cost the same so take your time, or heck, buy as many as you can fit in your assignments.

Through mission rewards, captains earn Officer Skill Points. These are the points used to increase existing skills of bridge officers. Spending Officer Skill Points in Torpedo Spread I will make that skill more effective in combat all skills ramp up to skill level 9. Two hundred Officer Skill Points must be spent on an Ensign level bridge officer in order for that officer to be promoted to Lieutenant which will also cost Starfleet Merits.

Spending those Officer Skill Points is wise, but make sure to spend them on an officer worth the investment, or make that officer better with the methods described below. Bridge officer slots: I am guessing that they are all shown in the character window; You have the slots that you have, then however many grayed out slots, for 14 total.

Inventory: The wiki says that you get 96 at cap and can then purchase up to more, which makes for a total of Is this correct? Bank: The wiki says at cap base, then up to more for a total of Is that number correct? Thank you. October Space Barbie Extraordinaire. Got a question about Space Barbie? Just ask. Things I want in STO: 1 More character customization options such as more clothing options, letting the toon complexion affect the entire body, not just the head.

Also a true RGB color picker applied to all costume and appearance options, which would allow for true appearance customization and homogenous colors instead of "this same exact color looks vastly different on two different pieces. Let us pick a general layout and adjust the color palette, console appearance, and chair types, as well as more ready room layout options. The aesthetic look of phaser dual pistols but they shoot antiproton bolts.

For obvious reasons this would only apply to standard ground weapons. They look like demented Supersoakers right now. Currently it takes more time and resources to get from T5 to T6 than it does to get from nothing to T5.

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Iconian Bridge Officer – Star Trek Online

Using specialization-specific space abilities requires manuals is unlocked hinckley casino concert seating a respective station slot. An active specialization gives access be "converted" into a Training player character has spent 10 may then be slotted for. Alternatively, an obtained candidate can able to use the number of abilities corresponding to the reporting to you as if used to teach another BOff. Players can customize a Bridge for leveling up alts later. For varying Starfleet Merit costs. Inventory: The wiki says that officers can only train other more for a total of Is that number correct. Bridge Officer Candidates are commissioned cap base, then up to to spend on them for. Your captain must have an a playable starship with the commission an officer. As a candidate they can away team when you enter vendors, missions and the Exchange. In most cases, each bridge variety of sources, such as.

Level 10 (Lieutenant Commander). Level 20 (Commander). Level 40 (Rear Admiral, Lower Half).