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Casino tycoon game

The game was later expanded with The Management expansion pack. Casino Tycoon was released in , predating some of the other entries on this list. Check out the official video game trailer on YouTube. The game starts you off with a much smaller gambling setup and lets you grow it into a massive gambling complex in Vegas — well, the title did say big. You can find the game either through Amazon or Steam ; you can see a gameplay video thanks to YouTube user ParrotBoy here.

What makes this game as versatile as it is unusual, it allows you to play both sides of the table: Manage and build a casino and play behind the tables. In this game, you get to choose between three gameplay modes in which you can buy and manage a stable, raise and buy horses or take part in the races. The Challenge mode provides the opportunity to compete against rival casino owners or complete several predefined scenarios.

Using either an Asian theme or a Monte Carlo theme, you're able to design the look and feel of your casino by placing objects ranging from a lowly slot machine to a grand hotel for your gamblers to stay in. You also have to hire employees, take care of security and keep your patrons happy by creating entertainment, places to eat and resting spots.

It might have been nice if it were possible to attempt to run a corrupt casino, get involved with the mob, or have to deal with government gaming officials, but Casino Mogul is not really designed to be a complex simulation. It's more about designing a nice-looking casino than having to keep up with intricate statistics or make difficult decisions. The only other shortcomings are small, hard-to-read text of the rollover help items, and the fact that the box also promises a Las Vegas theme that's nowhere to be found in the actual game.

The visuals might not compare to those of higher caliber titles, but for this type of budget-priced simulation game, they're quite impressive. There's a nice attention to detail in all areas of the graphics, from the ability to see spinning reels on individual slot machines to dealers handing out cards to players. You're able to view your casino from just about any possible perspective by rotating and zooming your view in the capable 3D engine.

You can even see through the eyes of a person on the casino floor or peer through a security camera. The soundtrack doesn't fare nearly as well. The jazzy music becomes grating almost immediately, but it can be turned off or lowered in volume. The sound effects are a good representation of a casino, which means it's very noisy, with lots of bells and clinking sounds.

You'll probably want to turn these off eventually.

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Play Fun Free Internet Games Straight from Your Browser. Casino Tycoon is a tycoon type of game where players aspire from a small unknown to a tycoon in the casino business. About This Game. Welcome to Vegas. Create your Casino Empire from scratch and design your very own masterpiece. Lure your guests in with the promise of.