spiderman 2 game walkthrough xbox

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Spiderman 2 game walkthrough xbox game jack in the box 2

Spiderman 2 game walkthrough xbox

He is subdued by Spider-Man after trying to escape. Octavius and his henchmen attack Oscorp to steal a piece of equipment. While Spider-Man rescues several hostages and disarms the bombs Octavius has planted throughout the building, he fails to prevent him from escaping with the device, as he is attacked by Rhino, whom Octavius retrieved after his last battle with Spider-Man. He subdues Rhino by freezing him using liquid nitrogen , but as he leaves the Oscorp building, he witnesses the city being torn out of the ground and into the sky.

Discovering that the villain Mysterio is responsible, he pursues and defeats him. Mysterio reveals that he was a distraction for Spider-Man and that Octavius is at the subway station, before restoring the city to normal and vanishing, implying that everything was merely an illusion. Octavius sabotages the controls and leaves Spider-Man to save the passengers whilst he escapes. Later, Spider-Man finds Octavius's waterfront laboratory and attempts to rescue Mary Jane discreetly, but Octavius discovers him, and they battle.

As the nuclear reaction swells, Spider-Man defeats Octavius, and helps him return to his senses. Realizing the error of his ways, he gives his life to destroy the experiment, while Spider-Man rescues Mary Jane. After explaining how he came to be Spider-Man, Peter reveals that he is struggling with his double life, frequently being late or absent for school and leisure time with his friends: his crush Mary Jane Watson , and Harry Osborn , who blames Spider-Man for the death of his father Norman Osborn.

While patrolling the city, Spider-Man spots several thugs attempting to rob a bank and stops them. He follows a van chased by the police to the Queensboro Bridge , where the chase has led to a massive traffic accident. After saving the endangered civilians and cops, he continues his pursuit of the van to a warehouse, where the explosives the thugs were carrying provoke a massive fire. Spider-Man puts out the flames and defeats all the crooks. Later, the arms' AI begins to influence Octavius, who becomes the villain Doctor Octopus and aims to recreate the experiment.

Peter learns that a prison riot allowed several supervillains to escape, and is tasked by his boss, J. Jonah Jameson , with taking photos of the gala at the Wax Museum. There, he discovers that Mysterio , one of the escaped villains, is holding everyone in attendance hostage, and infiltrates the museum as Spider-Man to rescue them and defeat Mysterio. The next day, Peter accompanies Aunt May at the bank, when Octavius and his goons rob it, in order to fund a second experiment.

Spider-Man beats the goons and saves several hostages, before fighting Octavius inside the vault, who escapes with the money. After a chase through the city, Spider-Man loses Octavius. Spider-Man foils a bomb threat orchestrated by the Vulture , another escaped villain, who reveals that the Shocker also escaped and is planning a job at a warehouse.

Spider-Man goes there and defeats both Shocker and Rhino , the one who broke the other villains out of prison. As he leaves them for the police, Shocker reveals that they were hired by Octavius to steal a piece of high tech equipment, and Spider-Man deduces that he is trying to recreate the experiment. As Peter arrives at Octavius's waterfront laboratory and attempts to rescue Mary Jane discreetly, Octavius discovers him, and they battle.

Asthe nuclear reaction swells, Peter defeats Octavius, reveals his identity, and helps Octavius return to his senses. Development on Spider-Man 2 began at Treyarch shortly after the financial success of the first Spider-Man. The physics-based web swinging system was conceived by designer Jamie Fristrom, who was dissatisfied with the web swinging system of the first game, which he was on the development team for, and desired a "more realistic" swinging system in the follow-up.

He cited the game Rocket Jockey as an inspiration. A few months before the game's release, which was set to coincide with the release of the film, the developers at Treyarch were forced to cut a large amount of content in order to complete and ship the game on time.

The console versions of Spider-Man 2 received critical acclaim. Critics noted that the realistic and life-sized Manhattan, the large variety of crimes and emergencies to stop, and the game's vivid use of Spider-Man's abilities all combined to make the player really feel like Spider-Man.

The most popular aspect of the game was the web-swinging mechanic, where Spider-Man had to shoot webbing at an actual building, unlike previous games where he shot webbing up into the sky. However, small parts of the game were criticized, such as the repetition of some of the side missions. The game has been ranked by critics as one of the best Spider-Man games made.

IGN gave the game a score of 8. And call it damn fine". IGN, reviewing the GBA version, credited positively the presentation, graphics, sound, web-zipping and wall-crawling. They only negatively stated that the music loops a lot because of the enormously long levels, "not the tightest combat developed for a Spider-Man game", and stated that the levels are "a big pain in the butt to accomplish".

The PSP version received generally mixed to positive reviews. Gameplay and graphics were praised, while the bad camera angle and the length of the game faced criticism. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. NA : EU : Retrieved January 19, Retrieved April 8, Retrieved February 9, Retrieved January 16, Archived from the original on September 13, Edge : September Electronic Gaming Monthly : Archived from the original on June 8, Retrieved January 17, Electronic Gaming Monthly January Retrieved January 18, Game Informer : Archived from the original on December 9, Archived from the original on July 30, August Archived from the original on February 4, Archived from the original on December 22, Archived from the original on March 26, Game Revolution.

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Tom's Guide. Comic Book Resources. The Gamer. ScrewAttack's Top October 7, Archived from the original on July 11, Next Generation. Archived from the original on October 10, Return her case and head towars your class. Press square at the icon on the roof to change and then watch the cinematic. After cinematic go to the pizza parlour plus racking up hero points on the way, Wont take too long for both to get done. Now the forgetful brain of spidey remembers mary jane.

So hurry towards the blue marker. After the cinamatic follow the blue marker to find out what those thugs are up to. Thay are i thing 8 in number and planing for some midnight shopping. After you take all out, you meet a new character, Guess who, Black Cat but she runs away So keep following her using the marker in front of you It can be tough the first time but after a couple of tries you will eventually catch up to start a cut scene and if everything is done on the task list.

Ch 3 done. On its roof an airvent leads you inside, once in follow the marker to betty and press square to talk to her. After the cutscene go to the batrooms,change clothes and then follow the yellow marker to a very tall building Now follow the markers,press square buttons to take the pictures.

Go back to the bugle the usual way Enter the news room for a cut scene and then change clothes in the bathroom. His attacks are getting near you and swinging the trashcan at you and other is chasing you Now to deafeat him get close to him and when he starts swinging that object at you just keep pressing O when ever the spider sense flashes.

After that he gets dizy Nows your chance Hit the L1 button for the spider reflexes and mash the square button. This will most of the time takeout quarter of his health After a few seconds he recovers so hit L1 again to turn off Spider Reflexes, jump away keep repeating this to beat him Or when he charges at you press O button when the spider sense flashes to jump and then hit square button to deal him damage By the way have the target lock on through out the fight.

Level 2 swing. Chapter done. Very Useful. Chapter Done. Same thing. Follow the marker keeping an eye on the distance metre This is harder then the last chase and will require a couple of tries At the end a cut scene and a whooping points. Now go to mary janes apartment following the white marker and then another marker shows up and you have 40 sec to get to it More then enough time as the marker is nearby Change clothes and after the cinematic earn the remaining hero points and then go to the shop for the level 3 upgrade.

Beat him by staying in the lead for 3 rounds. Now the second part In this area you have to avoid being hit so start by sprinting towards the blue marker in front of you and when you reach it press the square button. The platform will rise. Now to get to the next marker you have to wall crawl so do so towards the blue marker and then press square to again move the platform. This next area is also simple so keep wall crawling and avoid the gaps as well and press the switch.

In the next area the platform takes you to the next area where the the floors will not be stable but not to worry just wall crawl your way to the next button and press it. The next area the platform takes you to is an area where the tiles next to the button are rotating in a specific pattern so note that pattern and follow it to the next blue marker i-e the switch and press it. The platform now takes you to the second last area.

Here the walls are sliding past each other so what you have to do is wait for the tile to slide then quickly press L2 while crawling to crawl fast onto the next tile. Keep repeating to get to switch and press it and let the platform take you to the last and no doubt the hardest area. The wall tiles are moving clock wise and when you get to the side where mysterio is then its a definite lost challenge.

Strategy is to jump from wall tile to wall tile by filling your jump metre to a quarter and then sprinting and letting go. Keep repeating and press the switch at the end for a cut scene and battle many hero points. Now just get the remaining hero points to finish this chapter. Now two thugs come out of the truck.

Before you deal with them take out the sniper on the back of truck and then beat the two thug Now go to the blue marker After the cutscene another cat spider chase starts. Or you could fight down there with her. The chapter just refuses to start. If you are a victim of it then my suggestion is to reset your console.

If that works good if not then start a new game. Go to the Bugle the usual way After the cutscene change clothes again, you see another cutscene and you now have another destination to reach which is inside a building and the time is Which is not quite sufficient so hurry towards the building, enter it, charge you jump meter and enter the door the top floor. You are on a balcony with two balconies on the right and left.

Both have persons hanging. Right one also has 1 extra person. Get the 2 hanging ones and then the one on the right balcony and bring them one by one to the balcony you started on After that rescue the 3 reporters on the floor Then activate your target lock on and when you get near mysterios machines mash the square button which usually takes them out. Take them all out to trigger a cutscene.

Now you have another location to go to without any time limit. Get there at your pace Now you have to get to liberty island swinging by those cypher type floting things Its hard but the secret is pressing L2 to fast swing forward with thejump metre full charged ,then releasing it at the peak of your swing After you reach liberty island take a full charged jump and connect your web line withthe cypher type floating things which will take u pretty high.

The idea is to destroy the 8 orbs. So when the cypher takes you to the top charge your jump and connect with the pole near and orb lock onto it, jump towards it then mash the square button Conserve your spider reflexes After you take out all 8 orbs the shied around the brain goes off. Swing towards it charge your jump metre, press L2 to do a fast swing forwar and release at the peak of your swing, in most cases you will land on the brain avoiding its blades.

Now hit the L1 button for the spider reflexes and mash the square button. You have to do this fast or the orbs regenerate and you have to repeat the whole process. Now another marker shows on map. Enter via the window to start a cutscene. Now you are in the funhouse of doom.

Take out the bouncing dummy using any type of attack that seem fit. Be careful though it backs with an axe. After its done go inside. Take out three more of these dummies and jump and enter the opening and then go down. This is a room full of mirrors. Any mirror that catches ur reflection an image of you comes out to fight you. The best tecnique here is have 3 images which is the maximum follow you and then break the mirrors to discover and ray coming out from it.

From that mirror break every 3rd mirror for another ray ,sprinting away from the images. Then when all are done enter the newly opened door. End of chapter. Eventually spideys super human forgetful brain remembers he had to go to octavoius. So follow the marker, change clothes to start a cutscene. Now starts a very difficult stage. The idea is to take out the 4 control panels around the room.

The threats are the shield that surround these control panels and a frequent elctric discharge. Press O as soon as your head flashes to dodge it or be hit. If you run into a shield you lose a quarter of your health, in simple words 4 hits and restart mission. The first control panel is right in front of you but WAIT!

Now the shield fluctuation has changed, its big medium small. So as soon as the shield goes medium from large sprint towards the panel on your right. Try to do it without using he spider reflexes. Now destroy the panel. The shield fluctuation has changed now. Its big medium big medium small medium small medium. Electric discharges are now more frequent. Now you have to again go the panel on your right. Get ready after the second big and then sprint towards the panel. Use spider reflexes if necessary.

Now destroy this panel and only one is left. Electric discharges now become very frequent. Now the pattren for the field is big medium small big small medium small. Now again wait for the seond big and then sprint towards the last panel. Destroy it. Finally over. Now start earning the hero points and buy that upgrade.

Then again mighty forgetful brain of spidey realizes something. So head to the blue marker. On the way you are greeted by 4 of mysterios machines. Take em all out the usual way. After the cutscene follow the blue markers and after the cutscene chapter done.

Doc OCk. This is difficult but i found a way or an error you can say that beats ock with one punch without having to take out his thugs. You see after bieng beaten 2 or 3 times i got really frustrated and thus in a desperate attempt as soon as the game loaded i hit the L2 button sprinted towards OCK and hit square when very near him. To my utmost surprise his health immediately went zero and the cutscnene started where he escapes leaving behind three thugs.

The other three i had not even touched were gone. Try this, if it works ok if not then beat him by first taking out his thugs and then the usual hit and dodge tecnique. After he escapes take the other three thugs out to start a cutscene and then you have 30 secs to go to the roof of the bank. Then you have to chase the helicopter in which OCK is escaping.

Its an easy chase lasting only seconds. Now after the small cutscene swing fast pass the train to aunt may. Dont try sprinting though. When you get very near her a cutscene starts and when it ends you get points. So just earn the rest of the points to finish this chapter. Follow the white marker to your apartment. You are greeted by a cut scene. Now follow another blue marker to osbourne building where you again see a cutscene. After it finishes another cat spider chase starts.

Same as before follow the blue marker and keep an eye on the distance metre on the top right corner. The chase ends in front of an abondoned factory. Boss Fight. This is easy. Avoid the turbines in the center of the room. Keep swinging around while dodging his attacks. Target lock on helps and when you get close hit the spider reflexes button and mash the square button. After a few punches immediately turn off spider reflexes as well as target lock on and charge your jump metre and swing as far away from him as possible.

Because after a couple of hits he gives of MEGA shock which almost covers 70 percent of the room and if you get hit, takes a large chunk of your life away. Keep repeating this, eventually he will call in reinforcements but ignore them, black cat will give them some thing to do. Keep repeatng this eventually you will win to trigger a cut scene Now get the remaining hero points to end this chapter. Enter the usual way. Now yyou have a blue marker to follow. So head towards it till a cutscene starts.

Now head to the new marker. He is soooooooooooooooo easy. Belive it or not all you have to do is hit him once in any way you like and he is done. After the cutscene follow the marker to the bugle. After the cutscene you leave bugle for another cutscene and then you go back to bugle for another cutscene. Another cat spider chase. Keep following her. On your way you will meet shockers thugs so the chase pauses while you take care of them.

There will be two batches of thugs on different buildings. The chase ends in front of an old factory. Follow the yello marker till a cutscene starts. Shocker again. This time he has a shield protecting him. So keep swingind around till cat says to you to go to the console opposite her and press square near it. So locate her and go to the oposite console and hit it.

It temporarily takes down shockers shield. So go to him hit spider reflexes buttuon and let him have it. Remember back of after a couple of hit cause he still has his mega shock. His shield then regenerates so keep swinging around till cat says you to activate the console opposite her. Do it to again take his shield down for ome time. Hit L1 and let him have it. Remember to back off after a couple of hits to avoid the megashock. Now again keep swinging around till cat says to go her opposite console.

So do it. This time his shield goes down permanently. So let him have it bewaring of his mega shock and other attacks. When he is out a cutscene starts. Now bag the remaining hero points to end the chapter. Extra Strategy John Marcotte suggested to me Rather then swinging around avoiding shocker blast while waiting for cat its much more easier to swing to one of the platforms and wait for cat. Shockers blasts cannot reach you there and if you are lucky you be at the right panel to help cat take down the field.

If not then webzip to the right panel. Thank You John. Time is enough. Go under the bridge carefully. And land at the marker. Cutscene and then you have to fight 3 thugs to start another cutscene after that another marker shows up. Go to it.


Spider-Man 2 Table of Contents Walkthrough. Spider-Man 2 is the name of several computer and video games based on the Spider-Man universe and particularly the Spider-Man 2 movie. It is a follow up to the game Spider-Man: The Movie. These games were published for different systems in The other versions of the game feature more linear side-scrolling and platform sections with less emphasis on the free play experience of the home console versions.

This game's roster of Spider-Man villains includes the Shocker, Rhino, Mysterio, and Doctor Octopus along with various street thugs who commit random street crimes at any time. While street thugs only have handguns, machine guns, crowbars and their fists to protect them, the 'super-villains' and their minions have their various unique powers and weapons that they use to either steal, cause terror or defeat Spider-Man.

At the end of the game, it becomes possible to unlock a warehouse in which the player can against fight villains such as Shocker, Rhino, Doctor Octopus, and an additional boss, Calypso, who is not found elsewhere in the game. The amazing spider man 2 walkthrough part 1 ps4 gameplay let's play spider man 2 hd no commentary. The amazing spider man game walkthrough part 1 with hd gameplay featuring chapter 1 on xbox , ps3 and pc. Part 1 of of a walkthrough of the amazing spider man 2 on the playstation 4.

The amazing spider man 2 xbox one gameplay walkthrough part 1 xbox one gameplay subscribe like comment. An amazing return to the world of spider man in this all new adventure! Expansive nyc: explore and take on villains in a more expansive manhattan cityscape than the previous amazing spider man. The amazing spider man 2 game gameplay walkthrough part 1 black cat video game.

The best place to get cheats, codes, cheat codes, walkthrough, guide, faq, unlockables, achievements, and secrets for the amazing spider man 2 for xbox The newest game to feature stan lee's webslinging hero offers a great degree of freedom and new crime fighting moves. The amazing spider man 2 is an open world action adventure video game based on the marvel comics character spider man, and the film of the same name.

The game will feature prominent villains such as kraven the hunter, electro, kingpin, black cat, green goblin, chameleon, carnage, and shocker. S pidey is back in the amazing spiderman 2 and we have your back as you face daunting enemies in the sequel. A video walkthrough for the amazing. Hi therethis is tej from mrskilltokill 2. The amazing spider man 2 xbox chapter 9: claws of the cat! Walkthrough part 7 episode 2: catch black cat from: gocalibergaming. Amazing spider man : start the main campaign.

This page contains a list of cheats, codes, easter eggs, tips, and other secrets for the amazing spider man for xbox The amazing spider man 2 game gameplay walkthrough part 8 includes mission 6 of the the amazing spider man 2 video game in p hd for xbox one, ps4, xbox , ps3 and pc. The amazing spider man 2 walkthrough gameplay part 1 ps3 ps4 xbox one xbox wii u 3ds p.

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Not every object in the game can be reached this way. Doing this properly requires a quick double-click of the Jump button default right mouse button or clicking the second time at the height of your first jump. There are a number of objectives that can only be reached if you master this skill.

Practice controlling your jumps early and often. When close enough to an enemy, aim the cursor at him until it shows Attack and then press the Action button repeatedly to pummel the bad guy there are no bad gals in this game. From a distance, you can temporarily disable your enemy by hitting him with a web aim the cursor until you see WEB in the action space.

When defeated, the enemy will disappear, usually leaving a health cross in his place. Certain enemies primarily the robots you encounter in one particular mission can be shot with your web shooter. Aim the cursor until you see Shoot and then press the Action button. Some of the bad guys are packing heat; although, they shoot little balls of energy, not bullets. Hit them with web to temporarily disable them; or, if you can aim well enough, use your web to yank the gun from them aim until you see PULL on the cursor.

As you fight, you build adrenaline. When your adrenaline meter is full, you can throw super punches Spidey will glow that can take out all enemies but bosses in a single punch. You can continue to throw super punches until your adrenaline meter runs out; then, you have to build it back up again. You can find adrenaline balls in the game see Items and Other Things below that will build up your meter without fighting.

You can also attack multiple enemies by jump-kicking. Press Jump right mouse button while surrounded, and then press the Action button. This is also a more powerful attack when aimed at a single foe. There are three basic types of enemies in the game: standard thug, super thug and robot. Some are tougher and take more hits before they go down. All the gun-toting thugs are standard thugs. They pack more of a wallop, and they can hit you with a shockwave.

Best dealt with when you are hyped up on adrenaline, web these guys from a distance in order to land a few punches. When not stunned or webbed, they can block most of your normal attacks; but, go down to one super punch. Super thugs never carry weapons. They will shoot at you from a distance with Spidey-homing energy bolts, and switch to punching when you close up. You can shoot them as well using your web. If you attack with fists and feet, make sure you knock them away with the final punch or else jump back; they will injure you when they explode.

If you have enough space to work with, you can shoot them from further away than they can shoot you. This is a good tactic. There are 78 exotic spiders and 28 escaped inmates hidden throughout the game. Exotic spiders can be distinguished by the glowing rings that surround them. Walk over them or PULL them with your web to collect them.

Escaped inmates are thugs wearing black-and-white prison garb. They must be fought and defeated to "collect" them. Not hidden, but even more important, are the power-ups available. There are two: health crosses and adrenaline balls. Health crosses restore health that has been taken away in fights. They come in different sizes that restore different amounts of health.

Adrenaline balls look like little glowing balls of electricity. They boost your adrenaline meter so you can use your super punches more often. There are also various minigames hidden in the game. Look for an ordinary object snack machine, copier, postal box, etc. PULL the object with your web.

Alternately, you may find small columns of blue light. Step into the column to activate the minigame. There are five types of minigame; each has a time limit that varies by the difficulty of the game: 1 Collect the targets. Targets will fly out from the object you activated, and you must swing, crawl or zip your way to them.

Targets fly out from the activated object, and you must shoot them with your web. Similar to skeet shooting, but shooting a target causes it to change color. Make all targets the same color in the time limit. Swing, jump, crawl or zip your way through a series of rings. Your first task is to swing around the block using the web targets. Press the Action button to shoot a web string at the target and begin swinging. As you reach the pinnacle of your swing, aim at the next target and press the Action button to grab it and continue swinging.

You'll have to adjust your direction to get around corners. While you're swinging, note the directional arrow at the top center of the screen. This arrow will almost always be available to point you towards your current mission objective. You might want to crawl around a bit just to get a feel for the perspective offered by the game. Try crawling down the wall for a bit. To reach the checkpoint, crawl up to a ledge, run across and crawl up to the red checkpoint.

Aim your spider cursor at the checkpoint across the street and press the Action button to zip over. See how cool that is? Practice zipping Walk to the checkpoint and watch your Spidey sense go off. The game will pause and you will be presented with an action that must be taken. Usually Jump. Take the necessary action before the little timer runs out and watch yourself avoid the fatal accident. The lower level of Spider Sense signals a hidden object nearby.

This type of sense does not pause the game, but it does present you with glowing arrows on all sides of the screen. When you see it, look for a hidden object. There's not much too it, just aim with your cursor and press the Action button. Practice your jump attack press Jump then Action , which is more powerful and useful--especially against multiple enemies.

That's it! You've finished the tutorial; now on to the main game. The van will crash and two thugs will jump out. You'll be put back in control with the simple mission of dispatching the two thugs. The van will then go screeching down the street. Look up to find the nearest web target and swing up. Swing to the next target, which will take you to the corner. Swing up, but don't swing to the next target.

Instead, release and zip to the building to your left, at the end of the little alley. There's a tunnel under the building, but it is blocked. Climb to the top and run across the roof. Look down to find a web target. Jump down and then swing down the street to your left. If you look below, you'll see the gray van. When you reach the corner, you'll see a cutscene of a prison break.

The walls are topped with an electrical barrier. There are thugs with guns on top of the walls. The quickest way across is to zip to the top of one of the guard towers. Jump down on the wall on one side and dispatch the thug with a gun. Web the thug across on the other wall and then jump across and take care of him. Now jump down in the courtyard and deal with the three zebra-suited inmates who are fighting prison guards.

Once they are all gone, the prison gates will be blown open and three thugs will rush in. While you are dealing with them, you will be taking shots from a thug inside the prison. Deal with the ones on the ground quickly, and then run over to the prison wall to avoid getting shot. Climb the wall and deal with the thug who has been shooting at you. More inmates will come rushing from inside the prison. Deal with the three on the ground and then zip back up to the top of the outer wall where another thug has suddenly arrived to shoot at you.

When you have finished with the shooter on the wall, you'll be placed back in front of the wall into the prison. Rhino will come busting out of prison and your Spidey sense will go off. Hit Left default A and then jump default right mouse button to avoid taking damage as Rhino charges. Double-jump to avoid his shockwave--start your double-jump at the same time Rhino jumps. Then quickly close and beat on him until the green circles that indicate he's stunned wear off.

Rinse-and-repeat until Rhino runs off down the street and is captured in a containment field. Swing around the corner and drop down inside the containment field with Rhino. Get health crosses from the surrounding area first, if you need them. Wait for him to start his charge and then jump or double-jump out of his way. The best way to handle this is to wait until he snorts and then double-jump straight up.

When you land, close in and beat on him a few times. Rinse-and-repeat until Rhino breaks the containment field, runs down the street and starts some fires at a gas station before being spirited away by Doc Ock. Run to the three thugs and wallop them with your super punches. You can jump down to section [6. After the cutscene, there are two thugs in front of you.

Deal with them and then turn to the left toward the front of the bank and enter the teller stations and dispose of two more thugs one with a gun to rescue Aunt May. The lobby has two sets of teller stations to either side of the main entrance. Beyond them is one staircase down to the basement the door down there is blocked and two staircases to the second floor.

Around three sides of the building is a hallway with lots of rooms off it. Now that Aunt May is safe, let's begin by jumping across to the other set of teller stations and "subduing" the two thugs over there. Then head into the hallway on this side of the building.

There are some thugs in the hall. After you've dealt with them, head towards the front of the building to your left as you come into the hall , and go through the open door into the office at the end of the hall. Get rid of two thugs to rescue the security guard and get a key to the security room.

This is a video conference room and there is a green exotic spider under the large table. Nearby is a break room with a soda machine that is acting up. Pull it to release seven targets and collect those targets in 30 seconds to complete the minigame. Continue around the hall until you see a steel door on your right with a control pad next to it with the Use symbol hovering over it.

Target the pad and press the Action button to open the door; you are now in the security room. USE the control panel on the wall. Back out in the hall, go left. These offices along the back wall are currently inaccessible. Around the corner is an elevator, but you can't use it yet. Around the next corner, go through the door on your left and get rid of three thugs.

Then go through the next open door, which leads to a janitor's closet. Use the control pad on the wall to open the HVAC vent in the ceiling and then climb up into the ventilation ducts. From here, you can go back around and drop down into the offices along the back wall by dropping down through the HVAC vents. Once inside an office, the door will open.

In the first office, you can get a blue exotic spider from under the desk. The next office has two thugs. The last two offices are empty. Well, OK, the final office has a woman who is acting as though she's being threatened, but there's no thug in there.

Back down the hall past the janitor's closet, the first open office on your left is empty. The next one is also empty, but you can jump over the cubicle wall on your right and find two more thugs. Back in the main lobby, as you face the stairways, go up the right stairs to the second floor. Go through the doors toward the front of the bank. Go through the door straight ahead and deal with the thugs there, then head into the adjoining conference room. A super thug is guarding the security guard, so it helps to have some adrenaline built up at this point.

From the conference room, go through the door into the hallway opposite where you came in. The first door on your left is a janitor's closet with an opening into the ventilation system. This system is much more complicated, so we'll deal with it later. For now, continue down the hall, dispatching a thug, and turn into the first open door on your right.

Climb the cubicle wall to your left and get rid of the thug. Around the corner in the hall, the first door on your left is an empty training room. The first door on your right leads to an office with a thug. Get rid of him and then climb the cubicle walls down the row of offices, dispatching thugs as you go. After reaching the end of the row of offices, go across the hall to another classroom. There's a collect the targets minigame in this room, just PULL the copier.

Go around the corner to the library at the end of the hall. There are thugs in the library and in both offices that open into the library. Now head back to the janitor's closet and go up into the ventilation ducts. Ignore the first left turn; it leads to an already open office. At the T- junctions, go right and then left to reach an office with two thugs in it.

Back up in the ducts, travel the other direction from the T-junction and take the first left to reach an office with a blue exotic spider. Go ahead and exit from this room and head downstairs. Your tour of the second floor is finished. On the first floor, find the elevator in the hall and Use the control pad to open it. Step in and continue on your mission. The first open door on your left is a janitor's closet.

Yes, another one. Notice your Spidey sense tingling? Attack the gray door on the side wall and discover escaped inmate Barry Rito. Now use the control panel to open the way into the ducts and climb up. Ignore the first turn and take the second right turn.

Go down the side duct to collect a green exotic spider. Don't worry about dropping into the room below. Continue down the main duct to the end and drop down into another janitor's closet. PULL the waste can to play a collect the targets minigame.

Out in the hall, you can PULL the waste can to play another minigame. You can open the gates into the safe-deposit rooms on either side of the hallway. They are empty except for the second one on the right, which has a blue exotic spider on top of the boxes. Down the hall, on your right, is a steel door. Use the control panel to enter the room and defeat the super thug. The security guard is in the room around the corner.

The guard is in a corner of the far vault. Open it and defeat the thug, and then open the precious metals vault with the control panel in the room. Watch the light pattern and then repeat it by shooting the lights with your web. Do this five times and then web the green light to open the door. Jump to avoid Doc Ock's tentacles and then close in and beat on him.

When he recovers, he'll electrify the room. Jump onto the wooden crates that have health crosses on them and then use your web to pull the lever over Doc's head to turn off the electricity. Jump at him and avoid his tentacles and then beat on him some more. Rinse and repeat as necessary until Doc decides to flee. When you get ahead of it, drop down and web its wheels.

Defeat the three thugs and this mission is finished. You can only move around Downtown, you can't get back into the Bronx and moving on to Midtown advances the story. If you want to explore this area now, go to section [6. Proceed to Midtown. You meet Puma and a handful of thugs. Use the control panel to open the garage door, and follow Puma through another room and up the stairs. Up two flights of stairs to a room, be prepared for a small battle with about six thugs, two of them packing.

Try to fight them in small groups using the jump attack. Use the control panel on the door at the far end of the room and continue. You're in another stairwell. The directional arrow says go up, but go down first, all the way to the bottom and collect an orange exotic spider. Now go all the way up and pass through a series of rooms with thugs! Again, go down first and find escaped inmate Brett Stinx.

Now go all the way up and find Puma. Repeat as needed. He will occasionally stop and throw things at you; double-jump to avoid them. After you beat him up, he flees through the window. Each battle is the same as the one in the garage, duck and pummel. Each time Puma flees, pick up some health crosses as you follow him. After the second rooftop battle, Puma will jump to a narrow ledge on The Writs building.

When you follow him there, he'll jump up and knock down a neon sign. Puma will then flee to a courtyard. To make this easier, just stay on the opposite side of the fountain from Puma. Everything he throws at you will crash into the fountain instead.

Then it's duck-and-pummel time again. After the courtyard battle, Puma will flee to Crystal Tower, a building that is under construction. The "ground" or first floor is inaccessible. There is a ledge at the second floor level. The first floor into which you can enter is the third floor. The third and fourth floors have walls around them, the remaining "floors" are exposed. The fifth floor has a mostly-complete floor, but no walls.

The remaining "floors" are just convenient ways of counting the number of girders. For now, don't climb the building, stay on the ground level and go around the right side of the building to find Eddie "Tick" Tock, an escaped inmate. Now climb up to the second ledge and run around the building looking for the door through which Puma entered the building; it should be right above the bus parked in the street.

This is the third floor of Crystal Tower. Look for an orange exotic spider and collect some health crosses until you are fully restored. You'll also find a target minigame if you're really interested. Once you get around the level and are near Puma, he'll throw steel blades at you. Jump or strafe out of the way and continue closing with him.

Once you get close enough, he'll head up to the fourth floor. Use the room in the middle of the floor to go up one level. As you exit, head for the corner to your left, jump over some "Lard Board" stacks and capture Whaleback Slim. Thanks to Josh Errickson for locating this inmate [C1].

Now find Puma and dodge his blades again until he runs away. Instead, use the room in the middle of the level to get up one floor. Puma is now positioned on a platform seventh floor. Above him is a cement mixer. Your job is to pull the cement mixer with your web so it falls on Puma and causes him to run.

The best way to do this is to get up to the ninth floor, where there is a convenient metal platform that allows you a clear shot at the mixer without allowing Puma a clear shot at you. Pull the mixer and Puma will leap up to the ninth floor; but, on a platform shielded from the one you are standing on. There's a platform on the eleventh floor that will give you easy access to a cement mixer while keeping Puma from hitting you.

You can get there easily by turning away from the cement mixer you just pulled, climbing two stories and jumping across to where Puma is, two stories below you. Repeat the cement mixer pulling trick again. Puma will join you on the eleventh floor and you'll once again need to climb two stories and find the right platform. From where you are, you should be able to see some wood panels on a far corner of the building. Zip over there, climb up and run along the wood platforms until you get a shot at the cement mixer.

This time, Puma will jump up and land in a fenced-in platform you saw earlier--it has now risen. Double-jump into the pen and duck-and-pummel until Puma surrenders. This is your chance to free play in the Crystal Tower and Midtown areas.

If you wish to do so now, jump down to section [6. Proceed to Downtown to continue the main plot. You can explore Downtown if you want, so long as you stay away from OsCorp. When you're ready, swing around to OsCorp, drop down by the front door and defeat three thugs.

Walk through the door. If the alarm bothers you, turn it off with the control panel on the front desk. Run around peeking in all the rooms until you've defeated all the thugs. More will come out of the elevators; beat them as well. There's a purple exotic spider behind the front desk; then, enter the one open elevator and go after Doc Ock. Open the force field using the control panel. The room directly ahead has a scientist guarded by a thug.

In the next room you can get a purple exotic spider. Rescue another scientist in the next room down the hall, and then get another purple exotic spider in the next room. Now go across the hall and enter the locked door using the control pad. Rescue another scientist and then exit through the other door in the room, go across the hall and rescue another scientist. Come out of that room and turn right and then right again and enter the first room on your left to rescue the final scientist. The next room down the hall has a purple exotic spider.

The second room on the left has an adrenaline ball, a wonderful accessory for taking out the super thug ahead of you. Continue down the hall, turn the corner and beat up the bad guy. When you rescue the scientist behind a locked door, he'll open the door to the stairs for you. Head up the stairs.

When you find a bomb, Use it to open it up, then watch the light pattern and repeat it using your web. BOMB 1 Take the first hallway to your left and either jump over the electrified panels, or crawl along the wall.

Enter the door at the end of the hallway and defeat the thugs, then jump through the square opening between the blue laser beams and enter the next door to find the bomb. NOTE on laser beams: The blue lasers are sensors that activate gun turrets. Right now, you can't do anything about the turrets, so avoid the blue lasers. Red laser beams will damage you and cannot be passed through, so you have to avoid them. After defusing the bomb, Use the console in the center of the room and then Use the device.

Gun turrets will be activated, and so will your ability to shoot with your web. Shoot the guns and then shoot the glass to exit the room. BOMB 2 Go back down the hall, and turn left at the end. Enter the room on your left and defuse the bomb.

Then shoot the glass to get out before the poison gas overwhelms you. BOMB 3 Go back down the electrified hall, turning right at the first intersection. Laser beams are moving up and down in the hall. Be careful, the floor panels are electrified, but turn on-and-off. IGN Guides is here to help you catch thieves just like flies with:. Web Swinging School: Learn the ins-and-outs of master web-swinging—when we're done with you, no enemy will be beyond your grasp.

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