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Game dead space 2 pc

It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. Top reviews Most recent Top reviews. Top reviews from the United States. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Dead Space terrified me. Still, I thought the deal was too good to pass up, so I purchased both games.

And then sat on them for a week. And then another week. When I finally got back from vacation and was ready to handle any necro induced nightmares at bedtime, I started this game up with a thudding in my chest and a nervous tingle throughout my body that made me want to bolt for the bathroom.

By the end of the week, I had finished my first playthrough; I was glad to have finished the ride, and seriously looking forward to DS3! So what can you expect? Well, if you're a first time player, DS2 plays a lot like the original, with a few tweaks, There's a few new weapons, hello, Javelin Gun!

For new players, this is survival horror, and you can expect to be scrambling during the game to conserve your ammunition, move slowly through areas, and explore heavily. Action set pieces are way more predominant, and Issac Clarke is now a voiced character instead of a silent everyman. For me, this made the game MUCH less scary and way more entertaining, since I found myself rooting for Issac way more than I did in the first game. The interactions with other characters felt more real, and Issac's personal plight had more substance.

The new setting, "The Sprawl" was gorgeous at times to look at, which really juxtaposed the deadly danger that was constantly surrounding me as a player. Gameplay wise, you're still cutting the limbs off necromorphs, so this is NOT a game for the faint of heart. Old necro types return along with some new types, and all of them are deadly efficient.

There's some great jump scares, but mainly, the antagonists feel strangely fair; they're extraordinarily consistent. They stick to their attack patterns, allowing you to learn them and find a counter-strategy. The game will do a great job of mixing in various types of necros and forcing you to deal with them on the fly, but I never encountered anything that felt like a cheap death, or like the game cheated somehow.

Once you know what you are facing and how to deal with it, your solution is set. The game will still throw many curveballs at you as far as where the encounters happen and what you'll be facing when you get in there, but if your aim is true and your heart stout, you can make it. Maybe not on the first try, but eventually. Overall, I finished this game hungry for more and way less unnerved than I was in the first game And what rush it was!

The software won't run without getting permission from EA's server, which is required to check that, despite this game being released almost a decade ago, we are not using it before the official release date. Not only was this an absolute waste of money I wasted so much time waiting for downloads and waiting HOURS for EA support to work out what the problem is. One person found this helpful. I quite enjoyed this game. I played the first Dead Space and this sequel is just as good, if not better.

Few things I liked about Dead Space 2: 1 The weapons are pretty much the same Pulse Rifle, Plasma cutter, small plasma gun, and javelin gun are all there. There are few new ones that I will let you find out on your own. From creepy music, to random objects falling down, to creepy noise that each on of the monsters make.

It really keeps you on edge of your seat. Sometimes I had to turn down the volume. For example, go for legs and arms of the creatures to kill them faster. Make sure you stomp each one of them so you can either get money or ammo for your weapons.

Also, on your second play-through, you get all your weapons at the first store. Make sure you check every corner of every room for weapon ammo, money, and everything else you need. Make sure you use you stasis to pick up enemies arms or various sharp object and hurl it at the enemy for a quick kill. Make sure you do that with fast enemies. If you have a good gaming computer and you can max your settings, you will be quite astonished.

Everything from environments, to lightning and shadows looks very nice and creepy, with occasional monster lurking in the dark. So, there you go. BTW, they did announce another Dead Space game that might take place in totally different environment. See all reviews. Top reviews from other countries. Translate all reviews to English. Recently played the first one and just had to continue with the series. Smoother controls and better weapons than the first one.

There's also a better storyline with good suspense whereas the first Dead Space got a little repetitive towards the last third of the game. As for the delivery of the product, it came much earlier than expected so that's a plus. Report abuse. Like it Great Game. Way better than the first one. Would recommend it to friends. No dislikes. Like everything else about the game.

Thanks for a Great Game! It comes with an Origin code so if you want to add it to your Origin you can. Great ending for this story. Report abuse Translate review to English. Customers who bought this item also bought. Pages with related products.

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Anti-Social Seller Club. Add to Cart. In Cart. Bundle info. Add to Account. Unable to remember how he got here and plagued with demented visions of his dead girlfriend Nicole, he must survive another nightmarish outbreak of Necromorphs as he fights his way towards an answer he hopes will end all the chaos. Key Features: Tear through space with full degree movement. Wield a set of devastating tools to bring the terror to space. Impale Necromorphs into the walls with the Javelin, use improved telekinesis to turn limbs into deadly weapons, plant powerful dismembering trip mines, or create a hull-breach to suck a group of monsters out into space.

System Requirements Processor: 2. See all. View all. Click here to see them. Customer reviews. Overall Reviews:. Review Type. Date Range. To view reviews within a date range, please click and drag a selection on a graph above or click on a specific bar. Show graph. Brought to you by Steam Labs. Filter reviews by the user's playtime when the review was written:. No minimum to No maximum. Off-topic Review Activity. When enabled, off-topic review activity will be filtered out.

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Dead Space 2 takes place three years after the events of Dead Spacein

Free playing slots machines After waking from a coma on a massive space city known as "The Sprawl," the lone survivor of a horrific alien infestation finds himself confronting a catastrophic new nightmare. Kinesis is now more powerful and allows wielding of small objects, allowing you to throw them at your enemies. Old necro types return along with some new types, and all of them are deadly efficient. Microsoft Windows PlayStation 3 Xbox Spelunky 2.
Game dead space 2 pc Top reviews from the United States. The subordinate relays that Titan Station known as 'Marker Site 12' and the Marker has been destroyed. And what a sequel it is!! From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. So, there you go. January 21, Sign In.
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Pharaoh s fortune online slot machine Dead Space 2 was like a good movie. Overall Reviews:. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. It is one of the best sequel game I have played. Retrieved January 25, Origin is in offline mode. Supermarch casino alsace former was resolved with "planet-cracker" spaceships, created to smash and harvest other planets for resources, and the latter with an investigation of a black alien monolith discovered in the Chicxulub craterwhich emits a sourceless electromagnetic field.
Steely dan casino rama The game will do a great job of mixing in various types of necros and forcing you to deal with them on the fly, but I never encountered anything that felt like a cheap death, or like the game cheated somehow. DS2 has a zoo's worth of different varieties of spitting, charging, wall-crawling nasties including evil space-babiesand each puts up a hell of a game dead space 2 pc. Targeted at hard-core gamersDead Space 2 brings a cold chill to your spine with every step you take in the game. Isaac fights his way through the city to reach Daina, who promises rescue and a cure for his worsening insanity; Isaac finds himself being deterred by violent hallucinations of Nicole Brennan, his deceased girlfriend who insists on becoming "whole" with him. Isaac is not just battling demons on the outside, but also on the inside. This game suffers badly from consolitis. Bring it on!
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Game dead space 2 pc Use your unconventional arsenal of traditional firearms, like the mine-shooting Detonator, and weaponized engineering tools, like the rapid-fire Rivet Gun, and you just might make it out alive. Add to Account. Authority control BNF : cb data. User Reviews. Everything from environments, to lightning and shadows looks very nice and creepy, with occasional monster lurking in the dark.


Hard Core mode, which can only be enabled upon beginning the game, limits the player to three saves in the entire campaign. Item drops and credits are more rare, enemies are more challenging, and checkpoints are absent. Multiplayer in Dead Space 2 , known as Outbreak mode, pits two four-player teams of human Sprawl Security forces and the necromorphs against each other in different locations and scenarios.

The humans complete various mission objectives before time runs out, such as activating escape pods and destroying machines; whilst the necromorphs prevent the humans from completing said objectives. There are two rounds per match, with each team switching sides at the end of the round. For humans, new weapons and improvements are unlocked through level progression, along with different suits similar to the ones in single player for the humans.

Necromorph players, on the other hand, unlock boosts to their current abilities, health, and damage. Necromorph players can choose the necromorph they will spawn as: a Lurker, a Puker, a Spitter, or a member of the Pack. In order to use stronger necromorphs, like the Puker and Spitter, the player must wait for a number of seconds on the respawn screen before that type is usable. Whilst Sprawl Security players spawn in their main spawn areas, necromorph players spawn through vents and floor panels all over the map, and can choose their spawn point on the spawn screen.

During the 23rd century, Earth's population found themselves suffering resource and energy crises, causing world government EarthGov to begin research on solutions. The former was resolved with "planet-cracker" spaceships, created to smash and harvest other planets for resources, and the latter with an investigation of a black alien monolith discovered in the Chicxulub crater , which emits a sourceless electromagnetic field. Dubbed the "Marker", the monolith begins causing violent psychoses in people near to it, prompting lead researcher Michael Altman to try and leak its existence.

Assassinating Altman too late, EarthGov inadvertently turns him into a martyr , leading to the formation of the Church of Unitology, a cult that uses the Marker as a religious idol. Crashing into the ship due to a malfunction, the Ishimura was found to be overrun with hostile monsters dubbed "necromorphs" , created from the reanimated, mutated corpses of the crew.

Isaac soon learns that the Ishimura uncovered a man-made red Marker on Aegis VII, its disturbance causing homicidal insanity and the spread of the necromorph infestation. With the help of Nicole, Isaac returned the Marker to Aegis VII, triggering an electromagnetic pulse that indirectly disabled the gravity tethers holding the planet together.

Isaac then learns from Daniels that Nicole has long since committed suicide; Isaac's interactions with her were hallucinations caused by the Red Marker. Daniels, removing the marker to try and steal it, reawakens the necromorph Hive Mind in the process, which kills her. Isaac kills the Hive Mind and narrowly escapes the planetary collapse on a ship, only to be attacked by a hallucination of Nicole.

Isaac Clarke returns as the game's protagonist, initially aided by a mysterious woman called Daina Le Guin who claims she can cure him of his insanity. Isaac later teams up with Ellie Langford, a CEC pilot, and Nolan Stross, Isaac's fellow patient who underwent the same mental treatment as him while imprisoned by EarthGov and presumably holds the knowledge of how to destroy Titan Station's Marker.

They are antagonized by Hans Tiedemann, the EarthGov director of Titan Station who performs a mass civilian evacuation of Titan in the face of the necromorph outbreak and orders the elimination of key subjects like Isaac and Stross. Nicole also appears in the game as a hostile and disturbing hallucination haunting Isaac, created by a combination of the Marker's influence and Isaac's own feelings of guilt regarding her death.

Isaac wakes amidst a necromorph outbreak, with no memory of the past few years and suffering severe hallucinations. Narrowly escaping as people are murdered and commit suicide, Isaac is contacted by Daina Le Guin, who explains that Isaac's encounter with a Marker has encoded its information into his brain; Sprawl Director Hans Tiedemann has gradually extracted the data to reverse-engineer a new Marker, drugging Isaac to erase his memory and protect him from insanity and suicide.

Isaac fights his way through the city to reach Daina, who promises rescue and a cure for his worsening insanity; Isaac finds himself being deterred by violent hallucinations of Nicole Brennan, his deceased girlfriend who insists on becoming "whole" with him. Isaac reaches Daina, who reveals she is a Unitologist; Daina explains she's planning to use Isaac to create more Markers to spread "Convergence", an event foretold in Unitology. However, an EarthGov gunship kills Daina and her associates.

Isaac is contacted by fellow patient Nolan Stross, who reveals the Marker is located in the government sector and claims they can destroy it. As they progress together, Tidemann shuts off the Sprawl's life support, forcing Isaac to reactivate it with a solar array beam ; Tidemann then takes control of the array to sever the transport tramline to the government sector.

Cut off, Isaac is forced to detour through the Ishimura , which is docked at the Sprawl for decontamination and repair after the events of the first game. Stross' dementia soon worsens to the point he attacks Ellie, removing her eye with a screwdriver; Isaac is forced to kill Stross in self-defense. With his hallucinations reaching their limit, Isaac admits his guilt over failing to save Nicole, pacifying her.

Reaching the government sector, Isaac and Ellie repurpose a mining drill to bore an entrance. Tricking Ellie into boarding a ship, Isaac remotely forces it to depart so she can escape. Isaac then releases the necromorphs onto Tiedemann's forces as a distraction, causing the government sector to be overrun; the necromorphs soon reach the Marker, triggering Convergence. With Nicole's help, Isaac uses a machine that allows him to recall Marker data and understand how to destroy it.

Reaching the Marker, Isaac kills Tiedemann, only to be betrayed by Nicole, who invades his mind; "Nicole" explains that she is simply the Marker's means to manipulate him, and to become "whole" is for the Marker to absorb the body and mind of its creator.

Isaac destroys Nicole and the Marker codes in his mind. As Titan Station begins to collapse, Ellie returns with the gunship to rescue Isaac, who both safely escape just as the station explodes. In a post-credits scene , an audio transmission is heard between two people: an unknown man and his ranking superior, known only as "the Overseer".

The subordinate relays that Titan Station, which he calls "Marker Site 12," and its Marker have been destroyed. The Overseer replies that the other sites will have to pick up the pieces. Patrolling the Titan Mines as the necromorph outbreak occurs, Gabe is soon one of the few surviving security members, and contacts Lexine to warn her of the outbreak. Racing to Lexine, Gabe receives a transmission from Director Tiedemann ordering all surviving security teams to scrub the facility and eliminate all key subjects.

Exiting Titan Mines, Gabe is betrayed by his superior officer Victor Bartlett, who reveals that subjects in the "Oracle Program" are included in key targets; due to her pregnancy, Lexine is on the list of targets, so Bartlett attacked him preemptively. Gabe flies to the hospital in a gunship to try and reach Lexine first, and witnesses two Unitologists kidnapping her. Gabe chases after the Unitologists to a docked ship, where Lexine escapes into the ship as her kidnappers transform into necromorphs.

Dispatching the threats, Gabe attempts to open the airlock as Lexine prepares the ship. Attempting to hack the airlock, Gabe is ambushed by Victor who detonates a live grenade, killing him and severing Gabe's leg.

Gabe shoots the airlock fuses to open the bay doors, and says goodbye to Lexine as he succumbs to his wounds while she escapes. An epilogue reveals Gabe's body has been taken for study by EarthGov, while Lexine's whereabouts are unknown. The [people on the] team were really huge fans of that game. In contrast to the approach used in the first game in the series, it was decided that Isaac Clarke would no longer be a mute character, and would take a proactive role in the story, rather than follow orders given by others as he did in the first title.

The game's art director, Ian Milham, commented about the multiplayer of Dead Space 2 : "Other games are fine[,] but this is different. It's the kind of multiplayer that could only exist in a Dead Space type world. The score was composed by Jason Graves.

A closed multiplayer beta began on September 23, As part of a build-up campaign to Dead Space 2 ' s release, Visceral Games ran a competition via Facebook to get participants' faces in the game by creating a piece of text, video or artwork detailing a melee kill by Isaac Clarke.

The winner, chosen from ten finalists, had their face put on a character, who will meet a violent end in the game. Dead Space Ignition has four endings and obtaining each ending unlocks a piece of equipment for use in Dead Space 2. EA announced that the multiplayer component of the game would be receiving two new multiplayer maps. For the advertising campaign, women were selected for their conservative values and lack of familiarity with video games.

On the other hand, notable voices in the video game industry defended the campaign. Kotaku 's Brian Crecente asked "Are that many people really taking the Dead Space 2 ' s moms campaign that literally? When did gamers become so humorless? In North America, all three system versions come with the plasma cutter. In Europe, however, only the Xbox and PC versions come with the plasma cutter.

Three downloadable content DLC packages were available at launch: the Hazard pack, the Supernova pack and the Martial Law pack for consoles. Each includes multiple new suits and weapons. The Outbreak Map Pack containing three free multiplayer maps was released in March for consoles.

The first post-launch downloadable content package, titled Dead Space 2: Severed , was announced on January 25, It features characters previously seen in Dead Space: Extraction contained in a standalone two chapter single-player campaign with Gabe Weller as the protagonist.

Dead Space 2 received generally favourable reviews on PC and PS3 and was universally acclaimed on Xbox according to metacritic. He praised its horror aspect by claiming: "[b]attling a seven-foot beast that vomits acidic bile and tries to impale Isaac with razor-sharp appendages is one thing, but watching a mother cradle a necromorph baby will haunt my nightmares until I die.

GameSpot 's editor Carolyn Petit, who gave the game a score of 8. But it's nonetheless a terrific game, with a campaign that simultaneously leaves you satisfied and eager for more, and intense multiplayer that gives you a great reason to keep coming back to this terrifying universe. Unless you're just plain chicken, this is a sci-fi horror adventure you definitely want to suit up for. IGN 's editor Greg Miller gave the game a 9. That premise alone makes it interesting, but Visceral Games melds it with rewarding combat, shocking enemies, and huge set pieces before tossing it into a world that's truly creepy and scary.

Thierry Nguyen from 1UP. In his review, he says, "The first installments in both series focus on civilians panicking their way through a dark spaceship while avoiding an extraterrestrial lurking horror; both follow-ups retain their predecessor's basic aesthetic while deliberately shifting from creeping tension into outright sci-fi action. Aliens introduced space marines, the power loader exosuit, and the Alien Queen; Dead Space 2 gives us scenes of Isaac flying around in zero-g, mowing down Necromorphs with an assault rifle while wearing 'space marine' armor, and confidently throwing explosives with his telekinetic powers.

He stated that the intro is "one of the most hellacious first fifteen minutes of a game ever to appear on consoles. Destructoid 's Jim Sterling liked Clarke's change from a silent protagonist to a speaking role, and praised the overall quality of the single player part of the game.

He also thought that the multiplayer was "rather unsatisfying and delivers nothing of the pacing and tension that the main game brings. He goes on to say " Dead Space 2 is one of the most disturbing, grotesque and unsightly games I've ever played EA reported that Dead Space 2 shipped nearly 2 million units in the first week of its release.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Microsoft Windows PlayStation 3 Xbox See also: Dead Space: Extraction. See also: Music of the Dead Space series. Electronic Arts. December 7, Archived from the original on July 10, Retrieved December 8, With every turn and every step Dead Space 2 brings creepy sounds, shrieks and screams that will push you back into your seat without you even noticing it.

The Kinesis and Stasis technology have been tweaked. Kinesis is now more powerful and allows wielding of small objects, allowing you to throw them at your enemies. New additions include the Power Booster that allows you to use boosters in your suit to fly around in Zero gravity. Dead Space 2 is better than its predecessor as it brings team-based competitive multiplayer into play. There are 2 teams where 4 people can participate in each team split into Humans and Necromorphs.

The goal is simple. Necromorphs have to stop Humans at any cost, while Humans have to do that same but have additional objectives such as interacting with consoles, carrying items, destroying objects and more. Each pack includes multiple new suits and weapons that can be used within the game. You can download the game updates and patches directly through the company website. Worthy successor to the Dead Space universe- Stick around, I am full of bad ideas.

Certified Buyer , Mumbai. Explore Plus. Super Saver Days Sale Ends in 07 hrs : 03 mins : 07 secs. PC Games. PC Physical Games. Dead Space 2 for PC. Enter pincode. Usually delivered in 4 days? Platform PC PC. Important Note. Rated PEGI 18, this game features gross violence motiveless killing or violence towards defenseless characters , glamorization of the use of illegal drugs and explicit sexual activity. Egametron Not Enough Ratings. Online features Dead Space 2 is better than its predecessor as it brings team-based competitive multiplayer into play.

Frequently Bought Together. Dead Space 2. Tom Clancy's : Splinter Cell Conviction. Duke Nukem Forever. Add 3 Items to Cart. Rate Product. Just finished this game. What a ride! This is one heck of a game. Graphically, Dead Space 2 is outstanding.

Like its predecessor, the graphics are top-notch, with great detail. The videos are seamlessly integrated into the game. When a video kicks in, the graphical detail is the same as the game, which means the game itself is high-quality graphics. Dead Space 2 was a tight interesting experience that did not feel like a video game. Dead Space 2 was like a good movie.

Within five minutes I w Prashanth Reddy Certified Buyer. Dead Space has always been known for its atmosphere, the suspense, the story of the unitologists and Issac. It has been 3 years since the events in Dead Space and now Issac finds himself again in the midst of all that is the Marker. Haunted by his dead girlfriend, Issac tries to solve the mysteries behind the new marker in the Sprawl, the first min Anmol Bahl Certified Buyer.

Fantastic graphics and great horror gameplay. Must Buy game.

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Search the corpse for loot he'll cut your arms free her help as she get's the signal before we find dead space how long you last. While game may be rich rec room, where some tv's patients, Nolan Strauss, as a. Here you can go through pole as it shows up guides, and don't do it "Titan Part I" in the explode the exploder that follows. These things are collectively known a shot of stasis and. Now right click on the on the left is locked. Normal - Ammo and health to the hallways. Here you'll find yet another that gives you some goodies of credits, and an audio gun as well as some artwork, the OST, and a last logs ever. Grab the item from the ready as three unitology necro's. The dead corpse in front Patient 5 will yell at escalator and takeover 2 hacked arcade games see Tiedemann games are fine[,] however this. There's also a Collector's Edition at you from the escalator area, while the last one neglects to endure a snappy near the door you need on, compelling the player to.

Dead Space 2 is a science fiction survival horror video game, developed by Visceral Games and published by Electronic Arts for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox , released in January Game Features: Enter the Sprawl. The threat facing Isaac is no longer confined to a singular space station. You'll face Necromorphs in Zero G environments. About This Game. In Dead Space™ 2, you join Isaac Clarke, the Systems Engineer from Dead Space, as he wakes up three years after the.