phantasy star online 2 save game

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Phantasy star online 2 save game

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Actually, Sonic Adventure had a lot more staff on their team. It does seem modest compared to the team on Sonic Adventure. Especially because Sonic Adventure seems like a much more traditional game experience. PSO was entirely unique. Setsumasa: As mentioned earlier, we were all on the Sonic Team, so we had a lot of experience with action games, so I was pretty confident that we could pull off the action portion of the game.

It was really the network portion that concerned us. Setsumasa: Yeah. The digital communication of the development was the most challenging [aspect], because this was before high-speed modems. We had to use the Dreamcast modem in order to communicate, so we had to figure out how to have the least amount of lag time while playing the game.

Takahashi: We had to figure out how to reduce the number of packets that were being transmitted by the hardware in order to reduce data, and calculate how much data players were using, etc. Was this a very deliberate design choice to reduce the amount of data that had to be sent back and forth? Setsumasa: Yes, those design elements were due to the limited capacity of the packet transfers, and that was something that I made clear to the planning department at the beginning of the development.

We expressed which actions were and were not possible with the intent of putting the game online. So, in the example of the door, you could open the door but not close it. The reason being that there was no guarantee that the command would be delivered through the network in time to sync with other commands. Setsumasa: So the parameters we presented to the planning team were quite granular from the start. The gameplay never suffered from not being able to close a door.

Did that expand or contract the hitbox of the character, and were there any interesting anomalies that occurred as a result? For example, if you were a tiny character, could you exploit the weakness of a large monster? Anything like that? Miura: The visual attributes of the characters were purely cosmetic, and their abilities were identical. The reason we did this was if there were advantages to being visually different, we assumed that players would all choose the character that was most advantageous.

Even the hitboxes were the same, regardless of the size of the character. We wanted players to design their characters purely on how they looked, without considering the consequences of those choices. However, there were minor issues — you could call them bugs, I guess, or unintended consequences. Depending on the height of the character and the guns they held, the aim and target would differ slightly. Other than that, the characters functioned the same way. PSO was intended as a multiplayer game, of course, but it also supports a single-player mode by allowing offline play with the same character you use online.

It was nice to be able to enjoy the game without going online, but the single-player experience was more or less identical to the online experience, minus allies, which could be quite tedious. Was this your original intention? Were you aware of the limitations of playing single-player? Setsumasa: Yes, the balance in the game was the same for multiplayer and single-player. Takahashi: Did we adjust the parameters? I feel like I remember making a table [to adjust for single-player].

The enemies all had very predictable routines. You could run in and attack or shoot at them, and they would all come sliding toward you. So the standard practice was to get a couple of hits in, run out of the zone, and wait until they walked away again, then repeat. It was a little cheap, but there was no other way to really deal with crowds. This was really the only way to survive in single-player.

PSO was very deliberately designed for both single-player and multiplayer. When playing in multiplayer, you could clear a single stage or battle faster as a group than playing alone. But, we did make it so that if you went back into an area, you could shoot the enemy from afar. Otherwise, given the way the game was designed, you would get killed. We tried to make a unified experience. But, we wanted to give the players some variety in how to approach the game, so we also had difficulty levels — normal, hard and very hard — so that players could choose the level they were comfortable with.

In creating the loot system, how did you decide how many items you would put in the game? Setsumasa: We initially decided on the total number of items and their ranks, strengths. So whatever the artist was able to produce within the development cycle capped the number of items we could put in the game. Do you remember? It was the sound data that took up a lot of space. Setsumasa: No, nothing like that. It was difficult deciding on the appearance rate of the items.

We had to use our best judgment [to balance the rates at which items dropped]. We just had to have faith. Takahashi: There were rumors about certain weapons not dropping. As a programmer, I would have liked to have patched the game, but there was no system in place to send patches. There were talks of using memory cards as a way of distributing patches, but the issue was memory caps on memory cards, and the number of times it would work and where it would work, etc.

Setsumasa: Ah, yes. We did do a download quest. In PSO , you could download the script and data for a new quest onto your system, and if you completed that quest, you would get an item. Was it, like, 0. Is there a specific item that is the rarest drop? Setsumasa: We laid out in an Excel sheet all the items and roughly how frequently they would appear per X number of plays. Since player data was console-stored, not server-stored, there was no such thing as data recovery. How did you guys handle that?

Setsumasa: This was a really serious issue for us. I can only apologize. For the Dreamcast version, we released a version 2. And we shipped version 2. In addition to fixing bugs, we added some content as well. I remember we did that in a really short period of time, and it was a difficult time. Takahashi: We included the bug fixes, because that was the point, but we included new content to convince the users to buy the new version.

I wonder how long it was before we had version 2. Setsumasa: It was within six months. Also, there were a few issues with the server that we were able to circumvent from our side using backdoor fixes. I recall that those were quite difficult to fix. Setsumasa: No, there were a few in the first version. And for version 2. There were similar issues with the GameCube version as well. Miura: It was quite serious. But those were the limitations with the technology at the time.

The system was developed to use the same data for online and offline play, using the same memory card. And the memory card save data was problematic in and of itself. It was prone to critical errors under normal circumstances. I still feel bad for the inconvenience to users. There was another game released around the same time — not from our company, but a game that had a similar bug — and the network crash would lead to duplicating the equipped data.

We decided that it would be better if the equipped data disappeared rather than increasing. Takahashi: It was supposed to be a tactic to prevent people from exploiting the game during loading. In other words, it was intentional that the equipped items disappeared. Miura: There was a loophole during loading that made it possible for players to cheat the game.

We temporarily removed the equip data during loading and returned the data after loading. With this bug, the game reverted back to the save data without the equip data. But without this system in place, the equip data would multiply every time the game loaded. Setsumasa: So, the root of the bug was placed there to prevent cheating the game.

Setsumasa: We put in a lot of preventive measures to keep people from cheating the system, so when this bug was discovered, I regretted that we had possibly gone too far. With the GameCube and Xbox versions of PSO , did their advanced hardware in relation to the Dreamcast enable you to do anything under the hood to improve the game? We assumed the worst scenario — that not a lot of people would play online — so we added the four-player split-screen multiplayer in order to give GameCube players another option to play.

GameCube was also superior hardware, which made the four-player split-screen possible. Originally Nintendo was going to release the GameCube with a 56K modem only, not the broadband adapter. When Sega announced that PSO was going to be released on GameCube, Nintendo received a lot of requests from consumers to offer a broadband adapter. The Xbox version, even though it was running on the most powerful console at the time — which also had an internal hard drive — ended up being the most hacked version of PSO.

Setsumasa: There was a request from Microsoft to utilize as many Xbox-exclusive features as possible. I think we also included voice chat. Why did you choose GameCube over PlayStation? Nintendo was pushing back on online games at the time, and considering its views on network games For example, we could only use 16 colors for textures.

After you get your last party member, you can steal an item from the shops which lets you save everywhere. Music thread, story thread. I'm ashamed my memory might fail on this but I don't believe the second town you discover Arima has a "Data Memory" building. If I am correct, then the OP has a legit point. The Data Memory building in Paseo will be the only place to save the game until you reach Oputa town.

And that won't happen until after you do what you need to do in the first 2 dungeons. After that, the other poster is correct. All other towns will have a save building in them and your last character can also steal you a helpful device to make saving even easier. I think that's one of the additional challenges in the early stages of PSII. Not only do you have to survive your excursions into the dungeons. You also have to make it home.

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Try searching for a user. You don't need a reason to help people. It's been a long time since anything automatically saved to Documents, especially a video game, so I didn't think to look there. I must have looked there before to get the files, but I forgot. Thank you very much! FC: More topics from this board Can you enter full screen mode? And if so, how? Tech Support 1 Answer How can you send items to a friend or send presents?

Side Quest 2 Answers Stuck on loading screen, Please help? Tech Support 1 Answer How to do Just attack? Tech Support 1 Answer. Ask A Question. Browse More Questions. Keep me logged in on this device. Forgot your username or password? User Info: biraiya biraiya 9 months ago 1 I intended to migrate the character data from the Japanese version to the American one on release so I wouldn't have to spend forever in character creation, but I cannot find the folder to put it in.

Right clicking the Phantasy Star Online 2 icon in the start menu doesn't give me the option, and I don't see a file name anywhere that would hint at being Phantasy Star or Sega related. Phantasy Star Online is Sega's biggest gamble yet. The first-ever console game to focus on a massively multiplayer aspect, PSO has the potential to change the way we think about The readers respond article is back with your impressions of the confirmation of Phantasy Star Online 2.

A sequel to Phantasy Star Online is already being considered, and it should be released for the Sega Dreamcast. Sonic Team releases a playable demo of its upcoming PC version of the popular Dreamcast online console role-playing game. Check out the hidden alternate costume colors of each character class in Phantasy Star Online for the Dreamcast. No forum topics for Phantasy Star Online yet. Want to start us off? Create a new topic. You're Good to Go!

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PSO2 Save Loadouts \u0026 Quick Swap Command

And if so, how. The action in this game board Can you enter full. Try searching for a user. Capabilities Online multiplayer Online co-op Where is the location of. What do you need help. Thank you very much. Skip to main content. As the player, you'll join powerful character creators to design and customize your own character, of 4 different races, and Operative, and begin your PSO2 view media in posts. Use one of gaming's most Log In if you already Oracle, an interplanetary fleet composed sign up as an ARKS how messages are displayed, and to explore unknown worlds. Sign Up for free or the ARKS task force of have an account love 2 game be able to post messages, change head out on an adventure adventure.

You need to finish the tutorial mission. Like, actually exit the camp ship and return to the lobby before it counts. The. › PC › Role-Playing › Massively Multiplayer. For Phantasy Star Online Ver. 2 on the Dreamcast, GameFAQs has 2 save games.